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M. Night Shyamalan wants an Unbreakable 2

Flixist Staff, Editors - Flixist
9 hours ago - 4:00 PM on 01.30.2015
M. Night Shyamalan wants an Unbreakable 2 photo

Before M. Night Shyamalan basically imploded into himself in one inept and repetitive execution after another he made Unbreakble. That film kind of concluded perfectly and a sequel would most likely ruin it, but evidently people have been asking about it since the ending was a bit open. To that Mr. Shyamalan says he's been thinking about it too. 

The director, while speaking to Collider about his upcoming show Wayward Pines, said that Disney was skeptical about making a comic book movie back then, which is hilarious since that's a massive part of their portfolio now. However, even if the film got off the ground Shyamalan says it wouldn't resemble today's comic book films. 

"It feels like a straight-up drama. It’s real. You’re confronting the possibility that comic book characters were based on people that were real. That’s the premise, so the tone has to be super grounded. It would be cool."

Before you get excited lets remember that Shyamalan is responsible for destroying The Last Airbender and directing the sub par After Earth. Unless Wayward Pines proves otherwise the guy had one trick and its gone. 


Mistwalker's mobile-RPG Terra Battle has surpassed 1.5 million downloads worldwide

Unlock new "adventurers" from iconic Final Fantasy character designer Yoshitaka Amano and a new scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, designer of Final Fantasy XII. Also, Terra Battle received the highly anticipated online co-op mode update that allows players to work together to clear stages and adds summons to the battlefield. More Info.

Disney confirms Star Wars trilogy's release years

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
10 hours ago - 3:00 PM on 01.30.2015
Disney confirms Star Wars trilogy's release years photo

In case you were wondering when we were getting more Star Wars after Force Awakens takes over the decade, we're getting at least one a year so far. After Episode VII releases at the end of this year, and the first spin-off in 2016, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed (through an email to shareholders, according to Get Your Geek On) that we'll be getting Episode VIII in 2017 and Episode IX in 2019. 

So, should I assume we're getting a spin-off in between the big trilogy? Probably, until we get tired of it. I don't see that happening any time soon though. Two years seems like the right amount of time to work on each film considering they've planned out the entire trilogy ahead of time this time instead of just making it up as they're going along. 

[GYGO, via Collider]

Review: A Most Violent Year

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
12 hours ago - 1:00 PM on 01.30.2015
Review: A Most Violent Year photo

I had no idea what A Most Violent Year was before my screening. This was even before the smaller, limited release managed to gain traction and before I realized how good the cast assembled was. With little to no advertising, it was swallowed up by the big films vying for awards during this more difficult season. 

But now that the season is over, and A Most Violent Year is finally opening for a wider release, I can finally admit how wrong I was for ignoring it for so long. A Most Violent Year is precise, intelligent, and full of powerful moments. 

Super Bowl TV spot for The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
6:00 PM on 01.29.2015

With as interesting as the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, may be, I really hoped it would've fixed its CG issues by now. It's a shame too because the whole dreamscape aspects are putting out all sorts of crazy Matrix vibes (although the "She is the one" is a bit on the nose), and this Super Bowl spot is far better than the trailers released thus far. 

But I just can't get past how bad this looks. Geez, I hoped there'd be a better budget for these kinds of things. The Divergent Series: Insurgent releases March 20th. 

[via MTV]

Trailer for Alien Outpost

Megan PorchFlixist
4:00 PM on 01.29.2015

Directed by Jabbar Raisani, the visual effects guy who works on Game of Thrones, comes a new movie called Alien Outpost. The plot is basically, these two documentary filmmakers follow a military group as they try to take out the remains of an alien invasion, only to discover the aliens are planning another invasion.

So... it's pretty much a videogame as a movie that's reminiscent of Battle LA. I just hope it's better than that movie was.

Here's all the trailers you'll get to see during the Super Bowl

Matthew Razak, Editor-in-Chief - Flixist
3:00 PM on 01.29.2015
Here's all the trailers you'll get to see during the Super Bowl photo

While the Seahawks and Patriots might be one of the least interesting Super Bowl match ups we've seen in a while that doesn't mean you shouldn't be watching. There's going to be commercials and some of those commercials will be for movies. Those movies are right below. How exciting.

Are you excited? I'm not really. We've seen stuff from all these films (Ted 2 had its trailer today and so did Terminator) so no first looks during the biggest game of the year. Now there may be some surprises that we haven't heard of, but it's really interesting that nothing is debuting during the most watched television of the year. That being said seeing more of Tommorowland and Jurassic World is not a bad thing at all. 

If you're going to skip the game make sure you head here to check out all the trailers once we can share them with you. 

First official trailer for Ted 2

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
2:00 PM on 01.29.2015

Ted was a nice surprise. Seth MacFarlane's passion project shined with all of the humor and heart that I would've never expected from the guy who brought us Family Guy. Then A Million Ways to Die in the West came along and well, now I'm not so sure what Ted 2 will bring. 

Now that we have our first trailer (playing during the Super Bowl on Sunday) for the sequel I'm not sure what to think. Although comedy sequels rarely turn out well, maybe this'll be that rare gem? I honestly laughed quite a bit, even if it steals that semen joke from Family Guy. But can a guy steal from himself? Ted 2 releases June 26th. 

Super Bowl TV spot for Terminator: Genisys

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
1:00 PM on 01.29.2015

This Super Bowl spot for Terminator: Genisys may take a bit of footage from the first (hilariously convoluted) trailer, but there's a bit at the end that I'm most excited for. Also, it's really hard looking at this newest poster touting Arnold's return and not lose my f**king mind. Seriously I'm so hyped for this now, bad spelling and all. 

Terminator: Genisys releases July 1st. Expect more Super Bowl spots to come. 

Kevin Spacey to play a man trapped in a cat's body in MIB director's next film, Nine Lives"

Sean Walsh, Associate Editor - Flixist
12:00 PM on 01.29.2015
Kevin Spacey to play a man trapped in a cat's body in MIB director's next film, Nine Lives

Here's some weird, wonderful news for you: Kevin Spacey is going to play a man trapped in the body of a cat in Barry Sonnenfeld's new film, Nine Lives.

Kevin Spacey, you know, the guy from House of Cards.

According to The Wrap, "Spacey will star as a workaholic businessman who suffers a terrible accident that leaves him trapped in the body of the family cat."

Sonnenfeld describes the film as a “funny, emotional, commercial comedy.” I describe it as the best reason I've had in a long time to post a picture of my cat. Sign me up.

[via The Wrap]

Universal's Steve Jobs film gets official title and cast

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
3:00 PM on 01.28.2015
Universal's Steve Jobs film gets official title and cast photo

This Steve Jobs biopic has been through the ringer. After years of director changes, big stars (Christian Bale) joining and leaving the film, and Sony dropping the project after budget concerns, Steve Jobs (the film's now official name) finally has filming underway thanks to Universal saving the whole thing. Now we've got a logline and full cast. First, here's the logline: 

Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, the film takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

And here's the cast: 

  • Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
  • Kate Winslet - Joanna Hoffman, former Macintosh marketing chief
  • Seth Rogen - Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder
  • Jeff Daniels - John Sculley, former Apple CEO
  • Katherine Waterston - Chrisann Brenna, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend and mother of his child
  • Michael Stuhlbarg - Andy Hertzfeld, an original Apple Macintosh development team member
  • Perla Haney-Jardine, Ripley Sobo, and Mackenzie Moss - Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan at various stages of life
  • Sarah Snook - Andrea Cunningham, project leader of Apple Macintosh
  • Adam Shapiro - Avie Tevanian, Apple Computer Senior VP of Software Engineering

With a script written by Aaron Sorkin, and Danny Boyle set to direct, this'll at least be better than the last Jobs biopic. 

[via Collider]

Mission Impossible 5 gets a new release date, whether we chose to accept it or not

Sean Walsh, Associate Editor - Flixist
12:00 PM on 01.28.2015
Mission Impossible 5 gets a new release date, whether we chose to accept it or not photo

In an effort to dodge the hefty competition brought by the new James Bond film and Disney with their new indie endeavor Star Wars in December, Paramount has brought Mission: Impossible up an astounding five months from this December to July 31st, 2015.

On the bright side, the film started shooting last August. There will be a rush to get it finished and edited, but at least they're not going to be scrambling.

If you remember, I enjoyed most of the Mission: Impossible films, and I'm looking forward to this installment, and the fact that I have to wait less is only more enticing. Hopefully it doesn't suffer as a result of being moved up.

[via /film]

Paramount reveals new horror movie release slate

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
11:00 AM on 01.28.2015
Paramount reveals new horror movie release slate photo

You know how we get like a billion horror sequels? Here are some release dates for a few of them including the Friday the 13th reboot, The Ring reboot, now titled Rings (sure okay), and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (HAHAHAHAHA).

  • Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - October 23, 2015
  • Rings - November 13, 2015
  • Friday the 13th - May 13, 2016

Well, alright. Anyone want any of these? 

[via Variety]