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9:00 AM on 11.26.2013

Trailer: Devil's Due

This trailer came out a while ago, just in time for this year's Halloween movies, but we never got around to posting it. I saw the poster last night and I was like, "Oh yeah! That movie!" Devil's Due is a found-footage ...

Sean Walsh

7:00 PM on 11.22.2013

First teaser trailer for A Haunted House 2...exists

I finally saw the first A Haunted House on Netflix a few months ago with some cool buddies of mine. We all walked away thinking terrible things about it. It not only had one, but three Saints Row: The Third posters hang...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 11.20.2013

Locke and Key movie execs wary of three-year-old TV pilot

How did I miss that they'd announced a Locke & Key trilogy? What is quite possibly my favorite self-contained comic series (a scant one issue away from it's conclusion, due out NEXT WEEK), by one of my absolute favor...

Sean Walsh

9:00 AM on 11.19.2013

Insidious 3 set for 2015

Okay, so Insidious 2 was not exactly the sequel I had hoped it would be. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. It just wasn't as good as the first one, despite having a far less ridiculous, far less Darth Maul-looking c...

Sean Walsh

12:00 PM on 11.13.2013

Ghost is getting turned into a TV series for some reason

Ghost may not be my favorite Patrick Swayze flick (that honor goes to To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Juile Newmar), but it is one of my favorite romantic comedy/dramas. It's dark, scary as all get out (tell me those shad...

Nick Valdez

2:00 PM on 11.07.2013

The Purge writer/director returning for the sequel

After a sequel to The Purge was announced shortly after it made its original run in theaters (and I apologized for it), we haven't heard much news since that announcement. That just means someone jumped the gun, right? Couldn...

Nick Valdez

4:21 PM on 11.05.2013

Campbell says Army of Darkness 2 isn't happening... yet

Just last week Fede Alvarez came out and said that he and Sam Raimi were working so hard on Army of Darkness 2 that they didn't even have time to start work on Evil Dead 2. Also, Bruce Campbell has been yacking a bit abo...

Matthew Razak

Saw 8: The Sawenning is in development photo
Saw 8: The Sawenning is in development
by Matthew Razak

You may have thought that since there hadn't been a Saw movie since 2010 and since the last film was called Saw: The Final chapter and since Paranormal Activity had taken over the yearly-released horror movie spot that the Saw franchise was dead.  How silly. Saw 8 is of course in active development over at Lionsgate despite all those signs that the series had died.

It doesn't look like they're rushing it, however. Bloody Disgusting says they want to get it right and are taking their time, unlike with the series' last few installments, which came out every Halloween. It's unclear whether it will be a remake or a reboot at the moment, but a remake seems relatively pointless since they could just as easily reboot while still continuing in the universe thanks to how 7 ended. 

The Saw series has always been very hit and miss for me. I love some and hate others, but it's perfect slasher fodder set up to give great kills so I'm always a little excited for more. What about you guys?

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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12:00 PM on 11.01.2013

Pet Sematary gets a remake with 28 Weeks Later director

As someone who enjoys the occasional horror film, I don't love seeing original concepts run through the ground over and over again. Sure that's what most of the genre is built on, but I do avoid lots of unnecessary sequels an...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 11.01.2013

First trailer for Open Grave starring Sharlto Copley

Open Grave stars Sharlto Copley as a man who wakes up in a mass grave, only be to rescued by others who have done the same. As they all suffer from some amnesia and are trying to find out who put them in that grave, they dis...

Nick Valdez

10:30 AM on 10.31.2013

Update: Fede Alvarez not returning for Evil Dead sequel

Update: Never mind! Fede Alvarez is totally still making an Evil Dead 2 and it gets better. The director says that the reason they're not working on it right now is because the focus is on Army of Darkness 2. Basica...

Matthew Razak

Trick or Treat: Wrapping Up photo
Trick or Treat: Wrapping Up
by Sean Walsh

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Trick or Treat!

Halloween is here! And if you're anything like me, and I bet a lot of you are, you're all dressed up with no place to go. Luckily for you, I've cobbled together nine bone-chilling films for you to enjoy while everyone else is out having fun and getting drunk on Ecto Cooler and vodka, dressed like slutty Rape Culture Beetlejuices* or whatever this year's hot costume is. Here they are!

Mum & Dad | YellowBrickRoad | Grave Encounters | The Bleeding House | Poltergeist III | The FrightenersFriday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives | The Faculty | Slither

So, don't let being a creepy weirdo shut-in get you down. Instead, rejoice! You've got Netflix and, presumably, a lot of beer. Who needs outside contact? I know I sure don't. I'm so alone...

Have a happy Halloween, everyone!

(*Just kidding, I love Robin Thicke #THICKE)

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Trick 'r Treat gets a sequel, Trick 'r Treat 2 photo
Trick 'r Treat gets a sequel, Trick 'r Treat 2
by Nick Valdez

If you haven't seen 2007's Trick r' Treat, you should remedy that immediately. It's one of the best slasher films, nay horror films in recent memory. It's an anthology of stories akin to classics like Creepshow (with comic book transitions no less) all tied together by a mascot of sorts, Sam (a childlike monster that strikes with a lollipop and wears a sack over his face). 

Because the film originally released in December, it unfortunately didn't catch in theaters but gained a strong cult following. Thankfully, during a special fan screening of the film, director Michael Dougherty announced the sequel. If the sequel is anywhere near as fun as the first film, then I'm game for sure. It's at least a worthwhile sequel in a sea of forgetables. Keep an eye on Flixist in the future for more details. 

[via Legendary]

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Trick or Treat: Slither photo
Trick or Treat: Slither
by Sean Walsh

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Trick or Treat!

James Gunn, writer and director of my most anticipated movie of the year decade, Guardians of the Galaxy, has been one of my favorite directors for a long time, and it all started with Slither (or maybe the Dawn of the Dead remake, which he wrote, but I didn't know that then).

Slither is the story of a man (Michael Rooker) infected with space aliens who want to reproduce and take over, the woman who loves him (Elizabeth Banks), and the small-town sheriff (Nathan Fillion) who has to save the day from the man-puppet and his alien horde.

This movie is a hoot from start to finish, full of both laughs and scares, some really gross sequences, and, well, Nathan Fillion. If you need any more than that, I don't know what to tell you. But after watching this film, you may gain a little understanding as to why I was over the moon when I heard the announcement that Gunn would be writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stay tuned tomorrow (Halloween!!!) when I will have a wrap-up of all of this month's Trick or Treats for your viewing pleasure.

Watch it on Instant Queue!

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Trick or Treat: The Faculty photo
Trick or Treat: The Faculty
by Sean Walsh

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Trick or Treat!

The Faculty is one of those movies that is just chock full of goodness. Written by Scream writer Kevin Williamson and directed by the legendary Robert Rodriguez, it's a sci-fi body snatcher movie that takes place in a 90's high school full of attractive students like Usher.

It's got a stellar cast (Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Famke Janssen, Salma Hayek, Christopher McDonald, Robert Patrick, and Jon Stewart, among others), wonderful 90's high school cliches, wonderfully cheesy lines, and a really awesome final battle.

There's really nothing to not like about The Faculty. It's a great example of 90's sci-fi and it's stupid fun. And Usher's in it!

Watch it on Instant Queue!

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2:00 PM on 10.29.2013

SNL's Wes Anderson parody is pure brilliance

The only thing wrong with this brilliant Wes Anderson parody is its lack of Bill Murray. Other than that, it looks exactly like an Anderson film. The music is perfect, the shots are perfect, Edward Norton's Owen Wilson is perfect...ahhhh, it's perfect! [via YouTube]

Sean Walsh

Trick or Treat: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives photo
Trick or Treat: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
by Matthew Razak

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Trick or Treat!

Wait? Friday the 13th: Part 6!? Yes, Part 6. Why recommend the sixth in a franchise that by that time was wheeling entirely out of control to the point where they had to "take Manhattan?" Because Part 6 is an outlier from the rest of the Jason Vorhees films. While I'm actually quite a big fan of the hockey-masked killer's entire repertoire some of his movies get ridiculously stupid, and while Jason Lives is definitely dumb it's dumb in a very special way.

Remember when Scream came out and was lauded for its take down of the horror movie stereotype? Jason Lives did that ten years earlier and a whole crap ton better. Instead of literally calling out the genre like Scream did the film takes Jason and uses him to wink at the camera (sometimes even breaking the fourth wall). It's a parody and pastiche within the very series it's making fun of. It really is actual pure genius.

Let's not get it confused either. It also has some of the best kills in the entire series and turns Jason from a lumbering dolt into a total badass. The reason Jason could take Manhattan or the fact that he's so awesome in Freddy vs. Jason is because Jason Lives turned him into the badass killer he truly is. There's a kill sequence in the film where he kills two young lovers in an RV (while Alice Cooper's Teenage Frankenstein brilliantly plays in the background), which then flips on its side. He pops out the door and stands on top more like a victorious action movie star than a slasher movie killer. You can check it out here, and then just go watch the rest of the movie like you know you want to.

When you do you'll find something entirely unique: a slasher film in a series that defined slasher film cliches playing into its own tropes in order to mock them. It's easily one of the smartest slashers made and it's a shame that screenwriter/director Tom McLoughlin didn't get to do more horror work after it because it did so poorly at the box office. At least they could have let him direct the next one since Part VII: The New Blood is one of the worst in the series. 1986 people, you kind of suck for not realizing how awesome this movie is.

Watch it on the sketchy website I found it on randomly!

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2:00 PM on 10.28.2013

Del Toro's Crimson Peak to horrify in 2015

Guillermo Del Toro is officially returning to horror as Crimson Peak, his upcoming haunted house film, has gotten an April 2015 release date. The movie has been collecting up a fantastic cast like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom...

Matthew Razak

9:00 AM on 10.28.2013

Clive Barker working on a Hellraiser remake

Hellraiser is quite an interesting franchise. I don't want to necessarily label it as the most "niche" of the horror monster genre, but its overt S&M themes make it one of the few franchises that both stands out, yet stic...

Nick Valdez

Enter to win The Conjuring on Blu-Ray! photo
Enter to win The Conjuring on Blu-Ray!
by Liz Rugg

[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner, keep reading for more contests in the future! --Liz]

It's still October and we have another scary movie to giveaway before Halloween! This time we're giving away a Blu-ray copy of The Conjuring, which, according to our review, is worth a watch! All you have to do to enter to win is comment below with your favorite horror movie that was based on a true story (however loosely)!

This contest is open to the U.S. and Canada! Yay! This contest will end on October 31st, 2013! One entry per person. Share with your Canadian friends! Also check out below for five interactive animated gifs with behind the scenes facts about The Conjuring. Creepy!

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Review: Curse of Chucky photo
Review: Curse of Chucky
by Matthew Razak

Believe it or not -- and you probably will -- the Chucky films aren't really all that great. Having just rewatched Childs Play 1 to 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky I can tell you that the movies really just went from fun to bad. The original is OK, with 2 and 3 being the films you remember because they're better executed. Bride and Seed are idiotic beyond belief and the entire series as a whole just doesn't stand up to its legend.

The main problem, especially with the last two films, is that they tried to add camp to a movie about a psychotic, murdering doll. It's already camp! You don't have to push it beyond what it already is and thus ditch the actual creepiness of a killing doll. Curse of Chucky finally realizes this and returns the series to its heyday, and possibly better. By grounding the film in a haunted house-style horror movie and making Chucky a creepy doll again while still maintaining the warped humor that the first three films had it may deliver the best film in the franchise.

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Trick or Treat: The Frighteners photo
Trick or Treat: The Frighteners
by Sean Walsh

Hey guys, it's October! You know what that means: Halloween is right around the corner! As such, we will be bringing you some of our favorite horror film suggestions, in the hopes that they will lead to some sleepless nights. This is...Trick or Treat!

Okay, I was going to wait 'til the end of the month for this one, but after waxing nostalgic for Poltergeist III yesterday, I just couldn't resist. Today's offering is The Frighteners, and it's one of my all-time favorite movies ever.

Michael J. Fox plays Frank Bannister, a guy who can see ghosts. He uses a couple of these ghosts to fake hauntings so he can exorcise them...for a nominal fee. Things are complicated when ghostly numbers start showing up on peoples' foreheads and a very grim reaper-esque meance begins tearing through the citizens of Bannister's sleepy little town. Together with his ghost pals, he must solve the mystery of the Grim Reaper, a task made increasingly more difficult with a twisted FBI agent dogging his every move.

With solid writing, hysterical deliveries, and great action scenes, this movie is absolutely phenomenal. Directed by Peter Jackson, before he became the Lord of the Rings guy, and starring Michael J. Fox, Jake Busey in one of his best roles, a delightfully phantasmal Chi McBride, R. Lee Ermey, and Re-Animator star Jeffrey Combs, there's a ton to love. The only real gripe I have here is that some of the effects don't hold up all that well, but then again, it was 1996. A solid 90 in my book, The Frighteners is truly a solid entry into anybody's Halloween horror queue.

Watch it on Instant Queue!

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