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Batman v Superman photo
Batman v Superman

For $8,000, you can buy life-sized Ben Affleck Batman AND Henry Cavill Superman statues

Still no life-sized Michael Shannon
Mar 15
// Hubert Vigilla
Last month we mentioned that you can buy a life-sized armored Batman statue for $8,000. Well, if you have another couple grand laying around near your cabinet full of Fabergé eggs, you can now buy new life-sized statut...
Life-sized Batman photo
Life-sized Batman

For $8,000, you can buy a life-sized Ben Affleck Batman collectible

Batman: The Real Doll
Feb 07
// Hubert Vigilla
As the hype builds for the March 25th release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, news came in of a new movie tie-in collectible. If you have ever wanted a 1.95 meter (6'4") statue of Ben Affleck as an armored Batman, it c...
Le-go photo

Next couple of LEGO movies get new release dates

Apr 22
// Nick Valdez
If you were hankerin' for more LEGO movies, we're getting a huge chunk of them all at once. Since WB's first big animated effort (for its smaller affiliate group), The LEGO Movie, did so well in theaters, we're not only getti...
Play-D'oh photo

Fox, Paul Feig, and Hasbro are working on a Play-Doh movie for some reason

Apr 07
// Nick Valdez
So with everything under the sun getting a big screen adaptation these days, it's high time for Play-Doh to get in the game. No, really. No, seriously. Like, really really. According to Deadline, Hasbro approached Fox and Pau...

Hulkbuster photo

You cannot afford this life sized Hulkbuster statue

Mar 11
// Nick Valdez
If you've got a spare several thousands dollars lying around and believe you haven't shown off your Marvel fandom hard enough, I've got the solution you've been looking for. Beast Kingdom is selling a 300 cm (around 9-10 feet...
Birdman  photo

Check out this awesome Birdman toy commercial

Feb 25
// Nick Valdez
There's not really much to say other than this is a neat little ditty promoting Birdman's victory lap through some theaters after taking home the Best Picture Oscar. But it's just really, really neat. If you haven't yet, you should watch Big Birdman too.  "Smells like balls."

ReAction Tomorrowland toys teases characters

I like my action figures like I like my coffee-- with a jetpack
Feb 17
// John-Charles Holmes
Toy company Funko recently showed off some of its newest line of retro-styled ReAction action figures based on Disney's upcoming reboot of Tomorrowland.  So far, not much is known about the film other than its starring c...
Ted 2 Trailer photo
More Wahlberg, more jokes, and more semen apparently
Ted was a nice surprise. Seth MacFarlane's passion project shined with all of the humor and heart that I would've never expected from the guy who brought us Family Guy. Then A Million Ways to Die in the West came along and w...

Ouija  photo

Ouija 2 is happening because money

Jan 19
// Nick Valdez
It may not have been a good film, or even entertaining, but Ouija is going to get a sequel on top of its already bare bones story because it made near $85 million dollars from its slim $5 million dollar budget.  In an in...

Review: Ouija

Oct 24 // Nick Valdez
[embed]218506:41919:0[/embed] OuijaDirector: Stiles WhiteRelease Date: October 24, 2014 Rating: PG-13 The Ouija board game is serious business in Ouija. When Debbie (Shelley Hennig) dies from an apparent suicide, her best friend Laine (Olivia Cooke) finds out her death was a result of a mysterious game of Ouija. Distraught and wanting to somehow speak to her lost friend, she plays the game with a group of her friends in Debbie's now abandoned house (as all the parents in the town have hilariously left on trips at the same time). Then they find out that Ouija is more than just a game, and now they've woken up something they shouldn't have.  For a film that's a little under an hour and a half, I could somehow feel myself aging watching Ouija. They say mankind's biggest fear is the passage of time, so I'd like to give Ouija some props for reminding me that life has an expiration date. It's from first time director Stiles While, so I'm not really sure how to criticize something like this. There are so many generically made decisions which don't stand out enough to be even ironically enjoyable. For example, there are about 500 jump cuts/scares. To be fair they are set up quite effectively on the first few occasions but, like in every other buffet situation, by the 50th or so jump scare they lose their effect no matter how involved you may be with the material. After awhile it just reeks of desperation. But the saddest part of all of this is Ouija could have worked had it not tried so hard.  While it takes a bit too long to get everything going (the kids don't actually play the game until about 30 minutes in and when your film is only 90 minutes, that's pretty bad), there are some good bits. Before it reveals a ghost that's so overplayed (it's basically the same ghost in every other horror films like Mama and the Insidious films) the final act almost has to follow the same tropes as other films of its ilk, Ouija oddly feels unique. The "seance" scenes themselves were broken down to connect with audience members who've played the game before, the lines you'd expect from a Ouija film ("You're moving it!" "I'm not even touching it!") are sort of interesting in a funny way, and the cast handles the overly serious material well. In fact, it's the first victim Debbie that's the best actress in the whole thing. More so than the main actress Olivia Cooke, Shelley Hennig as Debbie is just wonderful as she seems to realize what kind of film this is. She mixes in a playful attitude into her performance and it lights up the screen.  But unfortunately, no matter how good singular elements may seem, many odd choices (like the numerous cuts, weird soundtrack, yet another vaguely ethnic wise woman) smother what goodness there is. Ouija just sort of piles onto a plate of bland cherry gelatin. You can see some pieces of fruit in there maybe, but what those fruits actually are remains a mystery. Are they chunks of pineapple? Maybe cherries? Who knows as they're all bathed in a red goo that's so thick and wobbly you're not even sure if you're supposed to eat it. You're just left stunned with the thought someone putting it together was a good idea.  In accordance with Ouija's theme, I'll end this review with a seance of my own. Pretend you and I are in a creepy room using our smart phone flashlights like in the movie:  "As friends we've gathered, hearts are true, spirits near we call to you."  "Is there someone there?" The spirits point to YES.  "Should we go see Ouija?" The spirits spell out "PASS" on this one. 
Ouija Review photo
Ouija you glad I didn't say banana?
Ouija, read as "wee jah" and not "wee gee," is the latest in a line of films I can't believe exist. Movies are pretty much made from anything with a recognizable name now. I mean, we're in a post-Battleship world here pe...


My Little Ponies coming to the big screen

Bronies everywhere rejoice
Oct 20
// Matthew Razak
I have actually never watched an episode of the new My Little Ponies, but man are they popular. Like, scarily so. Who knows that it is. Well, I'm sure I could find plenty of fans who could tell me what it is, but that's not t...
Sexy Freddy vs. Jason photo
Sexy Freddy vs. Jason

NYCC: So... someone made "sexy" female Freddy vs. Jason figurines

But I'd totally pay to see this movie.
Oct 12
// Alec Kubas-Meyer
You know what I've never once thought? "There should be female versions of Freddie Krueger and Jason Vorhees!" And even if I had, I certainly wouldn't have followed that thought with, "Let's put them in skimpy outfits and sex...

NYCC: New trailer and toys for Big Hero 6

Finally seeing a bit more action
Oct 10
// Matthew Razak
Disney opened up New York Comic Con with a bang. First they showed off the first trailer for Tomorrowland and then they finally released a trailer for Big Hero 6 that wasn't just a bunch of cute stuff from Baymax. ...
NYCC photo

NYCC: Tomorrowland toy gives another look at the movie

Oct 10
// Nick Valdez
While we've got our first in motion look at Tomorrowland thanks to a New York Comic Con panel yesterday morning (more on that later), the revealed teaser was a small look at what's going on. Thanks to an exclusive toy spotted...

Funko releasing Fantastic Mr. Fox toys

About as charming as the movie
Sep 09
// Matthew Razak
Fantastic Mr. Fox has quite the cult following behind it (as do all Wes Anderson movies) so it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Funko, the toy makers who make cult following toys, is releasing some new toys for...

Dancing Groot toy actually coming, but not what you wanted

Dreams do come true... and then they disappoint
Aug 25
// Matthew Razak
People left Guardians of the Galaxy with two thoughts. The first being that the movie was awesome. The second being that they wanted a dancing Groot like those dancing Santas they have. Thankfully Marvel likes to sell th...
Ouija Trailer photo
Ouija Trailer

First trailer for Ouija, a movie someone thought was a good idea

Jul 17
// Nick Valdez
I really, really can't believe this exists. You know how on some TV shows you'll see a joke about an intentionally bad trailer based on a random product? This is exactly like one of those. In the same vein as Battleship, Oui...
Max Steel photo
Max Steel

Here are images of Max Steel, a movie I just found out existed

Max Power
Jul 07
// Nick Valdez
To be honest, I only chose this story because it reminded me about that one episode of The Simpsons where Homer changed his name to Max Power (He's a man whose name you love to touch...but you mustn't touch), and any chance I...

Enter to win Transformers: Age of Extinction toys and hats!

Jun 26 // Liz Rugg
Toy details: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Robots In Disguise One-Step Changers - Kids will have a blast converting characters like OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK, BUMBLEBEE, DRIFT, LOCKDOWN, each with their own unique method of converting inspired by the film—flip it, pop it, pull it and more! More at

Hello dear readers, today we've got a pretty cool contest opportunity for you! To coincide with the film's theatrical release this week, we have some awesome Transformers: Age of Extinction Hasbro toys to give away ...

History Cops photo
History Cops

Why can't all movies be like History Cops?

"Come on partner, let's Van Gogh!"
Jun 19
// Nick Valdez
Perfection. Now I regret not seeing The Lego Movie twice. It's out on home video now!
Trans4mers Trailer photo
Trans4mers Trailer

Second Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer has explosions

May 15
// Nick Valdez
I'm a little more excited for Transformers: Age of Extinction thanks to this trailer because, much like the rest of the series, this looks like a whole lot of fun hooey. Giant snail ships, face cannons, fire breath, Stanley ...
Barbie photo
Life in plastic. It's fantastic.
Looking for the next Transformers or The LEGO Movie, Sony's search for the next big toy movie has brought it to Mattel's Barbie. Closing a partnership with Mattel, Sony hopes to start a franchise based on the children's popul...


Michael Bay's TMNT Action Figures Revealed

"Blarghghghfhfhghg" - Sean Walsh
Mar 17
// Mike Cosimano
A board member on the action figure-themed Japanese forum ACToys has gotten their hands on the new TMNT action figures. And boy, do they look awful! Even by the standards of movie figures, these look pretty sub-par. As Flixis...

First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends

I am probably too excited for these.
Feb 14
// Mike Cosimano
Marvel just released a teaser photo for their upcoming line of Guardians of the Galaxy-themed action figures, based on the teaser photo they sent out about a month ago. These figures will be released under the Marvel Legends:...
The LEGO Movie Bloopers photo
The LEGO Movie Bloopers

Here's an awesomely adorable LEGO Movie blooper reel

Feb 14
// Nick Valdez
It's been a week now since I've seen The LEGO Movie (and reviewed it!), and I still can't get it out of my head. Everything is still awesome, I want a double decker couch, and my friends and I have been quoting Lego Batman l...

Review: The LEGO Movie

Feb 07 // Nick Valdez
[embed]217259:41221:0[/embed] The LEGO MovieDirectors: Phil Lord and Christopher MillerRelease Date: February 7th, 2014Rating: PG At first The LEGO Movie sounds like your average children's adventure fare. Emmet (Chris Pratt) is an average builder who always follows (quite literally) the rules of life until he stumbles on the "Piece of Resistance," a mystical object foretold to put an end to President Business (Will Ferrell)' evil plan to freeze the universe in place with the "Kragle." And while the frame of the story is admittedly generic (average guy meets cool girl, average guy finds thing, average guy becomes the hero with the power that was in him all along), everything else in the film wonderfully covers it up with a sweet, yet somewhat parodical take on the hero's journey itself. What makes The LEGO Movie stand out from the rest of the kid (or even "adult appropriate") films is how it becomes an all encompassing and inclusive film for everyone. Everything is awesome, so everyone wins.  Before I get back to explaining what I mean by all of that, let me just gush how beautifully animated LEGO is for a bit. In a marriage between stop motion animation and (unfortunately noticeable) CG, the Lego people move and groove with a wonderfully charismatic grace. Emmet, average as he is, is well done. You wouldn't expect to get proper emotions from an object with a cylindrical shaped head, but Emmet's positivity radiates and is stupidly infectious. Beyond the animation (which is filled with little details like using actual Lego fire pieces and explosions comprised of tiny blocks), the Lego worlds are prime for nostalgia and "look at that" moments. Basically The LEGO Movie is a celebration of all things Lego, and unfortunately that also means that LEGO troublingly comes off as toy commercial at times. Every licensed Lego product (from Speed Racer to hilariously even The Simpsons) is here in full force, and there's a good chance kids (and some of us "adults" like myself) will be chomping at the bit to buy a set or two. To LEGO's credit, everyone will respond to this differently (which is why I couldn't figure out if this is a positive or negative aspect of the movie). For parents, they might remember playing with "The Old West" sets, and kids'll recognize the Batman set they have at home.  And that's exactly how The LEGO Movie wants us to think. There's a beauty in how exquisitely it handles every age group. You remember how I noted how simplistic LEGO seems at first glance? It's because it needs a simple story in order to build layers and layers of thematic resonance. There is the fight between conformity and creativity, adulthood and the loss of imagination, collecting toys versus playing with them, and discovering and accepting the positive facets of oneself. The fantastic thing about Miller and Lord's script overall is that you can still completely miss all of this and enjoy the film wholeheartedly because its packed with such love for adventure and childhood wonder.  It's also filled to the brim with wonderful people doing wonderful things. Chris Pratt's Emmet is enjoyingly (and never annoyingly) positive, Elizabeth Banks' Wildstyle is a strong presence, Charlie Day gets to be Charlie as the 80s Something Space Guy, Morgan Freeman spoofs his standard casting and plays a wise sage who isn't very wise, Jonah Hill is the best Green Lantern, Channing Tatum should just play Superman for real already, Liam Neeson turns out a splendid voiceover as a dual Good Cop/Bad Cop, and Will Arnett takes his growly demeanor and blends it with his comedic timing to become one the best Batman ever committed to film. There's a scene where they're all driving in the Batmobile and it's the smartest Batman joke I've heard in years (NO PARENTS!).  It's not a perfect film as it reminds you it's a kid flick when the humor sometimes takes an immature turn, but it does so many things well it's hard to notice. Someone like myself who has, and still has, a strong connection with his childhood and toys, may be walking away with more than someone who doesn't like Lego as much. But on whatever end of the spectrum you fall, know there is still a strongly written, animated, and acted film here to be found.  There is enough here to draw someone in from every audience. And really, that's what Lego philosophy is all about. You take an assortment of bricks, present them to someone, and hope they'll be inspired enough to find their own meaning in that mass of blues and reds.  Matthew Razak: I was surprised to find that people were surprised that The LEGO Movie was smart, clever and insanely fun. I've been playing the LEGO games for years and I'm well aware that the company knows how to make a quality animated product, but many people don't have that background and so they go in scratching their head about LEGO having it's own movie. The come out smiling, though. The LEGO movie is just plain fun, with a little bit of heartwarming thrown in and just the right dash of adult cultural references and jokes to make it a blast for everyone. Great -- 81 
LEGO Movie Review photo
I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego movie
Since its first delightful teaser over a year ago, I have been eagerly anticipating The LEGO Movie more so than any other movie releasing in 2014. I was instantly drawn to the idea of seeing the very Lego sets I played with a...

LEGO Movie sequel photo
LEGO Movie sequel

The LEGO Movie is already getting a sequel

Everything is awesome?
Feb 04
// Nick Valdez
So there's a good chance The LEGO Movie is going to do extremely well in the box office, and there's a good chance (thanks to positive early reviews and Matt saying it's great), it's good enouhg to warrant that performance. B...
Trans4mers SB Spot photo
You've got dinosaurs in my robots! You've got robots in my dinosaurs!
Folks, this might be the Transformers movie we've all been waiting for. While this official Super Bowl spot is short, it gives us more information than we can handle. In fact, this looks like a completely different series. G...

Lego to officially release Ghostbusters set

Jan 31 // Nick Valdez
Ghostbusters LEGO photo
I ain't afraid of no bricks.
Joining the recently (and awesomely) announced The Simpsons licensed set, Brent Waller's Ghostbusters CUUSOO project (a site where artists can pitch ideas to be made into real sets much like the Back to the Future set release...

The LEGO Movie Trailer photo
The LEGO Movie Trailer

Final LEGO Movie trailer features the Man of Plastic

Everything is awesome indeed.
Jan 31
// Nick Valdez
In anticipation of its release a week from now, The LEGO Movie has one more hilarious trailer under its belt. As it toys with the overt seriousness of Man of Steel's previous trailers, this trailer comes complete with a...

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