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11:00 AM on 01.10.2013

Update: Texas Chainsaw 3D gets greenlit for a sequel

Update: Looks like according to the rights holders. This isn't to say it will never happen, but that those saying it would really had no right to. After pulling in over 23 million dollars since it came out, it's no surp...

Sean Walsh

Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D photo
Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D
by Sean Walsh

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has certainly had its ups and downs. The original film shocked a nation with its brutality when it exploded onto the scene in 1974, but the three that followed were a lot more goofy than scary, what with Leatherface dueling Dennis Hopper in a chainsaw sword fight to the death and Matthew Mcconaughey's crazy eyes and his cyborg leg. The remake and its prequel were both pretty okay (due, in my humble opinion, largely to R. Lee Ermey).

So what do you do with a franchise with such a spotty history? Why not make a sequel set in the original film's continuity, ignoring the others altogether, Superman Returns style? Might as well give that a shot. Now, whether it works or not, that's a different story...

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3:00 PM on 12.18.2012

Arty posters for extremely un-arty Texas Chainsaw 3D

Leatherface is set to return to theaters once again (sigh) this January 4 in Texas Chainsaw 3D, and, as the title suggests, this time he's coming back in 3D (sigh). In all honesty the film looks pretty damn dull and dire...

Matthew Razak

1:00 PM on 11.30.2012

Trailer: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Can't really call this a new trailer. This is just a shorter cut version of the first trailer. So...I guess if you didn't catch the first trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3DDDDDDDD, and don't have a lot of time, you should check i...

Nick Valdez

6:00 PM on 07.13.2011

LOST's Tania Raymonde set to get chainsawed

Like it or not, they're making a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Not much was known about the flick when we first reported on it, other than the completely unsurprising revelation that it would be filmed for 3D. Thanks to ...

Josh Parker

1:00 PM on 06.01.2011

Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow - Texas edition

Fun Fact: I was almost born in Texas, and I've always secretly wished I had been. I mean come on, Texas is the land of ranches, steak, beer, and of course the epitome of cinematic coolness: The Alamo Drafthouse. Seriously, th...

Liz Rugg

11:53 AM on 11.02.2010

Yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre coming - in 3D this time

Freddy, Jason, Mike Myers. These are slashed film characters that warranted a sequel to their film. Maybe not as many as they got, but multiple films were at least excusable. Leatherface on the other hand shouldn't have gone...

Matthew Razak