Zombieland 2 could release October 2019 according to its writers


Zombieland, a pretty good movie that spawned a terrible Amazon series that we’ve all worked hard to forget, is still shambling toward a sequel. What’s seemed pretty damn unlikely for years now might actually make it to theaters just a decade after the original.

The writing duo for the first and its sequel, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, have stated that Zombieland 2 “may be” releasing in October, 2019. The two also say that the original cast is coming back and that they have information they can’t share, so it sounds like a formal announcement may not be too far off.

This is odd timing for a new Zombieland, though. The zombie craze has evaporated since its release, and the original, though a lot of fun, didn’t add anything especially new to the table when it came out. But the gap could work to its benefit. What’s old is new again, and a Zombieland 2 might come across as a breath of fresh air in the superhero dominated box office.

Hostess Brands died and came back quicker than this movie, but at least Tallahassee won’t have to cope with living in a world where Twinkies really are extinct.

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