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12:00 PM on 03.04.2015

Check out the first photo of JGL in Snowden

The corpse of the 2015 Oscar telecast is barely cold, but we're already getting our first look at what's sure to be a contender in next year's contest – the first image from Oliver Stone's upcoming biopic Snowden, starr...

Matt Liparota

12:00 PM on 12.09.2014

First trailer for The Walk starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Films based on a true stories are always hit or miss, but I'm holding out some hope for Robert Zemeckis' latest project The Walk, based on Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) tightrope walk between the World Trade Center's...

Nick Valdez

Review: Sin City - A Dame to Kill For photo
Review: Sin City - A Dame to Kill For
by Sean Walsh

Sin City has always had a special place in my heart. Way back in 2005, when the first film came out, I was in my senior yearo f high school, taking Film as Art. One of our assignments was to write a paper on a film we see in theaters, complete with ticket stub stapled to the front page as proof. As Sin City was in theaters, and I was a red-blooded eighteen-year-old, I thought "Heck, a movie based on a comic I've never read full of dudes that eat bullets for breakfast and hot, young thing Jessica Alba playing a stripper by the guy who made such films as Spy Kids? Sign me up!" Unfortunately, everybody was too busy or too disinterested to take me. With no reasonable options left, I asked my grandmother. She said yes, and ended up loving it ("That Marv, he was like a real superhero!). That sparked a tradition of going to see movies together with my grandmother. Some were racy (I can say I'm probably one of the only people in the world that's seen Jason Segel's penis with my grandmother, on the big screen at least), some were not, but we haven't seen a movie yet that she hasn't enjoyed.

Sadly, this year she came up to visit several weeks before Sin City: A Dame to Kill For came out, and sadder yet, I was on vacation while she was in town. So, with a heavy heart, I went to see the film I've been waiting nine years for with my best pal Patrick instead. Could it possibly match up to the sentimental and nostalgic factors I associated with the first film? Read on and find out!

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10:00 AM on 08.01.2014

Comic-Con trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Robert Rodriguez's recent work has been criticized for being more style over substance, and this trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For showed off during San Diego Comic-Con isn't helping matters. While it plays like an ex...

Nick Valdez

10:45 AM on 02.11.2014

Rogen and Gordon-Levitt coming back together for Xmas

The heavily under appreciated 50/50 was probably one of Seth Rogen's best performances and really landed Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an entirely awesome human being in every way for me. It's exciting to hear that they'll be ...

Matthew Razak

8:00 AM on 12.17.2013

Miyazaki's The Wind Rises gets English voice cast

Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises (which could very well be his final film before retirement) has been inching closer and closer to a domestic release after it's fly through Japan. Shortly after getting the first US trailer for...

Nick Valdez

JGL producing Sandman with David Goyer, may direct/star photo
JGL producing Sandman with David Goyer, may direct/star
by Nick Valdez

A few weeks ago we caught wind of a rumor that David S. Goyer (writer of Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the upcoming Batman/Superman movie) was pitching an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a starring role. Apparently Warner Bros. clicked with the idea and we have confirmation that the film is currently in the pipeline. 

According to Deadline, JGL closed the deal with Warner Bros (or it's at least closed enough for JGL to announce it on his Twitter feed) to produce, and possibly direct and star as Morpheus (the lead character in the comic) himself. They haven't hired a writer for the film yet, so as long as Goyer keeps his mitts off of this, I'm perfectly happy with this news. 

I haven't seen Don Jon, so I have no opinion of JGL as a director, but this is most likely good news. At least one comic book movie won't be about people in tights punching other people in the face. 

[via Deadline

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Rumor: David S. Goyer pitching a JGL Sandman film photo
Rumor: David S. Goyer pitching a JGL Sandman film
by Matthew Razak

Where there's a whole bunch of names you should be excited to see together. David S. Goyer, who wrote the new Batman trilogy and Man of Steel, is pitching a new adaptation of Neil Gayman's graphic novel series Sandman starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. Warner Bros. is evidently very receptive to his pitch, which is good news for the property, which has up until now languished in development hell.

Goyer obviously has plenty of credibility with the studio after raking them in money on his other comic book flicks, and having Levitt attached to play the lead of Morpheus, the personification of dreams, could only make that more exciting. However, this is very early days and we've been hearing crap about a Sandman movie for years that have never come to fruition. Now is the time, though. With comic book films so huge and someone like Goyer pushing it this could actually happen.

What do you think? Sure it's awesome that it would happen, but for those who weren't a fan of Goyer's Superman this could be very worrisome. 

[via Badass Digest]

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8:00 AM on 10.16.2013

UPDATE: No, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not lead Ant-Man

UPDATE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Edgar Wright have shot down the rumor (Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd were in meetings for the Ant-Man lead) with the former calling it "outright lies." According to an interview with the French ...

Nick Valdez

Review: Don Jon photo
Review: Don Jon
by Allistair Pinsof

Our rabid consumption of media informs our lives and habits as much as our upbringing. For Jon, that media obsession is porn. When he isn't debating what number to rate a girl at the club, he is masturbating three times a day. Or five. Or eleven, a brand new record.

Sex is boring to Jon, who craves the fantasy and control of porn. It`s an inherently controversial, funny, and poignant concept for a film, and Don Jon succeeds at all three. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes the rare crossover from actor to actor-writer-director that many try but few succeed at.

[This review was originally posted as part of our Sundance 2013 coverage. Since its initial publication, the film was renamed Don Jon and screened at SXSW 2013. Edits have been made to reflect the title change, as well as Geoff's blurb for the film.]

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12:00 PM on 04.26.2013

JGL and Channing Tatum wanted for Guys and Dolls remake

With the sputtering revival of the film musical and the absolute dominance of remakes in Hollywood it's a small wonder that more classic musicals haven't been remade yet. One of those classics, Guys and Dolls, has been on Hol...

Matthew Razak

8:00 AM on 01.08.2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has quickly risen to be one of Hollywood's best and brightest. He continues to score roles in huge films and his performance never disappoints. It's good to hear, then, that he has officially joined the c...

Thor Latham

8:00 PM on 01.02.2013

Joseph Gordon Levitt may star in Guardians of the Galaxy

The unstoppable "Boy Wonder" Joseph Gordon Levitt has apparently been thrown into the running for playing what is most likely to be the central role in James Gunn's and Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. JGL is n...

Thor Latham

Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman? photo
Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman?
by Xander Markham

I'm going to assume everyone who wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises has seen it by now, so won't be skirting around spoilers - as though the headline hadn't given everything away already. At the end of the movie, Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne goes into retirement and leaves the cowl to be taken up by Joseph Gordon Levitt's supercop John Blake, aka the uncostumed Robin. While it had been assumed the upcoming Justice League movie would undertake the difficult task of rebooting Batman (again), pesky anonymous sources have been suggesting Gordon-Levitt will continue his character's arc by becoming the first non-Bruce Wayne Bat on the big screen.

Such a move will likely incite fan ire - several Flixist editors have expressed their displeasure at the idea - but isn't far out of step with the comics. Blake is a composite of several Robins, and Dick Grayson, with whom Blake shares a past as a cop, became the new Batman after Knightfall. For my money, I thought Levitt did good work in Dark Knight Rises and can see Blake's younger, idealistic Batman being a more natural fit for a Justice League team than perpetual loner Bruce Wayne. Let's also not forget Christopher Nolan is exec producing the Zack Snyder-directed Man Of Steel, which will be Justice League's first lead-in movie.

[Addendum from your friendly neighborhood News Editor: People at Hollywood.com reached out to Gordon-Levitt's representatives, who have denied the rumor outright, declaring it totally false. There's a chance this is just elaborate subterfuge, but we'll find out eventually. Keep your salt at the ready.]

[Via HitFix and Hollywood.com]

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Flixist Movie Club: Loopercast photo
Flixist Movie Club: Loopercast
by Alex Katz

It's the return of the Flixist Movie Club, this time dissecting Rian Johnson's Looper! Surprisingly, this is a very coherent, not-disturbing show, so if you're looking for someone to get raped, it's sadly not going to happen. Sadface.

Join me, Dre, Geoff, Matt, and Thor as we talk paradoxes, TK, and how Back to the Future is totally in the same universe as Looper. The signs are there, people. Also, here's the diagram we mentioned showing the movie's three timelines. 

Find us on iTunes (write us a review!), the Amazon App Store, or by this direct link! See ya next week!

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Review: Looper photo
Review: Looper
by Matthew Razak

Time travel is a sticky wicket for movies, and really all stories in general. There’s just so many contradictions, loopholes and moving parts that things get complicated. By the end of a time travel movie you’re usually stuck asking more questions that don’t even pertain to the story as your mind desperately tries to make sense of the contradicting time loops  and quandaries presented. It’s an issue that no movie up to this date has figured out how to solve.

Looper figured it out. Not through some deft form of time travel logic, but a much simpler means: having Bruce Willis yell at everyone to stop asking so many damn questions about time travel. When Bruce Willis yells, you listen.


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3:00 PM on 08.27.2012

Looper would probably make an awesome video game

Back in the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis days, it was actually surprisingly easy to find good videogames based on moves (look at any of the Super Star Wars games, most of the Disney movie platformers, and tons more)....

Alex Katz

6:00 PM on 08.23.2012

New Looper poster, details on the film's unique score

A new poster has dropped for Rian Johnson's Looper, one of the 2012 movies we've been looking forward to since last year. It's pretty keen, though the tagline could be better. ("Yippee ki yay, Gordon-Levitt" has a better rin...

Hubert Vigilla

8:00 PM on 08.14.2012

Trailer: Looper

It's time to get international with Looper. You know, in that this is the trailer for Looper that gets released internationally. It's like the other trailers we've seen, but with a bit more plot to it and a bunch more Bruce ...

Matthew Razak

7:00 PM on 08.03.2012

Looper's International Poster

We've already had a poster or two come through these here parts for the upcoming time traveling sci-fi action blockbuster Looper, but as they say good things come in threes. Thus I present to you Looper's newly unveiled inter...

Thor Latham

New Looper images throw me in a loop photo
New Looper images throw me in a loop
by Geoff Henao

I really hope writer/director Rian Johnson becomes a big name. His film debut, Brick, is one of my favorite films ever and what established my fascination in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's career. With the upcoming Looper starring both JGL and Bruce Willis in dual roles (...kind of), anticipation is beginning to teem over the proverbial tip. Somehow, I just found out that Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale), Emily Blunt (Your Sister's Sisterand Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) are also starring in the film. With a stellar cast like that, there has to be some sort of weak link, right? ...and then I saw that Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) was in the film, as well. Way to ruin a good thing, Dano.

I'm kidding. Below is a gallery of five new images to get you psyched. Of course, the month-old trailer is still around for those that don't get excited over new images.

[via Collider]

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7:00 PM on 06.28.2012

Trailer: Looper

Yesterday, Alex brought you the latest international trailer for my most anticipated film of the year, Looper. While I haven't been able to see it yet thanks to MSN's awful video player, I was able to see the latest dom...

Maxwell Roahrig