Vin Diesel in talks for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot


Once again, Vin Diesel made another announcement via Facebook. Except this time, he might’ve jumped the gun a little bit. Vin Diesel has been recently letting on that he’s been talking with Marvel about a possible role in one of their films, but hasn’t really hinted at anything until now. On August 11th, Diesel posted a pic of Groot, the tree alien guy from Guardians of the Galaxy, and then promptly took it down. 

There were rumors swirling abound (since Diesel’s Facebook page really is a hotbed of movie news) that Diesel was joining the flick until Deadline finally confirmed it. According to Deadline, Diesel is indeed in talks to voice Groot, the large tree alien wood tree alien wood guy. Apparently, the character can really only say “I am Groot!” and imagining Diesel’s voice with that is just plain awesome. Adding Diesel to the list of stupidly talented folks in the film already, the wait for Guardians of the Galaxy is just going to seem longer. Thank god for fast trees. 

[via Deadline]