Trailer: Monsters University

Monsters University Official Trailer - It All Began Here (2013) Monsters Inc Prequel HD

You don’t really put Disney, Pixar and dance music together too often, especially when discussing an animated film, but this new trailer for Monsters University is also debuting some new music from Swedish House Mafia… and it works. We’ll have to wait and see if it fits in with the rest of Randy Newman’s score, but we’re guessing it is just going to crop up during a party scene or montage.

Otherwise the trailer shows off plenty of new footage for us to gape at. Lot’s of awesome monster designs here, especially the furry, two-legged creature we see. As far as Pixar’s sequels go I don’t think I’ve looking forward to one more unless it started with Toy and ended with Story. I realize that actually eliminates a good chunk of them, but still.

Matthew Razak
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