Trailer: Sol


This is an interesting-looking picture from first-time writer/director Benjamin Carland. Sol revolves around a group of teen in the future who take part in the Sol Invictus competition on a distant planet. The goal of Sol Invictus is to be the first team to find the star Sol, Earth’s star, in the night sky, or possibly die trying. When the teams for Sol Invictus wind up marooned on the wrong planet, things take a turn. This looks like a sci-fi Lord of the Flies, and I am completely for that. There’s some dodgy stuff going on in the trailer, but keep in mind this is a debut feature from an unknown. The concept alone has a great deal of promise, and that’s enough for me. Sadly, the film is still looking for a distributor, so there’s no telling when we’ll ever be able to see it. Here’s hoping it starts hitting the festival circuits, if it doesn’t get picked up outright.

[Via /Film]