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Terminator: Genisys still spoiling things with character posters

Guess they just gave up
May 11
// Matthew Razak
Serious SPOILERS incoming. When Paramount released the last trailer for Terminator: Genysis they spoiled what appeared to be a major plot point that would have helped to hook people in. We all just assumed it was a mista...
GOTG photo

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy's super cute, super spoilery final scene

Aug 18
// Nick Valdez
Ninja Turtles Spoilers? photo
Ninja Turtles Spoilers?

Did Bay's Ninja Turtles get spoiled by LEGO playsets?

Warning, possibly huge spoilers in the video.
Feb 19
// Michael Jordan
Seems like LEGO knows whats up when it comes to the new Ninja Turtles movie. An inside source at Toy Fair 2014 snapped a photo and emailed us a description about the LEGO sets for Michael Bay's new movie, that are possibly m...
American Hustle photo
American Hustle

Louis C.K. finishes American Hustle's ice fishing story

The end is better than you'd expect.
Jan 08
// Nick Valdez
For those of you who have seen David O. Russell's American Hustle, you know how great of a job Louis C.K. does in the film. Apparently his entire role (Bradley Cooper's boss) is adlibbed as his character was only supposed to...

Amazing Spider-Man 2 photo
Amazing Spider-Man 2

UPDATE: Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster has all the villains

UPDATE: The higher res version of the banner both spoils the movie and makes it terrible.
Dec 03
// Michael Jordan
[UPDATE: A higher res version of the poster has been added to the gallery. Take note that it does spoil the film's villains as Amazing Spider-Man 2 seemingly goes to the Spider-Man 3 school of "throw every villain ever into t...
Trans4mers Toys photo
Trans4mers Toys

Toy list names Transformers: Age of Extinction characters

The Dinobots and [spoiler redacted]!!!
Nov 06
// Nick Valdez
Thanks to Hasbro creating a new line of toy robots to release alongside each and every Transformers movie, it was only a matter of time before we'd get the skinny on which giant robots are punching other giant robots in the f...

Warning: Possible Spider-Man 2 spoilers ahead

Blame the wardrobe department this time
Aug 12
// Jim Schweitzer
This is a weird one.  It's weird in that it seems to be a medium-obvious spoiler for an upcoming film. But the reason it's a "spoiler" is because it may allude to a decades-old story...Especially for anyone who like...

Human Centipede 3 casting notice reveals plot details

Note: Potential spoilers, feces in the mouth
May 28
// Hubert Vigilla
I think the last we heard about The Human Centipede 3: The Search for Spock was a potential lawsuit against actor Dieter Laser by writer/director Tom Six. The main detail we know about the plot is that the chain of filth...

Marvel really needs to stop spoiling their movies

May 03 // Nick Valdez
Before I get into the meat of this article, I should probably take a moment to explain my definition of "spoiler" as the word is going to be used on numerous occasions. A spoiler is something (be it an image, plot line, line of dialogue, idea) that you find out is in a movie before you get to see that movie. Spoilers are bad and folks who purposely ruin things for others are jerks. It's like you're out on a picnic with your significant other and can't wait to find out what kind of sandwich he made for you. Then as you're getting ready to unwrap that sandwich, some bloke comes along and yells that it's ham. Sandwich and built up suspense led to an anti-climactic ending.  Granted there are folks out there who argue that spoilers don't ruin their enjoyment of a particular media (which allows them to take in more of the story), I've always believed that argument is one you have to come up with once something has been ruined. In a sort of scorned fashion, it's an "I don't care" argument because we as a race cannot yet rewind time and space. Spite is all you're left with. Then what about repeat viewings? Does your enjoyment of a film change because you're watching a film a second time and already know what happens? The spoiler argument doesn't apply here either since you've already gotten to experience the film for yourself. When you read or watch a spoiler, you're taking away that initial moment of intrigue that comes with the initial discovery.  Now since all of that is out of the way, how does Marvel factor into all of this spoiler talk? While this next argument could extend to every one of the big Hollywood studios, Marvel seems to be the most proficient in this area: their advertising. Every time Kevin Feige does an interview, every time a new trailer is released, every time a film's star claims one thing or another, we run the risk of spoiler saturation.  [embed]215374:40043:0[/embed] Take the last Iron Man 3 trailer (I'm not even touching the TV spots as including them here will ironically spoil it for most of you). [Editor's Note: As of this writing, I have yet to see Iron Man 3] While I originally applauded the trailer's ending, after thinking about it for awhile, I realized I would have loved to be surprised by the army of Iron Mans (Men). "But Nick," you ask "doesn't your job involve posting movie news and spoilers that are easier for you to find that most others?" Even if I did avoid the trailer, I'd be smacked hard with a poster teasing the Iron Army (I also do realize the irony of painting my article with this very image). What I'm trying to say is that although the trailer is cut in a way to grab your attention and naturally gravitates to the film's more exciting scenes, there's no reason for the rest of the marketing to follow suit. Toys get released spoiling new forms (IM3 toys emerged as early as late February), posters teased the numerous armors, Gwyneth Paltrow talks about the unclear future of the franchise, this is all stuff that's getting harder and harder to ignore.  Okay let's say you're not as invested in comic book movies as I am. I still argue that most of this knowledge is readily available. You watch The Avengers and think that Hulk guy seems pretty rad so you look up more of his movies. Then you read a story about how a Hulk movie is coming later after Phase Three and think, "What the hell is Phase Three?" And then link sinkhole happens until you stumble on Doctor Strange and Ant-Man movie announcements. You effectively ruined the next several years for yourself, and at the same time, are overwhelmed at the mass quantity of comic book properties. Hey The Avengers was kind of cool, Scarlett Johansson was pretty, and Chris Evans was foine, but will I watch something called Guardians of the Galaxy? Nah. That's too much.  No other company can seem to do what Marvel does. No company outright and reveals every film in their pipeline for the next three to ten years because folks would realize how crazy the idea is. Remember how Pacific Rim came out of nowhere? It didn't need six years of hype because it was confident in its unique premise. And best of all? It was a surprise.  I guess the main takeaway from all of this is to realize that announcements of announcements are terrible. This applies to every industry. Don't tell me what you're making until I can buy it for myself. Don't announce a Doritos Locos Cool Ranch Taco until I can go eat one myself. Don't announce a new Xbox or Playstation until I can buy it at my local commissary. There's no need to completely show your hand in an attempt to build a good will within a community. If your product has substance, and you believe in your product, then let it speak for itself. Just make sure no one speaks about it before you can. Marvel could definitely ease up on their announcements. Heck, I wouldn't even realize we were in a comic movie bubble if I didn't know Captain America and Thor sequels were coming just a year after all of this. Stop saying these things exist. Let's go back to pre-Avengers blindness, everybody. Still doubting how far spoilers can reach? I sat in a theater waiting for Oz the Great and Powerful to start and I overheard a conversation between a Grandmother and her Grandson. I was trying to tune it out until I heard, "You know [redacted] is the Wicked Witch, right?"  Maaaaaaaannnnn.
Marvel Spoilers photo
Remember when we didn't know The Avengers was happening? Those were good times.
Unfortunately, we live in an era where it's extremely hard to find things surprising anymore. Don't want to know how the recent Evil Dead ended? Better avoid Twitter and Facebook. Is Marvel planning to continue The Aveng...

Too much or not enough? photo
Too much or not enough?

Study says 49% of Americans think trailers spoil too much

While trailers may show too much, they're the most integral part in making someone want to go see a flick.
May 02
// Nick Valdez
Do you like to avoid trailers so you can go in to a film not knowing what will happen (I know our own Dre tends to do this)? You might be doing the right thing. According to a new study (YouGov Omnibus), 49% of Americans feel...

Flixist Awards 2012: Best 'OH SH*T!' Moment

Mar 04 // Thor Latham
This one was kind of a land slide. As awesome as our other nominees were, there just isn't anything that tops countless horror character archetypes being released to slaughter people in completely corn-syrup-drenched glory. I can't even begin to list off all of the things you can see laying waste to man throughout the final act of Cabin in the Woods. Zombies, clowns, demons, mutants, psychopaths, ghosts, and of course let's not forget the unicorn. Simply put, this movie was just awesome through and through, and they just don't come any more satisfying than this. If you haven't seen it (and have now had it spoiled), you better run out and find yourself a copy, otherwise legend says the specter of Joss Whedon will haunt your family for generations to come. Scary! Argo: "The Escape" Django Unchained: "I count six bullets..." Scene Looper: "Amputation" Scene The Avengers: "Puny God"
Best 'OH SH*T' Moment photo
'OH SH*T!'
Warning land lubbers! These waters be rife with spoilers! From scares to tense thrillers to ass kicking action, there's nothing better than a scene (or entire act, as is the case of some) that makes you jump out of your seat ...


First look at new Klingons in Abram's Star Trek

Jan 21
// Logan Otremba
Spoiler Alert! If you don't want to know what the Klingons will look like, or know if they have any involvement in Star Trek into Darkness, then stop reading now. Final warning folks! Well it appears that will probably be Kli...

Rumor: Justice League film's story influences revealed

Dec 13
// Nick Valdez
Now that Darkseid/Thanos/Thanoseid has been revealed as the villain of the upcoming Justice League film for some dumb reason (money), speculation has begun on what the story for the new film will be. According to Latino Revie...

Robocop sizzle reel contains new details

Welcome to Spoilersville. Population: You
Nov 19
// Maxwell Roahrig
This past week has seen some exciting news for the highly anticipated (by me) remake of Robocop. Not only was a new version of the Robocop armor leaked, but a sizzle reel was somehow obtained and distributed on YouTube. Natur...

International Trailer: Maniac (NSFW)

He used to be such a sweet hobbit
Nov 06
// Thor Latham
Just to reiterate the warning, this trailer is NSFW and I have also been told it spoils some of the film's best scenes by just throwing them right into your face, so if you want to see it with innocent eyes I suggest you mov...

Spoiler: Sony may kill off a Spider-Man character

Oct 19
// Hubert Vigilla
Sony is shooting for two more films after The Amazing Spider-Man, and they have some big plans for the arc of this new trilogy. If the studio has its druthers, that may mean the death of a certain character. Since there are S...

List of Lego sets potentially spoils Man of Steel villain

Also gives away new Iron Man 3 armor
Sep 24
// Nick Valdez
Brick Set, an essential catalog of Lego products and sets, posted a list of "Super Heroes; year 2013" recently that revealed a few new Batman Lego sets, a couple of Iron Man 3 sets, and more Superman focused sets that will mo...

Who may appear in the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3?

Jun 28
// Alex Katz
Hot on the heels of our last piece of big Marvel news comes an awesome new rumor on who will appear in Iron Man 3's inevitable post-credits sequence next year. This is sandwiched into a news item confirming that Die Hard...

So, who does Benedict Cumberbatch play in Star Trek 2?

Apr 30 // Alex Katz
First off, as corroborated by Ain't it Cool, Leonard Nimoy will be returning as the so-called Spock Prime, the refugee from the original Star Trek timeline we all recognize and, in the case of my mother, occasionally lust after. There's no real description of his role, but I'd imagine that it will be a smaller role along the lines of his largely-expository role in the first one. That, or he'll wind up dying heroically saving NuSpock in a scene mirroring that of Wrath of Khan. Secondly, and this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but we will finally see some Klingons. Remember, they were supposed to show up in the first film, but their scene was cut. You can see it on the DVD or Blu-ray if you're interested in a little tease. This evidently won't be a throwaway role, like the scene cut from Star Trek, so I'd imagine we'll be seeing a lot of those head-ridged li'l fellas. Finally, TrekMovie's sources confirm that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing, as rumored so long ago and occasionally refuted, the infamous Trek villain Khan Noonien Singh, chief villain in classic episode "Space Seed" and the titular haver-of-wrath in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Here's where I'm at with all this, and I actually had to have a ten minute conversation with a fellow Trekkie colleague at the office. I always hoped that the fact that the Abrams movies were in their own completely different timeline and universe would mean that Abrams wouldn't feel the need to trot out the old iconic villains for sequels. Sure, we have to see what the Klingons are like in the new timeline, and it'd be cool to occasionally see, I dunno, Harry Mudd or early Cardassian-Bajoran tensions, but do we really need another movie where Khan is rolling around fucking things up for Kirk, which we've seen already in both the TV show and in a movie? I've got a lot of faith in Benedict Cumberbatch's ability as an actor, as well as J.J. Abrams's ability to craft an interesting Star Trek movie, so if this does turn out to be true, we'll be in for an interesting picture. That said, I really, really wish they'd gone with someone other than the single most iconic villain in Trek history. 

TrekMovie has obtained reports of three different, equally spoileriffic reveals for next year's Star Trek sequel from J.J. Abrams and company. The biggest headline, obviously, is the identity of the mystery villain ...


SPOILER: Why Skyfall is called Skyfall

Mar 14
// Xander Markham
Only two days ago, the Skyfall shoot in London gave us a first glimpse at Javier Bardem in action as Bond's latest foe. That was exciting enough. As a lifelong Bond nerd, though, the latest round of set photos reveals a spoil...

CollegeHumor's Official Spoiler Rules

Mar 14
// Sean Walsh
Full disclosure: this video is primarily geared towards television spoilers, but as soon as I saw it in my news tips folder I knew it was finally my opportunity to get up on my little soapbox and talk about spoilers of all k...

Amazing Spider-Man spoilers spoil spoilers

Dec 30
// Maxwell Roahrig
Spoilers turn up in the darndest of places sometimes. Take The Amazing Spiderman for instance. Recently, some packaging shots for Mega Blocks sets based on the movie leaked out. It's the general Mega Blocks fare, until y...

Dark Knight Rises prologue: Analysis & Spoilers

Dec 16 // Sean Walsh
So, it starts with a little eulogy for Harvey Dent by Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman). This felt very out of place given the context of the rest of the eight minutes. While effective, it’s quite short (maybe thirty seconds) and has jack squat to do with the rest of the prologue. After Gordon says he believed in Harvey Dent, we shift to some mountainous terrain and a plane. Some guys have a doctor named Leonid Pavel who is apparently from the viral marketing campaign (beats me) and some other guys in black hoods and handcuffs (it’s like they really knew we were about to see a Mission: Impossible film!) and give them to Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, who is with the CIA and also kind of awesome. So everyone gets in the plane and take off with the men in hoods and Littlefinger dangles the guys one by one out of the plane in the hopes that they’ll tell him about Bane and why Bane wears a mask that belongs on Sub-Zero in the next Mortal Kombat movie. Then one of the guys in the hoods speaks up with a mechanized voice. Could this be Bane, pulling one over on the CIA guys? Of course it is. What happens next confuses me. Not because the action or directing is unclear, but I could catch maybe every third word out of Tom Hardy’s mouth. If you’ve read a write-up elsewhere already, you’ve probably already heard that the big bad Bane’s dialogue is incredibly hard to understand. If you haven’t read about it anywhere else, trust me when I say it’s incredibly hard to understand. Anyways, after Littlefinger puts on a little show of badassery since he’s not in handcuffs and Bane is, some henchmen attack the plane (surprise), Bane breaks free, and things get super action-packed as a bigger plane attaches itself to the CIA’s smaller plane and basically F’s it in the A, causing it to go vertical and knock everyone around. Except Bane who grabs hold of a chair because he is teh master tactician. So there’s a scuffle, Bane straps Pavel to himself, and all the bad guys zip away except for one because Bane tells him that they’ll expect one of them in the wreckage (so I’m told, because I couldn’t understand him). The one who stays behind seems like he’s ready and willing to die for the cause. “We started a fire?” he asks. Then Bane zips up to the other plane with the screaming doctor. After that, we get a bunch of teasers to whet our appetites for the rest of the movie. Batman with a big laser or something (what!?), Anne Hathaway in both her ‘costume’ and an orange jumpsuit (my new fetish), Joseph Gordon Levitt decked out as a cop, a camouflaged Bat-Tank or Tumblr or whatever it’s called, somebody on the Bat-Bike, and finally, somebody (probably Bane) kicking the broken Bat-mask from the new poster. Did the fact that Bane sounded like a McDonalds drive-thru take away from this trailer? For me, yeah a little bit. There’s already lots of talk of the dialogue being rerecorded or fixed or whatever, which is good because after eight minutes of it I was ready to Hulk-out. The rest of the trailer was awesome though. Littlefinger was effective as the “hey that guy!” role that William Fichtner played in the opening scene of the last film. There was lots of high-flying action and you really don’t see enough sweet plane scenes anymore. The real question is was it worth tracking down one of the IMAX theaters playing the prologue? Yeah, it was pretty cool. But, bear in mind, I was also amped as hell for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. From the way some people talked about the prologue, I feared that they might have made the trek just to see Bane ask you if you wanted fries with your Big Mac. Basically, go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX and enjoy the neat eight-minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises. It’s not quite as awesome, for me, as the last film’s prologue but it’s definitely cool as hell.

I have had my reservations about Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises (along with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman and the eight-year gap in canon between Dark Knight and Rises). Now, after sitting through the eigh...


The alternate ending to The Muppets

Nov 28
// Hubert Vigilla
The Muppets did well over the holiday weekend, both a critical darling and a financial success. Because of the film, NBC is currently developing a new show with muppets with Jim Henson Studios. It's not th...

Barry, what're YOU doing here? Jovovich talks Retribution

Sep 21
// Sean Walsh
In the period between my submission to the site that would become Flixist and the e-mail that congratulated me for not writing about Inception getting picked from a massive pool of applicants to write for this fine, fine e-st...

Duncan Jones tweets a sketch explaining Source Code

Sep 08
// Alex Katz
I haven't seen Source Code since it was in theaters, though I really want to have another look at it. It gets a bad rap, I think, for not being as good as Moon, Duncan Jones's previous film and a masterpiece in its own r...

I'm going to spoil much of The Avengers now

Aug 30 // Alex Katz
Just in case you clicked through by mistake, I'll give you a little spoiler space. Seriously. I aim to spoil the living fuck out of this. - - - - - - - - - - - We've known that the shape-shifting Skrulls were going to be involved in The Avengers since way back in March. We now have not one but two bits of information that have come together recently to corroborate this. Firstly, a few days ago, Cobie Smulder's IMDB page was updated, showing that she will be playing not only Maria Hill, second in command to Sam Jackson's Nick Fury, but also a character named "Anelle." Eagle-eyed Marvelites like myself recognize Anelle as a crown princess of the Skrull homeworld and mother to Young Avengers member Hulkling. This is corroborated by a rumor we heard months ago but never reported on from Comic Book Movie, which reveals the same information, along with the shocker that Anelle/Maria will kill fan-favorite Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). I can certainly believe that. It's got Joss Whedon written all over it, especially since he's probably forbidden from killing off Hawkeye or Black Widow or someone like that.  In addition, video game site Eurogamer discovered footage of a cancelled Avengers tie-in game lumped into one of the game's animators's online portfolio. The video is available on io9, as the Youtube link at Eurogamer is now dead. THAT video shows Captain America and Thor fighting nice, big Skrulls. It's unlikely that the film's Skrulls will look like the characters in this very early footage of a cancelled game, but it does strongly suggest their presence. That said, it's also common practice for these games to not follow the stories of the films they're tied into. Look at the recent Thor and Captain America games for proof of that. The game also shows the Avengers fighting what looks to be a Super Skrull. THAT might not be the case in the film, as the character Kl'rt, the original Super Skrull posessing the powers of all the members of the Fantastic Four, is owned by Fox, as he's a sometimes enemy of the Fantastic Four. What all this says, to me, is that we're potentially looking at a bit of a hybrid of the comic storylines Secret Invasion and Kree/Skrull War. Anelle as a disguised Skrull, whether she is replacing a human already at Nick Fury's side or if she's a long-time sleeper agent, shows shades of Secret Invasion, while the notion of big heroes fighting big aliens, with invasion fleets in space, is a lot more like Kree/Skrull War. Could we potentially see an army of Skrull sleeper agents attacking the Earth? The Comic Book Movie page linked above also states that Loki draws the Skrulls to Earth by claiming the Cosmic Cube can help restore their homeworld, so there's the possibility for Skrull sleeper agents bursting out of every orifice, if this was an invasion planned for longer than Loki's discovery of the cube during the post-credits stinger of Thor.  So! Thoughts? Opinions? Extra notions of stuff?

Below the fold, obviously. If you guys are smart, you're doing you best to avoid spoilers for stuff like The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers and the other big movies of next year. As such, I'm not going to s...


New UCSD study suggests audience prefers plot spoilers

Aug 11
// Tom Fronczak
A new study by Nicholas Christenfeld and Jonathan Leavitt of the UC San Diego psychology department suggests that a spoiled story might actually be more enjoyable than experiencing a story as it was intended to be consumed. T...

Nine clips from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

Jul 07
// Josh Parker
Fresh off the heels of the two featurettes we brought to you last week, comes these nine(!) brand-spanking-new clips from the finale of the Harry Potter film series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Thes...

Big Dark Knight Rises-related news ahoy!

Jun 15 // Sean Walsh
SPOILERS AHEAD. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Also, this is all tenuous at best, what with Warner Brothers declining to comment (no surprise there). So take the following with a grain of salt: Liam Neeson was on set on Monday to shoot a scene reprising his role as Ra's al Ghul. That stands to be pretty major news, especially since Nolan's planning on tying the trilogy with a nice, neat bow. This also would confirm the long-speculated rumor that his trademark Lazarus Pits are involved, or there will be some flashbacks. Either way, we're looking at Liam Neeson returning to the role of Ra's. My thoughts on reusing villains is well documented here, but this doesn't bother me like Lex Luthor's stupid, bald head in every (canon) Superman movie. If the Joker is Batman's worst enemy, Ra's is his greatest rival (at least in the eyes of Ra's). I don't care for Ra's al Ghul personally, but in the cinematic sense it works. He uses the Lazarus Pit to come back and fight our man Bats again, or take over the world with eco-terrorism, or whatever the hell it is that Ra's al Ghul does. Even though I don't really care about Ra's al Ghul, I'm going to see, and undoubtedly love, The Dark Knight Rises. And with DC's cancellation of Secret Six, the best comic they put out at the moment, this film may be the next time we see Bane in any sense, even if he looks like a reject from Mortal Kombat. How do you feel about this possible turn of events?

This article's header, drawn by internet deviant Retrouvailles is based on a real, silver-age Batman cover, and has nothing to do with the news story (unless it does, in which case Dark Knight Rises will become the best comic...

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