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Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Update: Texas Chainsaw 3D gets greenlit for a sequel

Jan 10
// Sean Walsh
Update: Looks like according to the rights holders. This isn't to say it will never happen, but that those saying it would really had no right to. After pulling in over 23 million dollars since it came out, it's no surp...

Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Jan 04 // Sean Walsh
[embed]212859:38836[/embed] Texas Chainsaw 3DDirector: John LuessenhopRating: RRelease Date: January 4, 2013 The film starts immediately where the original ends. Sheriff Hooper (Thom Barry) shows up to the house, demanding that Drayton Sawyer (Bill Moseley) surrender Leatherface (Dan Yeager). Just when things seem like they're going to work out, a bunch of rednecks, led by future town mayor Burt Hartman (Paul Rae), show up and arse things up for all parties involved. After a shoot-out, everybody in the house is dead or dying, and then burned alive. The only survivor is a baby that one of the rednecks steals away as a gift to his infertile wife. Jump ahead eighteen or so years and that baby is now a buxom (and I don't use that term lightly) young woman named Heather (Alexandra Daddario). She finds out that a grandmother she didn't know is dead and she has inherited her place in Texas. So she, along with her awful boyfriend (Trey Songz), awful, slutty best friend (Tania Raymonde), and her awful boyfriend's awful high school buddy (Keram Malicki-Sanchez) decide to take a trip on down to Texas to check out the place. Naturally, Leatherface lives in the basement, and things don't work out well for really anybody involved. Honestly, I don't have much to say about this film. Pretty much everybody in the film after the first five minutes (Bill Moseley, you were missed), save for Leatherface, is at their best, completely generic, and at worst, nearly intolerable. The friendly banter between the main characters is not good by any stretch of the imagination, and that evaporates pretty quickly when people start dying. Dan Yeagar, however, is possibly the best Leatherface since Gunnar Hansen in the original. He isn't overblown or silly, and his hulking frame really does make him scary. If there's another installment of the franchise (chances are good), hopefully he'll be willing to put the mask back on.   The story itself is full of clichés and the first two thirds of the film could just as easily been the first two thirds of Cabin in the Woods. It gets good in the last third, where suddenly it's not every single slasher film ever. The tweest isn't really enough to catapult it into the horror film stratosphere or anything, but by the time the credits rolled, I was looking forward to the next installment. "But Sean," you say, "what about the blood and gore?" Worry not, my little cherub. The film has that in spades. The first kill is nearly as brutal and surprising as the first kill in the original. Leatherface is easily the most brutal slasher in the genre and his aptitude for dispatching awful, paper-thin caricatures is on full display in Texas Chainsaw 3D. In the end, Texas Chainsaw 3D is nothing mind-blowing. I was excited for it, but far more excited for upcoming films like Stoker and Dark Skies. I wasn't expecting much for the film, and the first two thirds of it were really marginal. However, a delightful turnaround in the final act did redeem the film, and it was worthwhile in the end. The gore is fun, the dialogue and characters are terrible (in the way one has come to expect from slashers), and by the time the credits roll, Leatherface has reclaimed his spot on the top of the slasher pile. Oh, and to the surprise of nobody, the 3D is garbage.
Texas Chainsaw 3D photo
Sharpen your chainsaws, because Leatherface is back!
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has certainly had its ups and downs. The original film shocked a nation with its brutality when it exploded onto the scene in 1974, but the three that followed were a lot more goofy ...


Arty posters for extremely un-arty Texas Chainsaw 3D

Dec 18
// Matthew Razak
Leatherface is set to return to theaters once again (sigh) this January 4 in Texas Chainsaw 3D, and, as the title suggests, this time he's coming back in 3D (sigh). In all honesty the film looks pretty damn dull and dire...

Trailer: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Nov 30
// Nick Valdez
Can't really call this a new trailer. This is just a shorter cut version of the first trailer. So...I guess if you didn't catch the first trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3DDDDDDDD, and don't have a lot of time, you should check i...


LOST's Tania Raymonde set to get chainsawed

Jul 13
// Josh Parker
Like it or not, they're making a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Not much was known about the flick when we first reported on it, other than the completely unsurprising revelation that it would be filmed for 3D. Thanks to ...

Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow - Texas edition

Jun 01
// Liz Rugg
Fun Fact: I was almost born in Texas, and I've always secretly wished I had been. I mean come on, Texas is the land of ranches, steak, beer, and of course the epitome of cinematic coolness: The Alamo Drafthouse. Seriously, th...

Yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre coming - in 3D this time

Nov 02
// Matthew Razak
Freddy, Jason, Mike Myers. These are slashed film characters that warranted a sequel to their film. Maybe not as many as they got, but multiple films were at least excusable. Leatherface on the other hand shouldn't have gone...

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