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1:00 PM on 08.22.2014

Katie Holmes in Miss Meadows trailer

Wait, I'm actually interested in something Katie Holmes is doing? This is... an odd feeling. Yet Miss Meadows actually looks pretty interesting and Holmes playing off her sweet to death persona so she can kill bad guys ...

Matthew Razak

3:00 PM on 07.10.2014

Trailer for Wild with Reese Witherspoon is surprisingly subdued

After the amazing Dallas Buyer's Club I'm pretty much ready for director Jean-Marc Vallée to take me through any biographical film he damn well wants. Thankfully Wild, based on Cheryl Strayed’s me...

Matthew Razak

Review: Begin Again photo
Review: Begin Again
by Matthew Razak

Director/Writer John Carney is establishing a little nitch for himself in the film industry. A modern take on the backstage musical except now the stage is the studio and the music is far less grandiose. With Once, his academy award winning film, he nailed the sort of real world drama musical and he returns to that new genre again with Begin Again except this time he has big name stars and an American budget.

Carney is clearly a talented and emotional musician and returning to this form allows him to flex those muscles once again. Can he have the same impact as he did on his debut feature film or does upping the ante in almost every department mean a bit of soul is lost? In a film about finding the soul of art and yourself it's a bit ironic what the answer to that question is. 

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7:00 PM on 05.16.2014

Check out the trailer for indie drama Hellion starring Aaron Paul

Now that Breaking Bad is over, actor Aaron Paul is branching out into the silver screen with Hellion, a tense family drama from indie director Kat Candler. Hellion stars Paul as a father struggling to raise his two young son...

Liz Rugg

9:00 PM on 03.21.2014

Trailer: Refuge

In Refuge, Krysten Ritter plays a young woman who is struggling to take care of her younger brother and sister after their parents abandoned them when she meets Sam, a boy who may or may not be a good influence on her and he...

Liz Rugg

3:00 PM on 11.26.2013

Independent Spirit Awards nominations have arrived

It's getting to be that time of year! Awards season is coming upon us and the early nominations award nominations are in. The Independent Spirit Awards are kind of the indy Oscars, but everyone gets drunk and actually has fun...

Matthew Razak

10:00 AM on 08.21.2013

Trailer: The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete may not have received the greatest buzz from the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, but I'm staying relatively optimistic. This newest trailer for the film may paint it as ov...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 08.19.2013

Flix for (Not So) Short: Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

Last month, Donald Glover (Community) released a mysterious trailer without context for a project called Clapping for the Wrong Reasons. Last week, it was revealed that the project was a short film written by Glover and dire...

Geoff Henao

Review: Coffee Town photo
Review: Coffee Town
by Geoff Henao

CollegeHumor has been one of the premiere comedy websites since practically the internet got super popular. Before YouTube, before Twitter, before Facebook, before MySpace, there was CollegeHumor providing some of the best comedic content during the initial internet boom. Almost 15 years after CollegeHumor launched, they've thrown their hat into the film industry with Coffee Town. However, with standards and practices dictating what can and can't be shown in a feature film, will CollegeHumor's brand of comedy translate well into this new frontier?

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Review: Missed Connections photo
Review: Missed Connections
by Geoff Henao

Missed connections serve as the chosen medium for lovelorn, hopeless romantics who believe in fleeting chance encounters in public. I can say this with confidence, because I used to regularly check missed connections on a daily basis despite never doing anything out of my old routines. I don't know how successful they are, but considering their place on Craigslist, the go-to online depository for job and cheap furniture searches for 20-somethings, they're ripe for quirky, indie films featuring aforementioned 20-somethings in search of more than just a cheap futon.

The aptly titled Missed Connections explores the world of online love searches with a hint of catfishing. But does it do so in an entertaining way?

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Review: The History of Future Folk photo
Review: The History of Future Folk
by Liz Rugg

The History of Future Folk is about the origins of the universe's only alien bluegrass folk duo, and how they discovered and fell in love with Earth's music. It's charming, adventurous, and a ton of fun. I mean when's the last time you saw an Alien Folk Duo Sci-Fi Action Romance Comedy Musical?

As we've seen from the movie's trailer and poster, The History of Future Folk may be one of the most endearing Indie movies we've seen so far this year, but is that enough to make it truly great? Read on to find out!

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2:00 PM on 05.17.2013

Trailer: LICKS

Directed by newcomer Jonathan Singer-Vine, LICKS debuted at this year's SXSW. While Hubert, Matt, and I didn't get a chance to catch it, the film received some good acclaim. LICKS is about a young Oakland resi...

Geoff Henao

4:00 PM on 05.03.2013

New poster for indie adventure The History of Future Folk

Yesterday we brought you the first trailer for the upcoming Indie sci-fi romance comedy The History of Future Folk, and today we have a brand new poster for it! The poster itself is actually a bit underwhelming, it features t...

Liz Rugg

12:00 PM on 05.03.2013

Trailer: Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig doesn't appear to be resting on her Bridesmaids laurels too much. Instead of pumping out a Bridesmaids sequel immediately following the movie's success, Wiig has been using her new-found leverage to work on some...

Liz Rugg

2:00 PM on 05.01.2013

Flix for Short: Hybrids

Hybrids, written and directed by Patrick Kalyn, is a science-fiction/action short about an ex-soldier, Dakota (Daniella Evangelista), seeking vengeance for the death of her young daughter. In this short teaser for a longer f...

Geoff Henao

3:00 PM on 04.26.2013

Trailer: Prince Avalanche

Prince Avalanche starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch was one of Matt's favorite films from this year's SXSW Film Festival, though when Hubert saw it recently at the Tribeca Film Festival he thought it was somewhat predictabl...

Liz Rugg

11:00 AM on 04.24.2013

Zach Braff launches Kickstarter for Wish I Was Here

OK, who had Zach Braff in the office pool for "Next Person to Launch A Kickstarter After Veronica Mars Did So Well?" Bob, was it you? I could have sworn someone put Zach Braff down. Well, whoever did you win the money because...

Matthew Razak

4:00 PM on 04.18.2013

Thoughts on twohundredfiftysixcolors

twohundredfiftysixcolors is hard to discuss without any outside exposition. It's not a "film" so much as it is a collection of thousands of GIFs played back to back in a somewhat loose progression with no sound, no ...

Geoff Henao

1:00 PM on 04.12.2013

A playful poster for Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

I feel like "playful" is a pretty good way to describe director Joss Whedon's newest movie, a Shakespeare adaptation called Much Ado About Nothing. Even though it's coming from one of the most fiercely loved directors of our ...

Liz Rugg

5:00 PM on 04.11.2013

Trailer: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty is a gorgeous looking indie film by Terence Nance that has been running the festival circuit under the radar for the past year, and I don't really understand why. The film looks visually s...

Liz Rugg

3:00 PM on 03.29.2013

Trailer: Before Midnight

The third installment in Richard Linklater's series of movies -- which include indie darlings Before Sunrise and Before Sunset -- Before Midnight finds characters Celine and Jesse (played by Julie Deply and Ethan Hawke) in t...

Liz Rugg

5:00 PM on 03.12.2013

Trailer: Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo (titled L'Écume des Jours or "Froth on the Daydream" in French) is director Michel Gondry's newest dealings with love and loss. With such previous heavy-hitters as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and...

Liz Rugg