Wonder Woman 2 release date confirmed


In a sneaky press release on Tuesday evening DC executives confirmed that Wonder Woman 2 is slated for release on December 13th, 2019. They also confirmed what everyone already knew, that Gal Gadot was coming back for the lead role. Still no confirmation on who will be directing it but Patty Jenkins has already stated she has started writing a script with Geoff Johns and is also rumored to be in talks to return to direct. The leading rumor is that the sequel will take place in 1980’s America so expect lots of cocaine and neon lights as well as the required training montage.

My biggest question is why wasn’t this announced at San Diego Comic-Con? Did the heads at DC just not want to put the janitors of the convention center through hassle of wiping up all the happy tears that would have come about because of this announcement at the panel? I don’t get it. this would have been prime time to announce it. But on the other hand this is DC, they are still kinda new to this doing the right thing stuff.

[via Variety]

Anthony Marzano
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