Tugg lets you plan and promote your own screenings


Tugg seems like one of those ingenious ideas that could really only happen effectively in the era of social media. Of course, I’m just saying that because I’ve basically never had to go around putting up posters for events and sending actual invitations for parties. That’s what Facebook’s for, am I right? Anyway, Tugg looks to harness the level of connectivity we have online into curating personalized screening events at local movie theaters. The concept seems simple. Once the pilot program begins, if you’re a Tugg promoter (which you can sign up for on their site), you choose what movie, or movies, you want to screen and what theater will host them (presumably from a list of theaters partnered with Tugg) and you get the word out on your social networks about it. If you fill the number of required RSVPs, which is likely based on the cost of the film’s print you want to see and the cost of renting the theater, your screening will happen! If you don’t, I’d imagine it doesn’t.

This sounds like an interesting concept. I’ve signed up to be a promoter for LA screenings, if the pilot program reaches here. If I get these screenings, it’s going to be all Werner Herzog and Lawrence of Arabia and The My Little Pony Movie. Because intellectualism.

[Via Tugg]