Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s almost like we’re getting teasers and trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness everyday. And each time I see footage (this new trailer gives us a bit more plot, so if you want to avoid it like JJ wants you to then don’t see it!), I get a little more concerned about the film’s sterility. One of the big issues with the first film is that its overtly clean look and plastic characters made the film cold and sterile. It looks like STID fixes at least one of those issues (I’ll let you guess which one), so I do want to see what comes out of this. 

As for the new poster (which was a hidden url in the trailer, but was awesomely discovered through hard fan work), it’s really…photoshoppy. Especially the way the header cropped the image so it looks like I just badly pasted Cumberbatch’s scrunchy face on the bottom because I felt like it. 

[via Apple]