Robert Downey Jr


Martin Freeman joins Captain America: Civil War

This makes the Avengers look small
May 06
The Avengers: Age of Ultron finally premiered last month, and albeit The Avengers: Infinity War is quite a few years away from our screens, it seems Captain America: Civil War is basically the next Avengers movie in all ... read

Haweye joins Captain America: Civil War

or... How I Stopped Worrying and Love the Ensemble.
Mar 09
While we haven't seen Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye since The Avengers, it seems the (handsome) archer won't stay as silent in Marvel's phase 3, as he is now set to appear in Captain America: Civil War.  So... a quick recap o... read
Age of Ultron Trailer photo
Age of Ultron Trailer

Newest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is better than the first

Jan 13
This may technically be a TV spot that debuted during, um, sports(?), but it's long enough and full of new footage so I'm going to go ahead and say this is the second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's much more balan... read
Age of Ultron Teaser photo
Leaks of SHIELD
Well I guess no one has to watch Agents of SHIELD on the 28th anymore. Thanks to a snafu leading to a leaked teaser earlier today (which we didn't post because Flixist doesn't dabble in the dark legal arts), Marvel has gone ... read feature

RDJ in Cap 3 photo
RDJ can never leave
Big news today coming from Variety as they report that Rober Downey Jr. is on the verge of signing on to play Iron Man/Tony Stark in the third Captain America film. They're also saying that the film will launch the next ... read feature


Getting dramatic in new trailer for The Judge

If this was an action movie the tag would be 'Getting Judgemental'
Sep 11
With the cast and subject matter I think we were all thinking The Judge was going to be something special, but coming out of TIFF its good reviews were few and far between. A little concerning, for sure, but this new in... read
Rumor/Opinions photo

Why Marvel Phase 4 will not be pushing New Avengers

Here is a rumor, its bull#@$&
Feb 05
Recently, Unleash the Fanboy posted what is at best a very misleading post about Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Studios Phase 4 will lead with a New Avengers movie.  Boom. Because there is so much cre... read

First clip from Iron Man 3 makes with the posturing

Tony never was a particularly humble man
Apr 05
Oh, Tony, you just invite trouble right through the front door, don't you? Well, actually, that's exactly what he does in this first clip from Iron Man 3. Like, he literally invites Mandarin to his home and promises to leave... read

Trailer: Iron Man 3

Mar 05
AHHHH, something so cool happens at the end of the trailer I nearly fell out of my seat in nerdy goodness, so make sure you watch this new trailer for Iron Man 3 until the end (and don't spoil it for anyone!). Now that that'... read

The first of 2012's behemoth blockbusters arrives with the weight of four years' build-up on its shoulders and rabid fan expectations to live up to. Despite none of the movies leading up to this point being particularly speci... read feature


Guy Pearce in talks for Extremis character in Iron Man 3

Apr 20
Having recently headlined old-school actioner Lockout and set to cameo as future corporate overlord Peter Weyland in Prometheus, Guy Pearce is reportedly on the verge of signing on for Tony Stark's post-Avengers threequel as ... read

Trailer: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Oct 19
Here's the newest trailer for Sherlock Holmes 2: The Holmesening, or, as American audiences call it, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Holmes and Watson(RDJ and Jude Law) square off against Holmes's more famous archenemy, ... read

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