Warner Bros. loses some of LEGO Movie 2’s pieces


With how AWESOME the original LEGO Movie was Warner Bros. was all set for a massive hit this weekend with the sequel The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, but evidently they didn’t do too good a job constructing the sequel. While reviews were strong audiences appear tired of the franchise already. Maybe this is a holdover from the extremely lackluster Ninjago film, or maybe they’ve just been dumping too many of these out in too little time. Whatever the reason, the film pulled in $34 million, $20 million less than expectations. WB is going to have to do some Star Wars-style rethinking on their release schedule if they want to keep this franchise popular. 

The other two new films of the week, What Men Want and Cold Pursuit actually landed about where folks thought they would, with $19 million and $10.8 million, respectively. That actually makes the weak weekend even worse on LEGO Movie 2 since the poor performance overall is almost entirely due to its performance. Still, with the kind of brand loyalty and merchandising a film like LEGO has it’s clearly not going to be the death knell of the films, but maybe a little break is in order.

1. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – $34,400,000
2. What Men Want – $19,000,000
3. Cold Pursuit – $10,800,000
4. The Upside – $6,422,000
5. Glass – $6,422,000
6. The Prodigy – $6,004,403
7. Green Book – $3,567,000
8. Aquaman – $3,300,000
9. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – $3,040,000
10. Miss Bala – $2,725,000

Matthew Razak
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