Zorro reboot is happening, try to contain your elation


The Mask Of Zorro was a forgettable, but successful Antonio Banderas vehicle in 1998. Seven years later, in 2005, The Legend Of Zorro was greeted with widespread indifference. Spotting a trend that is certain to lead to massive success, a reboot is now being planned (most likely meaning another seven year gap between it and the last movie) based on Isabel Allende’s novel, Zorro, which tells of how the eponymous hero was born from the anger of a young man, Diego de la Vega, at witnessing the mistreatment of Native Americans.

Being Hollywood, a movie obviously can’t just be named after its lead character, though: that would be far too simple and clear. Instead, titles reportedly being considered are The Forging Of Zorro (what?) and Zorro: The Legend Begins, which at least makes sense despite sounding like a television special. It’s possible that the movie could turn out to be decent – some people like the Banderas films, even though this won’t have anything to do with them – but personally, another origin story for an already well-known character is about the last thing I can bring myself to get excited about.

[via Collider]