Universal pulls The Forever Purge from its July release, indefinitely delays the film


In a move that will upset literally one person, Universal has pulled The Forever Purge from its release schedule and delayed the movie indefinitely. Originally slated to release on July 10, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has given the studio pause in releasing a film about people killing each other indiscriminately. As The Hollywood Reporter put it, many expected the film to change its subject matter following the pandemic.

I’m actually more surprised to learn a fifth Purge film was even filmed. This series started with an interesting premise, but has progressively gotten worse over the course of its now four movie anthology. Did anyone really want a fifth movie? Does anyone care that it will be delayed? Am I simply rambling with pointless questions to waste time?

People probably did, though. The previous films have grossed a combined $466 million at the box-office off of relatively modest budgets. Universal would be crazy to pass up easy money, even if it doesn’t push its source material in any meaningful fashion. So, I apologize to the single Purge fan that reads Flixist and is now mad.

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