UPDATE: Ron Howard directs Rush, Spy Vs Spy, Frankenstein


UPDATE: Apparently there was a bunch of Ron Howard news all at once! Hollywood.com is saying that Howard also might be directing a Frankenstein adaptation written by Max Landis for Fox. The film would focus on the character Igor instead of the usual Victor Frankenstein. He is also directing Rush, a story about the Formula One racers Niki Lauda and James Hunt that will explore their rivalry and have lots of fast, zooming cars. The script is being written by Pter Morgan, who also worked with Howard on Frost/Nixon. He’s got a lot on his plate! Wonder what is actually getting off the ground first…

ORIGINAL: Spy Vs Spy is a long-running comic at MAD Magazine, appearing in pretty much every issue of the comedy rag since 1961. I remember getting a hold of a bunch of my cousin’s back issues when I was young and always made sure to read each one. They’ve appeared on MADtv, in videogames, in a board game, and more. Now, that comic is getting a film adaptation.

Ron Howard will be directing the movie at Warner Brothers, while John Kamps (Ghost Town) is writing the script. The movie is described as a “highly visual action comedy,” which makes sense considering the source material. Any radical reinterpretation of it just wouldn’t make sense, though a highly graphic, overly dramatic drama would be awesome in its own way.

Most importantly, for those of you worrying, Spy Vs Spy won’t interrupt Howard’s work on The Dark Tower, as his new project isn’t something he’ll tackle until further down the road, when he’s done with adapting Stephen King’s magnum opus.

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