Vampires are still cool in Vampire Academy Trailer

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Official Teaser

At this rate there won’t be anymore young adult novels to adapt to the big screen. Vampire Academy:Blood Sisters does seem a bit special in that totally nondescript way since it looks like a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight and that’s sure to draw some rabid teen girl fans in. The first teaser for the film doesn’t really give us much to go on, but it doesn’t look any better than what you’d see on the CW so I’m not sure there will be much draw except for fans of the book.

Any of you out there read the series? I’m sure if this even does slightly well we’ll be seeing a sequel since judging from the trailer this didn’t cost that much to make. I’ve probably said it a million times before, but I am sick to death of these ridiculously good looking teenage vampires moping around all my movies and TV shows.

Matthew Razak
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