You cannot afford this custom Batcave theater


And if you can afford it, we should totally hang out more. The good people over at Elite Home Theater Seating can craft you a custom Batcave design for your home theater for the low low price of an arm and a leg. Most likely several arms and legs. The image you see above is a theater, modeled after the Dark Knight Rises version of the Batcave, they crafted for a richly gentlemen (who probably is wearing a monocle and top hat as I am writing this) that cost him a hefty sum of two million dollars. 

I’m not here to judge a rich fellow, but if you’re going to spend that much money on a replica, why stop there? Why not become Batman? I wouldn’t though since I’m too out of shape (and no one wants a fat Batman). 

For a few more photos of the theater plus a “generic” version of the Batcave, check it out in the gallery. 

[EHTS, via Collider]