Trailer: War Horse


Sometimes a movie’s title just seems a little too obvious. War Horse is one of those movies. It’s a movie about a horse that goes to war and War Horse was the most creative thing they could come up with? Why not branch out with some metaphors or at least remove the word horse. Here are some suggestions: Riding to Battle; Four Legs, All Fight; Stephen Spielberg Gets Really Melodramatic With a Horse.

Maybe that last one is way too obvious too, but this is one of those Spielberg films that is going to rip out your heart strings and use them on its violin even though you’re trying to be all cynical and hateful. As Xander put it when the team watched this trailer, “even the horse gets a wistful looking-over-its-shoulder shot.” Sure now you’re being all manly, and thinking how dumb that is, but you know the second that horse gets shot and starts dying you’re going to be on the floor balling your eyes out. Admit it!

It’s OK though, since the film is about a horse who gets taken away from his loving owner, Albert (Jeremy Irvine), to fight in World War I it’s a war film and totally acceptable for a man to cry in. Oh, and in case you’re still grasping to the idea of not crying: John Williams is doing the score. Just give up and let the tears flow.

Matthew Razak
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