Tree of Life plays out of order and no one noitces


In case you’d forgotten, I am not a fan of Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life. But even if I loved it, this would be hilarious. An Italian theater called The Lumière played the film for a full week with the first two twenty-two minute reels mixed up. As no one had seen the movie previously, and Malick has a track record of strange editing choices, no one paid much mind to the fact that, twenty-two minutes in, the film randomly cut to the distributor’s logo and the bible quote that opens the film. The mistake could have potentially gone unnoticed for longer, if moviegoers who saw the film at the Lumière hadn’t decided to see the film again at a different theater. In an interesting side note, the Lumière also played The Thin Red Line out of order, though that mistake was noticed much, much sooner.

You can read a poorly-translated account of the story over at First Showing. Me, I’m going to sit right here and have a nice belly laugh over the whole thing. Really get my diaphragm into it. I may scare nearby birds with my sheer sonic power.

[Via First Showing]