X-Men: Apocalypse gets its new Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm


After X: Men Days of Future Past sorted the X-Men series out, it’s time to move forward…by moving backward again. Set to take place in the 80s and following the returning cast from the First Class (along with Hugh Jackman in talks to return), it’s time to reboot the rest of the cast. The older Xavier and Magneto aren’t returning (with Patrick Stewart confirming this a bit ago, sadly), and Oscar Isaac signing on to play the blue behemoth Apocalypse (whose costume Isaac says will be a mix of practical and CG, so like Ghost Rider probably maybe). 

Now we have younger versions of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm that aren’t to be confused with the other younger versions of the trio displayed in other films. Whatever. Basically, this all just leads to a tweet from Bryan Singer confirming Tye Sheridan (Joe) as Cyclops, Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) as Jean Grey, and Alexandra Shipp (Drumline: A New Beat) as Storm. I just have to bring up this history every time we talk about this upcoming sequel. 

Because comic books. Also, see Joe already. 

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