Vampire Clay trailer showcases the best kind of weird


We got movies with killer tomatoes. We got movies with killer cars. We got movies with killer vaginas and penises. We got movies with killer hair extensions. The film industry has no shortage of creators saying, “I bet this could kill you,” and then going on to make an entire movie about exactly how and why it would kill you.

Mostly, because it’s haunted.

The upcoming Japanese splatterfest Vampire Clay seeks to add to the ever-growing pantheon of movies about regular things that are kind of creepy but will totally kill you. In this one, a class of sculpting students begin their lessons in an old (haunted) place. One cuts herself on the clay, which sucks it up, and before you know it you have man-eating clay monsters. Everyone knows that once they get a taste for blood, there’s no going back.

Vampire Clay (2018) Official Trailer HD [Exclusive]

I’m a huge fan of the unhinged blend of weird horror and wild absurdist humor that normally littler the Japanese horror/comedy space with movies like House, Meatball Machine, and the above-mentioned Hair Extensions. They’re ungrounded in ways that Western filmmakers just don’t seem comfortable with. Hopefully, Vampire Clay will be able to sustain the strange for a feature runtime.

We’ll all be able to find out when the movie hits VOD and select theaters on April 20th.

Absurd ‘Vampire Clay’ Trailer Devours Flesh [Exclusive] [Bloody Disgusting]

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