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5:00 PM on 03.28.2014

Watch: BaneCat - a villainous cat that torments his owner

The Dark Knight Rises' evil Batman antagonist Bane has one of the most recognizable and most fun to parody voices ever. Enter: BaneCat, a short video about a villainous cat who torments his owner. It's a pretty funny little ...

Liz Rugg

8:00 AM on 01.04.2013

Flixistentialism 03 - CrazySexyEctoCooler

Though I somehow managed to misplace the first 10 minutes of the show (it might be under a couch cushion), we still got a jam packed bro's night out of a podcast. We discuss Geoff's specific type of dyslexia, my secret desire...

Andres Bolivar

Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman? photo
Rumour: Joseph-Gordon Levitt as Justice League's Batman?
by Xander Markham

I'm going to assume everyone who wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises has seen it by now, so won't be skirting around spoilers - as though the headline hadn't given everything away already. At the end of the movie, Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne goes into retirement and leaves the cowl to be taken up by Joseph Gordon Levitt's supercop John Blake, aka the uncostumed Robin. While it had been assumed the upcoming Justice League movie would undertake the difficult task of rebooting Batman (again), pesky anonymous sources have been suggesting Gordon-Levitt will continue his character's arc by becoming the first non-Bruce Wayne Bat on the big screen.

Such a move will likely incite fan ire - several Flixist editors have expressed their displeasure at the idea - but isn't far out of step with the comics. Blake is a composite of several Robins, and Dick Grayson, with whom Blake shares a past as a cop, became the new Batman after Knightfall. For my money, I thought Levitt did good work in Dark Knight Rises and can see Blake's younger, idealistic Batman being a more natural fit for a Justice League team than perpetual loner Bruce Wayne. Let's also not forget Christopher Nolan is exec producing the Zack Snyder-directed Man Of Steel, which will be Justice League's first lead-in movie.

[Addendum from your friendly neighborhood News Editor: People at Hollywood.com reached out to Gordon-Levitt's representatives, who have denied the rumor outright, declaring it totally false. There's a chance this is just elaborate subterfuge, but we'll find out eventually. Keep your salt at the ready.]

[Via HitFix and Hollywood.com]

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7:00 PM on 11.21.2012

Get a glimpse of Tom Hardy's transformation into Bane

Tom Hardy's Bane proved to be a capable foil to Christian Bale's Batman, strange accent aside, and I don't think anyone who isn't familiar with what Hardy looks like would recognize him as the the bulky bad-guy, even if you h...

Thor Latham

2:00 PM on 11.19.2012

Three unused posters for The Dark Knight Rises

With The Dark Knight Rises hitting DVD and Blu-ray on December 4th, the last thing you'd expect would be some new poster art. (Well, that and the Spanish Inquisition.) The marketing/advertising firm Trailer Park showed off th...

Hubert Vigilla

12:00 PM on 10.15.2012

NYCC: Inside The Batmobile panel

On Friday at the New York Comic Con, there was a world premiere screening of The Batmobile, an hour-long documentary about Batman's most wonderful of wonderful toys. A half-hour version of the documentary aired earlier this y...

Hubert Vigilla

1:00 PM on 09.12.2012

No extended/director's cut for The Dark Knight Rises

Those rumors about an extended cut of The Dark Knight Rises just got nuked. People close to Christopher Nolan have stated that there are no plans to release an extended cut of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray. They also state...

Hubert Vigilla

Rumor: Dark Knight Rises director's cut on Blu-Ray photo
Rumor: Dark Knight Rises director's cut on Blu-Ray
by Hubert Vigilla

At 165 minutes, The Dark Knight Rises was the longest of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. There's a rumor from the site Nuke the Fridge that the movie may be getting 30 minutes longer on Blu-Ray. The reintegrated footage would include more of Bane's backstory as well as added appearances by another character in the film that I won't name to avoid spoilers. If this is true, this would be the first time that Nolan has done a director's cut for one of his movies.

/Film's Germain Lussier is skeptical, however. He writes, "It seems pretty unlikely the crusader for classic shooting on film would release a theatrical product that wasn't already his 'director's cut.'" Lussier says that maybe Nolan trimmed the half hour from the film given the physical size of the print, but he finds that idea unlikely.

Personally I felt The Dark Knight Rises was a flawed but entertaining 165-minute movie that could have been two great 140-minute movies. Stuffing all that material into a single film resulted in a kind of constrained scope. The story for The Dark Knight Rises has a natural break where one movie could have ended on an ominous note (if sufficiently built into). The whole landscape of the film is changed at that point as well, which is a great starting point for a second film. An extra half hour of Bane becoming Bane and other bits wouldn't improve the overpacked Dark Knight Rises, but it'd be interesting to see the material in some form regardless.

[Nuke the Fridge via /Film]

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Win the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on vinyl! photo
Win the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on vinyl!
by Alex Katz

Congratulations to Valerie Minnich!

As tends to be the case with Nolan's Batmovies, I've been listening to the soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises a fair amount over the past month and a half. It's pretty awesome pump-me-up music before important meetings or while I'm writing the awesome words you accept into your knowledge holes every day. Now YOU, our awesome readers, can win a copy of the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on glorious, old-school vinyl, brought to you by our friends at Water Tower Music. It's an awesome prize for the Batman fanatics I know are out there. How do you win, you ask? You've got a chance to enter the contest up to three times. First, you can retweet the following message on Twitter, which we just tweeted:

RT to win the #DarkKnightRises soundtrack on vnyl from Water Tower Music!

Second, you can leave a comment here telling us which Nolanverse character has the best musical theme. Finally, you can like us on Facebook and leave a comment for us on this article's page (you must both have our page liked AND leave the comment for this entry to count). The winner will be chosen randomly on September 4th, which is next Tuesday when the vinyl releases in stores.

This contest is open to ALL READERS WORLDWIDE! Get your entries in, and good luck!

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1:00 PM on 08.09.2012

Batman Maybe

This is brilliant. I usually hate popular song parodies, but this... This isn't the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we need, this is the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we deserve. Oh, and, uh, SPOILERS for the three of you who still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises. [Via Youtube]

Sean Walsh

IMAX, 35mm, The Dark Knight Rises, and you photo
IMAX, 35mm, The Dark Knight Rises, and you
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Four years ago I went to the local IMAX theater to see The Dark Knight. It was the first mainstream film shot partially in IMAX, and I knew I couldn't see it any other way. And it completely blew me away. I'd seen documentaries about Everest and rainforests and what have you that were shot in proper IMAX, but it was nothing like this. Mainstream films shot in IMAX format are still part of a pretty exclusive club, but Batman's not the only game in town anymore.

But Christopher Nolan and co. are nothing if not technical geniuses, so I was hoping that, having had previous experience with shooting IMAX, The Dark Knight Rises would come and show the world why IMAX was the king of kings. Over one-third of the film was shot in IMAX (compared to about one-fifth of The Dark Knight), and it makes a huge impact on the scale of the film. When I was watching the scenes shot in IMAX, I was in awe of the spectacle of the whole thing.

And then it cut to shots that were done on 35mm, and it made me want to cry.

[Header image courtesy of BFI]

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Flixist Movie Club/Batcast: The Dark Knight Risescast photo
Flixist Movie Club/Batcast: The Dark Knight Risescast
by Alex Katz

[Note: I could not, for the life of me, find an author or outlet that claims responsibility for this header image. If you know the artist or organization that produced this image, please let me know in the comments so I can give proper credit!]

This is it, guys. This is the final Batcast and the latest entry in the Flixist Movie Club, where we dissect The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in Christopher Nolan's modern classic Batman trilogy. The regular Flixist Show crew is joined by Batcast host Xzyliac, who proves to be more than a match for our particular brand of intelligent lunacy. Bane, a.k.a. Sean Connery the Cartoon Walrus, is oft-discussed, as is Catwoman's amazing ass, the film's connection to "standard" comic book movies, and we also talk at length about Batman's uncertain future.

Find us on iTunes (write us a review!), the Amazon App Store, or the direct link below! See ya next week!

Flixist Movie Club/Batcast: The Dark Knight Risescast.mp3

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12:00 PM on 07.25.2012

Dark Knight's Gotham City officially mapped

Batman's hometown of Gotham City has always been a nebulous area, never really getting an official location. Originally it was basically a renamed New York City, but then it was sort of right next to New York, and now DC trea...

Bob Muir

Thoughts on the inevitable Batman reboot photo
Thoughts on the inevitable Batman reboot
by Thor Latham

So the Dark Knight saga has come to a close, the anticipation has been quelled, expectations have been met -- possibly even exceeded -- and everyone can go home satisfied in the knowledge that there will never need to be another Batman movie ever again.

Of course that's not even remotely feasible because Batman will be rebooted until the end of time. That's a fact. But what does that mean for Bruce Wayne and his alter ego? Hell, what does that mean for us? I wish I could say I had definite answers, but sadly all I have are my thoughts. So sit for a moment and lend me your ear as I present a notion or two for your perusal.

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8:00 AM on 07.17.2012

More new images from The Dark Knight Rises

You can feel the anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises building this week, from every nostalgic viewing of the previous Christopher Nolan Batman movies to every irrational threat made against film critics who didn't care for...

Hubert Vigilla

10:00 AM on 07.12.2012

New Mondo poster for The Dark Knight Rises

Do you love Mondo posters? Of course you do. You're no communist heathen. Luckily for you, Mondo has a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises. It is horizontal, which I think is pretty interesting for movie posters in general, ...

Jenika Katz

5:00 PM on 07.10.2012

Hear the entire Dark Knight Rises soundtrack now

If you're not yet super excited for The Dark Knight Rises, maybe you should consider pumping some Hans Zimmer into your belligerent little earholes. Empire's posted the film's score, allowing you an auditory journey through t...

Jason Savior

1:00 PM on 07.10.2012

Christopher Nolan done with DC Comics movies

As if there were any doubt in our minds, Chris Nolan has announced that he's completely done with the Batman franchise, and will not be working on a Justice League movie for Warners. This news comes from a Dark Knight Rises j...

Maxwell Roahrig

1:00 PM on 07.09.2012

13 minute Dark Knight Rises featurette aims to amaze

Holy crap, guys, The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters next Friday. It's the film many of us have been aching to see since first stepping out of The Dark Knight four years ago. Four years ago, I was unmarried, still...

Alex Katz

3:00 PM on 07.06.2012

DKR poster for midnight IMAX shows is bright and hopeful!

I'm going to sit here and be nice and unhappy that all of the legit 70mm IMAX theaters in Los Angeles sold out their midnight tickets for The Dark Knight Rises back in goddamned January, because it means I can't catch th...

Alex Katz

1:00 PM on 06.19.2012

Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

The newest full length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, does underwhelm a touch, I must admit. Granted, I think at this point we've got pretty absurdly lofty expectations fo...

Alex Katz

4:00 PM on 06.18.2012

Make a Dark Knight Rises TV spot for Nolan to judge

A while ago there was contest for people to design a Dark Knight Rises t-shirt. Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas picked the top entries. With the film fast approaching, there's a new contest asking for fans to creat...

Hubert Vigilla