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7:00 PM on 03.07.2014

Muppets Most Wanted spoofs action movie posters

The Muppets Most Wanted promotional campaign has been as delightful as expected from the franchise, though with these new parody posters, The Muppets have upped their game yet again. Each poster parody's a famous action movie...

Liz Rugg

9:00 AM on 02.28.2014

First song for 'Muppets Most Wanted' is crazy adorable

Every time Kermit the frog dances with a gold hat and cane, my heart grows three sizes. After watching the music video for the first song from Muppets Most Wanted entitled "Sequel Song," my heart nearly burst out of my ...

Isabelle Magliari

12:00 PM on 12.09.2013

Nick's Flixmas: The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets have had a few Christmas specials over the years: It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, A Muppet Family Christmas, and even the awful Artpop commercial, Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular. But the...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 11.20.2013

Second trailer for Muppets Most Wanted is still adorable

This second trailer for Muppets Most Wanted shows off a lot more than the teaser released a few months back. We get a story (an "Evilen Froggen" named Constantine frames Kermit and takes his place), more celebrity cameos (Da...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 10.29.2013

First poster for Muppets Most Wanted is too adorable

Muppets Most Wanted (formerly The Muppets...Again!) is one of the few sequels I'm happy they're making. The first Muppets was a hilarious trip down memory lane, and Muppets Most Wanted looks to continue that judging by that f...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 02.12.2013

The Muppets...Again! will have Miss Piggy's wedding again

Some new news has surfaced about a scene in The Muppets...Again! During an episode of BBC's The Film Programme, production designer Eve Stewart -- fresh from her BAFTA Film Award win for Les Miserables -- revealed what she's ...

Hubert Vigilla

5:00 PM on 01.30.2013

Muppets sequel gets official title, plot details and pics

It looks like The Muppets' next globe trotting adventure finally has an official title. Brace yourselves. It's The Muppets...Again! Yeah, I didn't make that up, though I gladly would have if Disney paid me instead of who...

Thor Latham

7:00 PM on 12.07.2012

Ty Burrell replaces Christoph Waltz in The Muppets 2

For a while Cristoph Waltz was in talks to star in The Muppets 2, a Europe-set sequel that starts shooting early next year. Unfortunately it looks like Waltz had to decline because of his schedule. I assume this has something...

Hubert Vigilla

7:00 PM on 11.05.2012

The Muppets sequel begins shooting in January in London

Last years The Muppets seemed to be a surprise success for Disney, though I'm not sure why they didn't expect it, because anyone who's seen the movie can tell you it's fantastic. Anywho, the studio got the ball rolling o...

Thor Latham

8:00 PM on 11.02.2012

Christoph Waltz may star in Muppets sequel set in Europe

The Muppets was a good nostalgia trip that left lots of people longing for a follow-up. There's finally some casting news on The Muppets 2. Christoph Waltz is currently in talks for a starring role in the film. If he takes th...

Hubert Vigilla

Puppet noir film The Happytime Murders going for R rating photo
Puppet noir film The Happytime Murders going for R rating
by Hubert Vigilla

A while back this birdy dropped some concept art for The Happytime Murders, a noir film done with puppets from the Henson people. No word what happened to the source, but I figure the bird's singing them canary tunes in a concrete cage in the drink. So anyways, the writer/director of the project, Todd Berger, spilled a few beans about Happytime during the premiere of his latest film, It's a Disaster. Here's some dynamite in your bloomers: Berger's gunning for a hard R rating.

"There is swearing, there's sex, violence, murder," he said. There are humans in this picture too, living side-by-side like the goons and the toons in Roger Rabbit. I'm wondering if some Johns or Trixies are going to push the plush, if you catch my drift.

Don't expect Meet the Feebles-style raunch, though. Sounds like there's a higher aim than songs about messy hobbies. See, Berger also said, "I want to try to make the Heat of puppet movies. I want to be The Dark Knight or Heat but in a world where puppets and humans coexist." Those are some big pants and big shoes there. Wonder if he's got the suspenders and laces to wear 'em. Here's to hoping.

After the cut are Berger's full comments about The Happytime Murders. Keep an eye out for it. This could be genuine Dillinger, dollface.

[Crave Online via JoBlo]

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A new Sesame Street movie is in the works photo
A new Sesame Street movie is in the works
by Hubert Vigilla

Sesame Street: The Movie is a thing that's happening through 20th Century Fox. The show's longtime writer Joey Mazzarino will be writing the film's script. Obviously no word on story, and Fox has yet to comment on the project which is just getting off the ground. Shawn Levy is one of the producers (and hopefully not directing).

Sesame Street has made two other forays onto the big screen: Follow That Bird (1985) and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999). Never saw the Elmo one, but I still have fond memories of Follow That Bird, though I haven't seen it in years. (Full disclosure: I rewatched it two years ago.) No word if Forgetful Jones, Captain Vegetable, Don Music, or the Amazing Mumford will come out of retirement for the film.

With a Muppets sequel in development and a Fraggle Rock movie brewing, it's a bit of a shame there isn't one company overseeing all these films. The Muppets are with Disney, and I think the Fraggles are currently with New Regency. There could have been a major Henson-creation crossover. Just imagine Gordon appearing at the end of the Muppets sequel asking Kermit if he's heard of the Sesame Street initiative.

After the cut, a song from Follow That Bird and two of my favorite Sesame Street songs that don't involve counting to 12 or visiting the moon. Honorable mention to "Jellyman Kelly," the only James Taylor song I don't feel guilty about liking.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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11:00 AM on 05.31.2012

Fraggle Rock gets fraggle writers

The upcoming film adaptation of Jim Henson's belovedly weird, musical puppet-a-ganza Fraggle Rock has now got some writers attached to it. Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian, who both worked on Rango, are signed on to write the Fra...

Cecilia Razak

The Happytime Murders: concept art for a puppet film noir photo
The Happytime Murders: concept art for a puppet film noir
by Hubert Vigilla

Got back from the city and there was an email about some new Henson project called The Happytime Murders. It's a proposed noir picture done with puppets. Think Roger Rabbit, but plush instead of paint.

It looked Dillinger, like a couple fingers of the good stuff, served up neat by gal who's all gams, smiles, and steel. The picture was penned by Todd Berger. Brian Henson is set to direct, and Katherine Heigl is said to have a role. It remains in the development/pre-production stages, but this concept art gives a glimpse of what might be if some investor-types fork over the necessary lettuce. I'm thinking this thing could be a real kick. Collider's got a synopsis, which I'm sticking here for you because you've got grace, kiddo:

In a world where puppets co-exist with humans as second-class citizens, puppet private eye and disgraced ex-cop, Phil Phillips, is hot on the trail of the serial killer who murdered his brother and is now targeting the cast members of the famous 80s television show, The Happytime Gang. As the killings continue, Phil's former flame, Jenny, is next on the list. It's up to Phil and his ex-partner, Detective Edwards, to find the culprit, but as bad blood and old resentments resurface, the clues start pointing to the only viable suspect: Phil himself. Now he's on the run with only his wits and hard-headed determination as he tries to solve The Happytime Murders.

You mugs can get your peepers on the concept art in the gallery. These images come courtesy of some birdy, but that's all you need to know about it. So get that nose out of our business and slap it back on that sour-looking puss of yours before I break it.

[IM Global Via Collider; some little bird what be sqawkin' to us real nice like]

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The Muppets are brainwashing your kids, says Fox photo
The Muppets are brainwashing your kids, says Fox
by Jenika Katz

Hello, folks! Liberal media here. Have you seen The Muppets yet? I thought it was pretty good. My main complaint? Not nearly enough messages to children that capitalism and rich people are evil. There's a time and place for subtlety, but children's movies are not it. I like movies that really drive the point home. If you want to brainwash kids well, you've really got to drill the message into their tiny little skulls. I mean, how will they know that the reason Tex Richman is the bad guy is because he's a rich capitalist and not just a jerk? Kermit is shown living in a mansion, and Miss Piggy runs a successful corporation! Kids will never know that the wealthy elite are the enemy if we keep sending them such mixed messages.

Look, kids, all I'm saying is that you should not buy any merchandise for The Muppets, or for anything else. The oil industry is the worst thing in the world. Don't be rich and successful, because you'd be much better off using the easy-to-access food stamps. Boy, that's a lot of messages for one children's movie! No wonder we couldn't brainwash as many kids as we'd like!

[/Film, via Media Matters]

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6:00 PM on 11.29.2011

Muppets lifted "Mahna Mahna" from softcore porn

I love old porn, and apparently the Muppets do, too. The super catchy "Mahna Mahna" that I always thought was an original song is actually from the 1968 Italian film Sweden: Hell and Heaven. The movie was portrayed as a docu...

Jenika Katz

Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 2] photo
Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 2]
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Since posting part one of my interview with LOOK Effects Supervisor Max Ivins, I was able to see his handiwork in the The Muppets for myself, and I must say that the film is amazing. I haven't laughed that hard that consistently in a very, very long time, and the VFX are pretty good too. I have been listening to/singing along with the soundtrack since I saw it, and it's constantly playing in my head even when I'm not listening to it. It's awesome, and the rest of the movie is too. Props to everyone involved. It's easily one of my favorite films of the year.

But enough about that. Part two of our awesome interview goes much more heavily into other, non-Muppets projects as well as some conversation about the effects industry in general. We also talk about the proper way to make Jennifer Connelly cry. It's really interesting stuff. I promise.

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12:00 PM on 11.28.2011

The alternate ending to The Muppets

The Muppets did well over the holiday weekend, both a critical darling and a financial success. Because of the film, NBC is currently developing a new show with muppets with Jim Henson Studios. It's not th...

Hubert Vigilla

Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 1] photo
Flixclusive Interview: Max Ivins, LOOK Effects [Part 1]
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

There are two types of interviewees: ones that need to be poked and prodded in order to say anything meaningful, and ones who will continue talking until you unintentionally cut them off during a pause. Max Ivins, Supervisor for the VFX company LOOK Effects, falls into the latter category, and I think that's fantastic. LOOK was the lead effects company on The Muppets, and I got a chance to talk with him about that (and many other things). It was a great interview. It ran quite long, however, so I will be breaking it up into two parts, both of which are awesome.

So, if you have even a fleeting interest in visual effects and their role in films, keep on reading. If you don't have much interest, maybe this interview will be the thing to change your mind. It's really fascinating stuff. To see what else the company has worked on, check out the various effects reels on their website, and make sure to return this Monday (November 28th), and read part two of our interview.

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10:00 AM on 11.24.2011

The Flixist Show #4: The Self-Hating Amish

So, I'm really, really sorry for this episode. We were two people shy, and it's just unfocused and bizarre as hell. We talk about movies really briefly, but we mostly talk about Amish hate crimes and bulls**t. Anyway, I hope ...

Alex Katz

Review: The Muppets photo
Review: The Muppets
by Jenika Katz

The Muppets aren't often in the public eye anymore. Disney hasn't been pushing them very heavily, and their one theme park attraction is shoved off in the corner of California Adventures- you know, the one nobody visits. Kids can probably still recognize Kermit the Frog, but they're a lot less likely to have seen The Muppet Show or one of the movies, and that's heartbreaking. Luckily, The Muppets is here to enlighten this new generation, but can it hold up to its old standards?

It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to read about The Muppets on Flixist.com tonight!

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The Muppets masterminds wanted to keep things
The Muppets masterminds wanted to keep things "tangible"
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

I think I've made it very clear that I am not a fan of CGI. Films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes are far less effective due to their reliance on CG characters. Fortunately, the men and women behind The Muppets felt the same way, and wanted to keep the film feeling real (visually speaking). I recently interviewed Max Ivins, supervisor for the VFX company LOOK Effects, which did work for films such as Black Swan, The King's Speech, and Limitless, and he had this to say:

[We] don't let that digital feel get into it. They didn't want to take it out of the "Hey, this is either shot by a helicoptor or by a crane." There's no "Wow... that was obviously an all-CG shot." They wanted to keep it tangible, as though some object is really shot even if it doesn't look like something you'd run into in the real world... I mean, it is puppets after all. Reality has to be suspended some, but I think there was a big effort to not make it look digital.

I am very happy to hear that, because (at least in this case) "digital" equates to "bad." From what I have heard from him (and Jenika), I'm very excited to check this thing out. Speaking of things to check out, come back on Friday and Monday for our full interview with Max Ivins, which has been broken into parts due to length and greatness. Oh, and if you want to know what in The King's Speech was CGI (I know I did), watch the company's film reels. Pretty awesome stuff.

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