Tom Crusie


Oh, just Tom Cruise strapped to the side of a plane for M:I 5

You know, cause that's what he do
Nov 03
Most guys use stunt doubles. Tom Cruise does not. He's cooler than you. That plane, by the way, is going 250 miles per hour. Bonus, Cruise on top of the tallest building in the world while filming M:I Ghost - Protocol. read
Edge of Tomorrow Review photo
On the edge of truly awesome
With Jupiter Ascending getting pushed back to February Edge of the Tomorrow might be the last of the original summer action movies left standing. Yes, it's an adaptation of a short Japanese novel, but that is still ... read feature


See Edge of Tomorrow Early and Free

Washington DC, Norfolk and Baltimore screenings
May 30
Edge of Tomorrow is an odd beast. It hasn't got the hype that a lot of the other summer blockbusters have, but man does it look cool. Like a science fiction version of Groundhog Day starring Tom Cruise. I'm actually pret... read

New Edge of Tomorrow trailer rocks its premise

Where the hell did this movie come from
May 12
In a summer crammed with sequels and remakes and superheroes I think I am now more excited for Edge of Tomorrow than anything else. The trailer team on this has been doing an insanely good job and this one isn't any dif... read

DC Friends: See Jack Reacher early and free

Dec 14
If Skyfall hadn't landed this year I would probably already be dubbing Jack Reacher as the most badass movie of the year. This is a film where Tom Cruise kicks ass and says one-liners for what is basically the entir... read

New Jack Reacher poster is bleh

Does Tom Cruise look like he's about to cry?
Dec 14
They're not even trying at this point. Just slap ole' Tom Cruise's face on a poster, throw the title on there, and you've got yourself some promotional material. This doesn't convey anything! All the looker on can deduce from... read

First image from All You Need Is Kill starring Tom Cruise

That Tom Cruise is so kooky!
Nov 09
It amazes me that Tom Cruise has been able to become one of the world's biggest action stars while making faces like that during his most intense scenes. I guess he must be doing something right. This is the first pic from&nb... read

Trailer: Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise is Jack 'Diminutive' Reacher
Sep 14
How many movies have we seen where Tom Cruise hurts people like this? Someone should go tally that up just for curiosity's sake. I have to admit I know exceptionally little about the Jack Reacher novels, other than... read

Trailer: Jack Reacher

Jul 05
The first trailer for Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise's further attempts to re-solidify himself as an action star, has hit, and it looks like someone ran Drive through the Hollywood Action Movie Mill. That bit of snark as... read

Rock of Ages is basically an all 80's version of Glee. It, in fact, is everything I like and everything I dislike about Glee in movie form. It's a musical built around the songs and not the story. It's main catch isn't the fa... read feature

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