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Yes we do - please read them. Basically, don't be a dick and try to stay on topic.

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It is not a good idea to use your real name online: Login and Go to the Manage > Customize menu on the top right. You can also update your email for password recovery there. Google Cache rarely forgets anything, so its best to be proactive. Your privacy is important to us.

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Just enter your email above and then write RESET as your password , then hit submit. That's all there is to it. Then check your inbox (and possibly your spam inbox) in five minutes.

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Your email address should be the same on your Facebook Settings and on our account. When we detect this, we merge your profile together. Otherwise, our silly robot driving this car will think you're two different people.

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Unless you see everyone flipping out on Twitter or the Cblogs that they can't login, it's probably just something on your computer eating your cookies.

Did you alter your browser's privacy settings or install some extensions? Try disabling those from the extensions system or browse Incognito with extensions off to rule this out.

Most commonly it's Adblockers, Antivirus, Anonymous Browsing, etc. which are notorious for breaking site logins. See if your Norton, McAffee, etc. aren't blocking cookies.

Good security programs always run in the background, so closing the icon or right-clicking 'disable' ***doesn't mean they are fully shut down*** (Avast definitely does this). Try a different browser or in anonymous mode to help pinpoint the issue. In most cases you can fix it by whitelisting our domain (it varies by software).

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If all else fails click this support link email us and describe your problem. Please include your Browser, Operating System, etc. and be as specific as possible so we can nail it on the first try. If you need to contact someone else, please refer to our footer links below: