Man of Steel

New video posits what Man of Steel would look like without that dreary color palette

"Superman should fly in blue skies – not gray ones"
Apr 27
It's not overstating things to say that, as a movie, Man of Steel had a lot of problems. One of those was the fact that Zack Snyder's vision of Superman involved a dreary, washed-out color palette – plenty of fans were ... read

These Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice posters are badass

Apr 20
So what did you think of that first trailer? The majority seems to swing toward apathy, but I really dug it. It looks a bit weird, more sterile than anything, but I'm hoping that'll ease up during the year. If the film can ca... read

First look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Feb 20
After getting our first look at Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder has revealed Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the upcoming, Man of Steel follow up, Batman v Superman: Dawn o... read

Batman v. Superman changes release date, WB announces dates for 9 DC films

Aug 06
Following in their competitor Marvel's footsteps, Warner Bros initially set Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice's release to May 6th, 2016...the same day Marvel had chosen for a then undesignated film, which later turned out ... read
Wonder Woman

First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

You folks don't realize how long it takes to type out that title every time
Jul 28
After teasing for months with two pictures of Batman and a Superman with zero changes from Man of Steel, it's now Wonder Woman's time to shine. After Gal Gadot was cast as the Amazonian princess/goddess/badass in Batman v. Su... read
BvS: DoF B

Here's another image of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice's Batman

Wow that's a hard title to write out every time.
Jul 24
My biggest question: Does he still fight for family and live for love?  [via DC Comics]  read
You already have a great DC universe in your hands...don't blow it.
(Spoiler alert ahead.) Dear Warner Brothers, You don't know who I am, but that's okay. I'm just another avid comic fan who is excited about the prospect of a cinematic universe that could possibly counter the Marvel Cinematic... read feature

Man of Delay

Batman vs. Superman delayed until 2016

Most likely for the best
Jan 20
It looks like 2015 is going to get a bit more breathing room. Instead of releasing next year to many fans' distress since the film still doesn't have an official title and seemingly adds more and more Super Friends everyday, ... read
Batmeng vs. Supermeng?

Jason Momoa in talks for Batman vs. Superman

Should just call it Justice League at this point.
Dec 11
Although he may have been unsuccessful in joining Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, looks like Reboot Conan has worked his way to the other side of the comic book pond. Joining the recently announced Gal Gadot (as Wonder Woma... read
Batman of Steel

WB registers terrible names for Batman vs. Superman

Man of Steel: Blacker the Berry Sweeter the Juice
Nov 22
While we here at Flixist have been using Batman vs. Superman as a shorthand way of referring to the Man of Steel followup starring Batman, it was never the official title. David Goyer has been simply considering calling it th... read
FFS: Superman 75

Flix for Short: Superman's 75th Anniversary Short

Oct 16
Regardless of what you believe Superman's become in the last few years, Superman is an iconic character for numerous reasons. Above all, Superman's a character that stands for truth, justice, and moral way. To celebrate Supe... read

Nolan won't have creative input for Batman vs. Superman

He will serve as an executive producer rather than a producer
Aug 26
The times, they are a-changing. With Interstellar underway, it seems like Christopher Nolan won't have as much (if any) creative input on Batman vs. Superman. Rather than serve as producer on the film, Nolan is now an executi... read
You think Ben Affleck is bad?
So Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in a few years (in a Superman movie no less) and a lot of folks are angry about that for some reason. Despite his Academy Award win and not being terrible for the last ten or so years, s... read feature

Batman of Steel

Man of Steel sequel possibly titled "Batman vs. Superman"

Who'd win in a fight between Box Office Performance vs. Title Originality
Jul 23
Now that Batman is starring alongside Superman in the Man of Steel sequel, and we've pretty much gotten all of our anger/pity/celebration/confusion out of the way (but expect just a little more of that later this week), what ... read
Because nothing screams "Superman movie" more than Batman
I'm sure no one guessed DC Comics would take its first concrete steps toward Justice League so soon. But since Man of Steel was a success (despite its problems), I suppose anything is possible now. The sequel to Man of Steel ... read feature

Flixistentialism 21 - Turtle Goofy

Seriously ... he's the worst
Jul 04
On this patriotic episode of Flixistentialism... Dre starts a gang, Liz gets shot for being in a gang, Nicholas discusses his deep rooted hatred for Planes and his affinity for The Little Mermaid. We also discuss a bit of Man of Steel, Pixar vs. Laika and answer some questions. Also, this might be the most explicative explicit podcast ever because 'MURICA THATS WHY. read
Man of Steel

Max Landis also has opinions about Man of Steel

The guy knows his Superman.
Jun 26
Man of Steel has certainly caused a ruckus with the Flixist staff. Hubes outright hates it, Matt liked it to a certain degree, Alec liked everything but the ending, I love pancakes, but we can all mostly agree that Man of St... read

Man of Steel features $2 trillion in overall damage

It's not an "S." On my world it means "hundreds of thousands missing or dead."
Jun 24
I'm probably the only person on staff who outright hates Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, which Matt enjoyed but also found problematic as a Superman movie. To me, Man of Steel is a film so joyless and unheroic that it makes Super... read
A sexy examination of Hollywood's most Enchanting redhead
With Man of Steel hitting and missing with audiences across the world, I saw the perfect opportunity to write about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: pretty redheads. Amy Adams is one of those women who reall... read feature

Mondo Man of Steel

Mondo's Man of Steel posters are super

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's gorgeous!
Jun 12
Mondo has a such a way with its movie posters that even if you weren't excited for an upcoming film, just looking at one of its pieces will instantly change your mind. Case in point: Mondo's Man of Steel collection. The heade... read
Man of Real

New Man of Steel images are "the most realistic" yet

Buh whuh?
May 06
Here are a collection of new images (mostly showing Clark's Smallville days) and a disturbingly mis-aligned poster for Man of Steel (which Zack Snyder claims is his most realistic movie he's ever made). But that's not the imp... read

Snyder confirmed to be asked to direct Justice League

Apr 24
This comes with a big if however, this will only happen if Man of Steel is a success. Seeing as it was received rather well during early screenings, I don’t think this will be an issue. To clear up the confusion, in the... read
Superman's steely resolve
Everyone, this trailer for Man of Steel does everything, and I mean everything, right. It gives a better look at the man behind the cape, gives you plenty of quick looks at Superman punching guys real good, Michael Shannon l... read feature

Man of Steel Zod viral

General Zod has slow internet in new Man of Steel viral

Kneel before Zo- oh wait, jumped the gun a bit there.
Apr 15
Although this premiered online yesterday, I actually didn't see this until it played during the MTV Movie Awards. While it was just a commercial, it actually made Man of Steel look a lot better than any of the trailers (or w... read

First Superman TV spot is up and away

Apr 09
I can't really get enough of Man of Steel. I'm personally of the opinion that it is going to be a fantastic movie despite not being a love letter to the Richard Donner movies. That's why even though this new TV spot has noth... read

Man of Steel receives positive feedback

Apr 03
The Man of Steel has been on an uneasy slope since photos and the trailers were released. No one knows how much influence Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight has spread. It looked like Man of Steel may turn out to be a fair... read

Rumor: Batman might not wait for Justice League

A Caped Crusader reboot in 2019? Holy rumors, Batman!
Feb 13
Before I start, I am calling this a rumor because there isn't a whole lot of substantial evidence backing this up. Take this with a grain of salt. I'm not calling Batman-on-Film liars by any means; however, let's hope that Wa... read

Justice League movie depends on Man of Steel

Jan 30
While I really don’t think that Man of Steel will be doing horrible in the box office, it now becomes important that it does well. If it doesn’t do well for some horrible reason, the Justice League movie might not... read

Check out these new Man of Steel pics

Catch a glimpse of General Zod and Jor-El
Jan 29
The folks over at Empire magazine have a special treat for subscribers this month (which of course immediately found its way to the internet) in the form of a special edition cover of the rather dashing Henry Cavill as Superm... read

Man of Steel steals a PG-13 rating...obviously

Jan 24
I hope you weren't expecting too much "grittiness" from a Superman film. Superman has always been a good, clean hero and it looks like that's not changing too much for Man of Steel. Despite Snyder and Nolan's gritty take... read

New Man of Steel image features a bored Superman

Jan 07
With the last trailer for Man of Steel establishing that the world may not be ready for a guy with killer frickin' laser beam eyes, this new(ish) photo released by USA Today serves to further prove that people fear Superman (... read

Man of Steel will release in IMAX and 3D because money

Nov 08
I wish there was more I could say about the situation, but the headline pretty much says it all. Man of Steel, with its "naturalism" and rubber toy Zod, will release in IMAX, 3D, 2D, Smell-O-Vision, Vita-Scope, and Laserdisc ... read

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