Trailer: Unicorn City


Unicorn City is the story of Voss, an unemployed table-top RPG fan, who is offered a job at Warlocks of the Beach. In order to receive the position, however, Voss must prove his leadership skills. The best way for him to do this is clearly to start a nerd utopia called Unicorn City, where his friends from his campaign can LARP to their heart’s desire. Unfortunately for Voss, his nemesis is also interested in Unicorn City, and he stands to lose both his dream job and his friends.

I would be interested in seeing this no matter what, since the store in this trailer looks exactly like a lovely indie game store I used to work at, but this trailer is pretty amazing. I sat through the atrocity that was GamerZ in hopes that it would be a fun look at role-playing games that really embraces the silliness of it all, but it took itself too seriously and really ruined all the enjoyment. Unicorn City looks like it knows exactly what it’s doing in that regard. I especially love the visualization of the action in the beginning in contrast with the live-action shots later.

This movie doesn’t look like it will disappoint, either, since it won Best Film in two different film festivals, as well as a handful of other awards. Unicorn City will be available on demand on July 10th. For now, check out the gallery for more images.