Underwater is a movie that takes place underwater


I swear that the name of the movie Underwater, a film which takes place under the water, is not a gag. It’s just that the creators literally could not think of anything more clever than just stating the location of the movie. This is the equivalent of name Alien something along the lines of Outer Space or The Lion King something like African Savannah

Underwater | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Stupid names aside the first trailer for the film does give us something that could be exciting. The claustrophobic feeling of classic sci-fi horror films is definitely there, with the camera almost locked squarely on close ups and enclosed hallways. Of course, the cliches flying around everywhere, including someone asking what they “woke up,” don’t really engender much confidence, but the film’s director William Eubank is pretty good at the visuals so maybe he can keep a dud script tense anyway.

It’s got Kristen Stewart too. Maybe that means a bad movie to you, but her career post Twilight has always been interesting to me so maybe this will be the sleeper of hit of January when it lands next year. 

Matthew Razak
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