Wolf Creek 2 is a thing that is finally going to happen


Truly quality slashers are very rare. There’s plenty of them that have some good kills, a few scares and are enjoyable enough, but its a rare slasher that both really scares and soaks the screen in blood. If you saw Australian film Wolf Creek (“Based on a trues story”) you know it was one of those rare slashers. Now we’ll be getting a sequel and thankfully its from the same guys: director Greg McLean and star John Jarratt.

The information was discovered by Screen Daily in an obscure Australian Press release, but McLean has confirmed that the duo is currently searching for victims actors, and will begin shooting in February. McLean also says that the film will be “scarier, bigger, badder.” That of course is the promise of all horror sequels, though, and most of them fall far short of their predecessors. 

However, the film turns out we probably won’t see it in the states until later in 2013. Trip to Australia anyone?

[Screen Daily, via Empire]

Matthew Razak
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