Watch_Dogs, Far Cry, and Rabbids getting adaptations?


Ubisoft seems to be getting pretty heavily into the film biz. After Assassin’s Creed got the Fassbender treatment, and with Tom Hardy on board for Splinter Cell, Michael Bay for Ghost Recon (ugh), three more Ubisoft franchises are getting a possible screen uplift. Two games in which you shoot people in the face will be, apparently, given the film treatment, along with another in which you- bunnies? Okay.

Watch_Dogs getting its film treatment was already up in the rumoursphere. Following the game’s reception it seems Ubisoft is planning long ahead. So far ahead that the game isn’t even out yet for us to judge anything. Whether or not any film treatments of these Ubisoft franchises will be above par is a whole other guess. The Rabbids getting their own film seems like a good stretch after their television serial was announced at E3. Far Cry, however, already got its own film facelift in the form of an Uwe Boll movie. Yes. So you could say the bar has been set incredibly low. 

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