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Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen are a match made in heaven in this Outcast trailer

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
8 hours ago - 4:00 PM on 08.22.2014

What do you get when you cross an actor who can't seem to say no, and an actor who can't afford to say no? You get Outcast, the absolutely insane looking film where Hayden Christensen teams up with a British accent spewing Nicolas Cage in order to protect the rightful heir to the Chinese throne during the Crusades era. 

This seems like one of those movies that's made just for Chinese audiences and that makes it seem all the more nutty. I really need to see this now, but it's not hitting theaters until February. Awwww. 

[via THR]

Updated! Panel details revealed:

Hironobu Sakaguchi Reflection: Past, Present, Future of RPGs

The father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has announced his PAX Prime 2014 panel where he will discuss his history developing role-playing games, along with revealing more about his new RPG, Terra Battle. Find out more info at PAX Prime website.

Review: When the Game Stands Tall

Matthew Razak, Editor-in-Chief - Flixist
9 hours ago - 3:00 PM on 08.22.2014
Review: When the Game Stands Tall photo

I'm a sucker for sports movies. You give me a gang of lovable underdogs, a few training montages and a triumphant final game and I'm in your pocket. It's just so easy to get caught up in a sport film even when their bad. They hit all the right points that we love and when done even remotely right you at least feel a little bit of joy when those underdogs win the big game. What I'm saying is that it is really hard to make a sports film that you just stop caring about. 

When the Games Stands Tall does this. Not only does it go on for way longer than it should, but it doesn't grab you in the first place. It's as if the filmmakers had never seen a sports film before. No, check that. It's as if they had never seen any movie before.

First trailer for Young Ones starring Michael Shannon

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
10 hours ago - 2:00 PM on 08.22.2014

To be honest, I wouldn't normally pay attention to a film like Young Ones if it weren't for the cast. Young Ones stars Michael Shannon and Nicholas Hoult in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where water has become scarce, and securing a pipeline is the only way for the central family to survive. There seems to be some other things going on within the trailer, but it's not very distinct. 

Like the dirt that litters the trailer, the rest of this seems bland and dry. Hopefully the cast can raise the status of this and I'm judging this far too soon. Young Ones releases on the very crowded October 17th. 

Katie Holmes in Miss Meadows trailer

Matthew Razak, Editor-in-Chief - Flixist
11 hours ago - 1:00 PM on 08.22.2014

Wait, I'm actually interested in something Katie Holmes is doing? This is... an odd feeling. Yet Miss Meadows actually looks pretty interesting and Holmes playing off her sweet to death persona so she can kill bad guys looks to work. It looks like this one gets pretty dark as well with all the mental trauma. Male revenge flicks never have those issues.

Miss Meadows gets all violent on evil people on November 14, but it screened at some festivals and word hasn't been all together positive. Evidently it misses the mark sometimes. Still, could be good for some exploitation antics.  

This trailer for Nightcrawler makes me want it more

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
14 hours ago - 10:00 AM on 08.22.2014

I had no idea Nightcrawler even existed before that awesome teaser released a few weeks back, and now I can't get it off my mind. And thanks to the newest trailer for it, looks like I'm not going to stop thinking about it anytime soon. This newest trailer goes deeper into the plot than the previous ones while still retaining the mystery. 

I really hope it can be as twisted of a crime thriller as this appears to be. It's time for Jake Gyllenhaal to make a comeback. Nightcrawler got a new release date too. Instead of releasing on the crowded October 17th date, it's now hitting October 31st. 

[via Yahoo] 

This trailer for Annabelle does not look very good

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
7:00 PM on 08.21.2014

More like Anna-blegh. 


First trailer for Automata features Antonio Banderas and some robots are there too

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
2:00 PM on 08.21.2014

You ever watch I, Robot and wonder to yourself "Man, if only this movie had more Antonio Banderas?" Then you should really paying attention to Automata. Taking place 30 years in the future, Automata is in the cusp of a robot semi-uprising as they grow smarter and smarter. Antonio Banderas plays a scientist who is also there for some reason I don't really understand from the trailer. He always picks interesting projects, so maybe it's all much better than presented here? 

Either way, Millenium Entertainment is veeeeeery hit or miss with their VOD projects. We could be looking at a gem, but we're probably not. Automata releases on VOD October 10th. 

Dead Rising movie gets a director

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
12:00 PM on 08.21.2014
Dead Rising movie gets a director photo

Wait, did we ever get around to telling you all there's a film based on the almost popular Dead Rising videogames in the works? You think we're ready for the zombie parade again? If there's any good zombie idea, it's how Dead Rising has one man vs. 1000 in wacky outfits, so maybe it'll translate well to screen even if the games are dreadfully boring themselves. 

Well for some reason this is happening, so now the film has a director. Zack Lipowski (who's currently working on Leprechaun: Origins). There are no other details like story, or which game it might be adapted from, but it's being written by the man who wrote the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series. But it's going to debut on Crackle first before hitting DVD and VOD. So...I'm not optimistic. But to everyone's credit, they're aiming low. 

[via /Film]

Check out this cool Guardians of the Galaxy concept art

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
10:00 AM on 08.21.2014
Check out this cool Guardians of the Galaxy concept art photo

Are you still hooked on a feeling a few weeks after Guardians of the Galaxy's release? Then do I have a solution to fix that. It could have been much, much darker (or at the very least, rougher) if this earlier concept art by artist Justin Sweet is anything to go by. 

We've got a pumped up Gamora, wilder looking Groot, and a much older looking Rocket Racoon. Drax looks as boring as ever, however. Peep all the images in the gallery! 

[via io9]

Trailer for Open Windows features windows, they're possibly open

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
5:00 PM on 08.20.2014

Open Windows is a film that probably could've been much better. It's got a lot of promise with a talented cast (Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood) and director (Nacho Vigalondo), but it falls apart toward the finale. It was the first film I caught during SXSW and I thought it was decent despite much of its flaws. 

It's emptier than the premise would have you believe, but it's still better than most. You should check it out when it hits VOD October 2 and theaters November 7th. 

Check it out: new poster art company FAMP Art to release City of God posters

Liz Rugg, Community Manager - Flixist
3:00 PM on 08.20.2014
Check it out: new poster art company FAMP Art to release City of God posters photo

Perhaps riding on Mondo's coattails, a new poster company based out of New York will be debuting next month. FAMP Art claims it wants to "bridge the gap between pop culture art and art-house cinema, focusing on films that don’t get much love in the art world but are praised in the world of cinema" by commissioning and releasing new, fully licensed movie posters to the world.

Their very first poster will be by artist Dan Norris for Fernando Meirelles' 2002 City of God, an intense movie beloved by cult foreign language fans. Check out below for images of the poster and a variant. The posters will go on sale on September 3rd, keep an eye on FAMP Art's twitter for exact times.

First trailer for Jason Reitman's Men, Women & Children

Nick Valdez, News Editor - Flixist
2:00 PM on 08.20.2014

This teaser trailer for Jason Reitman's next film, Men, Women & Children has quite the hook. It's nearly silent, folks are looking at their phones, and people stare blankly into space. While that doesn't make for the most gripping teaser trailer, it's sure involving for the brief time it's running. 

MWAC is all about how teens relate to others through technology. I'm sure there's more depth than that, but I'll be holding out for more trailers before deciding one way or the other. Men, Women & Children gets a limited run through theaters October 3rd.