[UPDATE] River Phoenix’s final film may be released

[UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Phoenix family states that Joaquin Phoenix will not participate in Dark Blood and they have not been in contact with director George Sluizer regarding the editing or release of the film.]

The final film starring River Phoenix is reportedly being re-cut and edited for release next year. Phoenix, one of the most promising young actors at the time of his death, died almost 18 years ago of an overdose outside of the Viper Room in Los Angeles.

This final film is called Dark Blood and was directed by Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer, best known for Spoorloos, aka The Vanishing. (Sluizer also helmed the lackluster American remake of that film.) In Dark Blood, Phoenix plays a hermit living at a nuclear test site waiting for the end of the world. Things get complicated when a couple played by Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis come to the hermit in search of shelter.

Sluizer wants to collaborate with River’s brother Joaquin Phoenix on the film, hoping that Joaquin will provide voice over narration for his brother’s character. The film’s title may need to be changed due to copyright laws.

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