Weekend Watchlist: Priest must go


So, Pirates next week, eh? In your mind, you’re probably already thinking ahead to where you’re going to be when you see it. What are you going to eat? What are you going to wear? It’s going to be momentous. And an occasion.

I know you wish we could just skip to next Monday, but we need to slow down and talk about this weekend. What did we watch? How hard did we wish it was a movie about pirates? Did we close our eyes and imagine that the movie we were sitting in actually was about pirates? That’s what I did with Bridesmaids. Turned out to be pretty good, but I was confused by all the cake.

Time to comment, friends. Let’s do it.

I’m not going to make a prediction about how Priest is going to do this weekend, but now that it’s Thursday, it’s time for you all to tell me how excited you are to see Priest tomorrow. So, you’re really excited for it, right? Super excited?

What about the other films coming out this weekend? We’ve got a lot of comedy stuff that doesn’t look at that funny. Bridesmaids honestly looks like the most promising of the bunch, as Everything Must Go just seems like of exhausting and depressing. There’s also the “inspirational hip-hop drama” Go for It and a Dax Shepard movie called Brother’s Justice, which apparently is about martial arts. 

So since you can’t just skip to next week and see the new Pirates movie, what’s on your list for the weekend?