Update: Fede Alvarez not returning for Evil Dead sequel


Update: Never mind! Fede Alvarez is totally still making an Evil Dead 2 and it gets better. The director says that the reason they’re not working on it right now is because the focus is on Army of Darkness 2. Basically this story just went from completely sucking to the most amazing thing ever.

Original: Some terribly sad news today as we learn that Fede Alvarez, who was hand picked by Sam Raimi himself to reboot Evil Dead and did an awesome job of it, will not be returning for the sequel.The director is too busy with Dante’s Inferno, which makes me hate that movie even more. 

He and co-writer Rodo Sayagues were going to work on the sequel, but Sayagues says that those plans are off, and that the two left the project months ago. Sayagues doesn’t even think the film will happen and isn’t sure if the producers are still looking to make it. This makes it sound like Evil Dead 2 isn’t going to happen at all, which sucks. Instead we’ll be getting a science fiction film called Machina from the duo, some other horror projects and the aforementioned Dante’s Inferno

Not groovy.

[via Collider]

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