WB working on Lego Batman spin-off


The LEGO Movie remains one of my favorite films of 2014. It was charming, smart, and parents have told me their kids didn’t move an inch during the whole thing (which is a huge deal). One of the breakouts was Will Arnett as Batman, now a cocky, self-indulgent man who really wasn’t heroic at all. Now Warner Bros wants to roll with it. 

Releasing in 2017, the Lego Movie spin-off starring Batman will be produced by Lord and Miller (the directors of the original), Chris McKay is set to direct as The Lego Movie sequel is pushed back to a later date, and it’s being written by Seth Grahme-Smith. Best of all, Will Arnett is returning to voice the cowled blockman. I’m pretty excited for this. Normally I’d say “cautiously optimistic,” but you just can’t say that when it comes to Batman. Go whole hog on it. 

[via THR]