We’re getting another Joe Dirt for some reason


You know when you come across some news and suddenly feel like you’ve stumbled across the worst idea ever? I’m sure I’m supposed to be feeling that right now, but I’m can’t shake how stupidly happy I am this exists. Sony’s Crackle, the same service that’s bringing us Dead Rising: Watchtower, is bringing us the Adam Sandler produced film (who’s also bringing us four Netflix films in the future) sometime in 2015. David Spade’s also set to return, so that’s probably a plus. 

Now don’t get it twisted. Joe Dirt isn’t a good movie at all, but it’s one of those films I like because I like it. It’s not a pleasurable pleasure or a guilty one. It’s just a thing that I happen to like watching when it reruns on TBS. I’ll be happy to see more of it because reasons. 

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