Trailer: You’re Next

You're Next - Official Trailer

Consider me riding the hype train (choo choo ride it) for You’re Next ever since Matt’s glowing SXSW review painted it as such an unavoidable, intelligent film (it also helped that those posters looked creepy as hell) that’s even going to feature a badass woman. We totally need more of those in film. 

The trailer itself is so well put together. It riles up all the suspense necessary (but unfortunately gives away some murders) and it already looks better than other home invasion slasher films like The Strangers or When A Stranger Calls. I’ve been aching for another smart horror film after Scream 4 and Cabin in the Woods, so I’m really hoping You’re Next delivers on August 23rd as much as Matt says it will. I mean, we should be able to trust Matt right? Right?

[via Apple]