Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 in the works

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 Announcement!

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is quite the hidden gem. It had a small release on VOD, but quickly found its audience when it hit Netflix. It’s a strangely charming, yet horrific movie about two best friends relaxing at their log cabin as a group of college kids mistakes them for psychopathic killers. It’s a brilliant send up to the horror genre, and wonderfully skews the “stupid kids” trope found within. Good thing it’s getting a sequel. 

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk were speaking at the Horrorhound festival in Cincinatti, when they received a email from producers claiming that a second one is indeed going to happen in the future: 

We have an outline, we’re honing in on who we want to write it, we really want to make another one.

Alan Tudyk noted that since the announcement came from producers (rather than a director or writer), then the project is definitely going to get off the ground. Are you excited for Tucker and Dale 2? I know I am! “Hey college kids, we got yer friend!” 

[via Bigger Show]