Tucker and Dale director working on action/comedy next


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is getting plenty of positive buzz before it gets released thanks to the fact that it got an early Video on Demand release and the fact that it’s pretty darn funny. That’s making director Eli Craig happy, especially since it took him 18 months to get the thing distributed. But now that the movie has finally been released is he giving up since it took so long for his first film to get picked up? Not a chance.

During an interview Flixist conducted with him Craig spoke about his next film saying, “I want to continue down this road of action/horror/comedy. The idea I’m working on now is an action/comedy, but sometimes it comes back to horror/comedy, but I’m trying to avoid that. That’s not a box I want to be stuck in because it was so tough to get (Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil) out there and I don’t want it to always be that difficult.”

In the full interview, which will be up tomorrow, Craig went on to say that he wants to make sure he makes the right film and not just jump on anything because it can be made. We also discussed why horror works so well with comedy, how unhelpful it is for your film to do well in Russia and why Airplane! is just so frickin’ awesome.

Matthew Razak
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