Terminator: Genisys to release in IMAX 3D

See every wrinkle in Schwarzenegger's face
Feb 19
Terminator: Genisys is slowly turning things around. After being easily mocked for both its ridiculous name and its ridiculous first look images the film landed with a solid trailer. I'm not actually excited for it yet, ... read

Divergent sequel Insurgent to be in 3D

Other words that end in 'gent'
Oct 28
It's hard to think about anything else than how much Marvel is rocking our faces right now, but remember Lionsgate does enjoy monopolizing the YA movie scene. Hunger Games may be dominant, but Divergent did well too... read

Here's a stunning first look at the CG animated Popeye

Sep 19
If you were at all worried about the state of Genndy Tartakovsky's (the man who brought us Hotel Transylvania, Dexter's Laboratory, and Samurai Jack) take on Popeye, there's no need to worry anymore. Although this first foot... read
Former Italian horror maestro Dario Argento has made a crummy SyFy original movie
There was a time when "directed by Dario Argento" meant something wonderful. There'd be wild visual play, inventive deaths, remarkable set pieces, and a memorable score by Goblin (or at least Goblin frontman Claudio Simonetti... read feature

See The Wizard of Oz 3D early and free

Washington DC screening
Sep 03
The Wizard of Oz, you say? But I've seen that a bajillion times. Yes, that may be true, but have you seen it in 3D and the big screen all digitally remastered? No, because that would be impossible until now since it was never... read

Wizard of Oz getting 3D re-release

Runs for one week starting Sept. 20
Jun 04
It's hard to imagine how stunning The Wizard of Oz must have been to someone seeing it on the big scree 75 years ago. The incredible color and spectacle weren't really matched back then, but for a modern audience seeing the c... read

Review: Jurassic Park 3D

Like that picture but the dinosaur is farther away
Apr 04
It's in 3D! It's like the Jurassic Park you have at home on DVD or Blu-ray, but with more depth. You also have to wear glasses or else it's just blurry Jurassic Park. Also, the dinosaurs win. At the end there's just a bloody pile of human body parts with the raptors standing over them laugh maniacally. Yea, they learn to open doors and laugh maniacally.  read

Rumor: Dr. No coming to IMAX 3D

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to re-release
Feb 19
Through a convoluted series of events it appears that James Bond's first on screen adventure, Dr. No, will be receiving a 3D IMAX re-release. Blooding Cool was first hinted to the possibility when the Taiwanese Blu-Ray r... read

Iron Man 3 gets collectible 3D glasses because reasons

I'm still mad my theater didn't have those Hulk glasses
Feb 19
So at this point, I assume you've made your decision on whether or not you're going to see Iron Man 3. If you are, are you going to see it in 3D? If you are, maybe you'll get one of these pairs of glasses (which I assume won'... read

Trailer: Jack the Giant Slayer

FEE FI FO FUM Something looks awful and dumb
Feb 11
This new trailer for Jack the Giant Killer Slayer doesn't look fun at all. It takes the intrinsic whimsy of the original Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale and turns it into something gritty, and action-y. Sure it's got Obi W... read

Monsters University releases extended preview

Pixar's prequel picks piecemeal bits of Monsters University to show.
Feb 11
Pixar have released this new fangled-video guffin containing some new slick footage from the delicious and nutritious Monsters University (June 20). The clip shows cartoon representations of all of Pixar's stuff before ... read

No more 3D Star Wars prequels

Jan 29
So instead of trying to milk more money out of the Star Wars fans, Disney wants to work on “rebooting the franchise” with the new trilogy. Not surprisingly this comes from how underwhelming the box office performa... read

Iron Man 3 gets IMAX 3D release date

Jan 22
So it seems like IMAX 3D is a big thing this year, especially with potentially big blockbuster movies. Another big movie releasing this year, Iron Man 3, will be coming to IMAX 3D. Here’s where it gets a little differen... read

Jurassic Park 3D re-release in IMAX for one week only

Jan 09
Universal Pictures and IMAX have announced today that they will have a one-week run of director Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D starting April 5th. This will coincide with Jurassic Park 3D wide release also ... read
Sharpen your chainsaws, because Leatherface is back!
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has certainly had its ups and downs. The original film shocked a nation with its brutality when it exploded onto the scene in 1974, but the three that followed were a lot more goofy ... read feature

List of theaters w/ the Star Trek Into Darkness prologue

IMAX theaters where you can see the nine-minute preview
Dec 07
We had our first taste of Star Trek Into Darkness this week, but we'll be getting much more next week. A nine-minute prologue for the film is attached to IMAX screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (Non-IMAX Hobbit ... read

Dreamworks to lose $50M for Rise of the Guardians failure

Dec 05
Regardless of having to only compete with Wreck It-Ralph for children's attention, Rise of the Guardians had a weak opening weekend, losing out to Twilight 5. This paltry performance apparently didn't get any better since, ac... read

Independence Day not being re-released in 3D after all

Nov 21
With sequels reportedly on the way, Fox has surprisingly opted to shelve a 3D re-release of 1996 alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day, which had been set for release on July 3rd 2013. No word has been given on any reas... read

Trailer: Jurassic Park 3-D

Hold onto your butts
Nov 08
Yesterday we were given the poster, and today we get the trailer. I probably find all of this irrationally exciting considering that the promos are for a movie that's twenty years old, but I really am genuinely&nbs... read

Man of Steel will release in IMAX and 3D because money

Nov 08
I wish there was more I could say about the situation, but the headline pretty much says it all. Man of Steel, with its "naturalism" and rubber toy Zod, will release in IMAX, 3D, 2D, Smell-O-Vision, Vita-Scope, and Laserdisc ... read

Official poster for 3D re-release of Jurassic Park

It'll be like Jeff Goldblum is coming right at you!
Nov 07
Look, I know 3D and re-releases are a racket that Hollywood runs and the rest of us just go along with it unwillingly like the fools we are, but I want to be honest with you guys about this: I am seriously excited about seein... read

These new Rise of the Guardians posters are not that bad

Nov 07
Dreamworks Animation has just dropped a couple of "new" character poster images for the upcoming Rise of the Guardians releasing in a few weeks. These posters are essentially the same as the posters release some time ago ... read

Trailer: Escape From Planet Earth

Welcome to Earf.
Nov 07
The weirdest thing about this trailer for Escape From Planet Earth had to have been the product placement. For one, one of the scenes revolves around Gary (the alien guy played by Rob Corddry (!)) getting a brain freeze ... read

Trailer: Despicable Me 2

Nov 02
Take at look at the first teaser for Despicable Me 2 which focuses all on the little yellow Minion guys (who're getting their own film too). It premiered around Halloween, so you have a nice tribute to that in this short vid... read

Trailer: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Nov 02
This new international trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation is basically the first two trailers edited together without the awesome White Stripes or Jay-Z songs. It's like totes serious this time, fo' real. We do get one new sc... read

Trailer: Tarzan 3D

Tarzan, King of the Baby Face
Oct 08
Once you get past the German, since Tarzan 3D is releasing internationally in 2013 and does not yet have a domestic release date (with good reason), you get some really bad looking motion capture animation. Tarzan jaggedly c... read

New Silent Hill: Revelation TV spot

Oct 02
Before I share my opinion in regards to this TV spot, I have to disclose that I consider myself a pretty serious Silent Hill fan. I've played all of the games, read the comics (bleh), researched the mythology and symbolism, ... read

It's a funny thing when a director states their distaste for the 3D element find in so many of today's films, because I've never heard anyone, with one exception, say that they want to have their film in 3D. So it was wi... read feature

A fairly mind-breaking descent into schlock, but not without a certain charm
A little more than two years ago, about a month before Flixist went live for the first time, I wrote a review for Resident Evil: Afterlife. You can read it here. For those of you who don't want to read it, I will summari... read feature

Guillermo del Toro forced to do Pacific Rim 3D conversion

Sep 13
Warner Bros. has forced Guillermo del Toro to do a 3D conversion of Pacific Rim, which comes out next summer. A 3D conversion of the film was not del Toro's original intention. First Showing cited the following excerpt from C... read

Should you see Finding Nemo in 3D?

Sep 13
Finding Nemo is the latest in a string of 3D re-releases from Disney and the third 3D re-release specifically from Pixar (the first two being Toy Story and its sequel). With Finding Nemo, Disney chose to not only co... read

Trailer: Flight of the Butterflies

There's surprising little Doctor Girlfriend in this trailer
Sep 11
I've always found our insect counterparts fascinating in what they are capable of, especially considering their stature and vulnerability. Monarch butterflies are especially interesting because they migrate from Canada ... read

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