Vote for Bruce Campbell in these Ash vs Evil Dead campaign ads #Ash4President


Billy West’s #MakeAmericaBrannigan shenanigans have been a fine way to explore the absurdity of this year’s presidential race. Yet we have another candidate who promises to Make America Groovy Again. That man is Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), the deadite-slaying hero of the Evil Dead film series and the Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead.

To promote season two of Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash is running for POTUS. Say what you will about his chances, but at least Ash Williams has a better chance of winning than time-traveler, space cadet, and Sasquatch protector Andrew D. Basiago.

Check out Ash’s campaign videos below, you primitive screwheads.

Ash4President | Purple Mountains | STARZ

Season two of Ash vs Evil Dead debuts on Starz on October 2nd.

[via IndieWire]
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