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Will Ferrell


Daddy's Home 2 gets trailer, Mel Gibson, and hopefully not a single hot tub

Jun 16
// Rick Lash
A Flixist team member who shall remain anonymous perhaps said it best: "How did [Daddy's Home] get a sequel?" It's a question we imagine many of you have said on more than one occasion. Don't deny it. It's OK. We've all ...
The House photo
The House

The House just became a "can't miss" comedy thanks to this red band trailer

May 19
// Nick Valdez
The House is just one of those comedies with a cast that could either pull it all together into something great or fail miserably. Either way, you know you're in for a good time. The House stars Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler a...
Step Brothers 2 photo
Step Brothers 2

No Step Brothers sequel in the works, resisting temptation

When did this become a classic?
Feb 22
// Matthew Razak
When Step Brothers first came out it was marked as a middling comedy and I think most people forgot about it. But over the years its gained a bit of a cult following, which I don't fully understand since it's neither Wil...
The House photo
The House

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are idiots in first The House trailer

Not betting on this
Feb 16
// Matthew Razak
Man, I am a big fan of everyone in The House, but judging from the trailer I don't think those parts are going to add up to much of a whole. Other than the final gag in the trailer almost nothing hits as really funny, just a ...


Will Ferrell will star in a new comedy about esports

This isn't going to end well
Dec 07
// Matthew Razak
Look, I'll stand up for Will Ferrell any day. The man has delivered some of the best comedies of the past two decades, but he's been in a bit of a slump at the moment, and that's just one of the reasons why that the news of h...
Holmes & Watson photo
Holmes & Watson

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly join forces again for Holmes & Watson

Funny people getting together is good
Aug 17
// Matthew Razak
When Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly make a movie together it usually turns out pretty damn hilarious. Step Brothers wasn't a big hit, but it's garnered a solid cult following, and now the pair are looking to follow it u...
Screenings photo

See Daddy's Home early and free

Washington DC screening
Dec 10
// Matthew Razak
A little while ago Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferell made a fantastic comedy called The Other Guys. I think we were all looking forward to them teaming up again, but I don't know if Daddy's Home is the movie we were hoping for. W...
Zoolander 2 trailer photo
The beautiful people, beautiful people
A wise man once said "There's a fine line between stupid and clever." That probably best describes the first Zoolander. Well, Zoolander is back, and if this first trailer for Zoolander 2 (2oolander) is any indication, it's as...

Daddy's Home photo
Daddy's Home

Daddy's Home returns with another trailer

Horror movie title, comedy plot
Oct 22
// Matthew Razak
A little while ago a video of Will Ferrell pegging a Laker's cheerleader in the head with a basketball went around the web. It was from a scene from Daddy's Home and now you can watch the trailer with that scene and deci...

Review: Get Hard

Mar 27 // Nick Valdez
[embed]219200:42305:0[/embed] Get HardDirector: Etan CohenRelease Date: March 27th, 2015 Rating: R Wall Street millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) was on the top of the world. He just made partner at his company, lives in a huge house, is engaged to a beautiful woman, and was sentenced to ten years in prison for embezzlement. With only 30 days to get his affairs in order, he asks for help from Darnell (Kevin Hart), a guy who owns a struggling car washing business and wants to get his family out of the hood, to "get hard" for prison life.  Usually these plot synopsis paragraphs take a bit more space, but Get Hard has nothing else to work with. This razor thin premise, which would seem more at home on a 22 minute TV sitcom, doesn't really evolve. It does pretty much what you would expect it to, doesn't reinvent the wheel nor break it down, and you can accurately predict what's going to happen if you've ever seen one of these films before. But what Get Hard does get right, however, is the thin premise allows Hart and Ferrell to play to their improvisational strengths. Once you get passed all of the jokes you've heard before, there's some goodness underneath.  I'm usually the last person to defend Kevin Hart, but he definitely earns his paycheck here. A lot of the film's humor stems from his commitment to the bit, and he carries the brunt of the weight here. I don't know if it's due to age, or if he doesn't like where his career has gone, but Will Ferrell just isn't here for this one. Turning out a performance I can only describe as "tired," his lethargic delivery never elevates his hasbeen material. Maybe it's because Ferrell realized too late that he was working with an inadequate script, but he just seemed so tuned out. That's why Kevin Hart, with his always effective energy regardless of whether or not his humor is on point, commands so much attention. Yet, it's very depressing to see him flounder around so much for virtually no gain. It's like fighting for air in a vacuum: lots of struggling that only suffocates faster.  As for the film's offensive premise, it's very ineffective. Refusing to push far in any direction, it relies on stereotypical jokes throughout. I'll give the film credit for noting why street gangs can recruit many disadvantaged kids, but it's buried underneath blackface and rape jokes. Seriously, I couldn't keep track of how many times the word "dick" was used, or how many references to anal sex there were. I'm no prude, nor do I care when a film pushes the envelope, but doing so has to result in a good laugh. Resting on the same cheap gags but adding a vulgar twist is not enough to keep folks invested. I'll admit that Get Hard did get a laugh out of me during Ferrell's creative put downs ("Are you at Costco? Because you're getting this dick in bulk!"), but a few laughs out of the film's hundred or so attempts are horrible odds.  At the end of the day, I don't care how loudly offensive Get Hard is. It's boring, dry, and sets back the comedic landscape a few years. This is the kind of film you would've seen ten or twenty years ago before we knew any better. As Kevin Hart continues to rise in popularity, and Will Ferrell is on his way out, you can gauge the kind of desperate situation that brought these two together to beat a dead horse. The worst part of it all is, T.I. was the best actor in this. F**king T.I. 
Get Hard Review photo
The worst criticism a film can get is "harmless." When a film is just "harmless," it's stale, voiceless, and generally fails to make a lasting impression. A harmless film exists, takes 90-100 minutes of your life, and then yo...


Will Ferrell learns the finer points of fellatio in new NSFW Get Hard trailer

Don't leave Will Ferrell alone with your parents
Mar 02
// Matt Liparota
Warner Bros. hopes giving you an uncensored taste of the dick jokes and f-bombs in Get Hard will convince you to buy a ticket when it hits theaters later this month, so today the company dropped a new, NSFW trailer to whet y...

Get Hard trailer with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart is... actually funny

I'm angry at myself for laughing
Jan 15
// Matthew Razak
Both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart can be really funny guys, but the second I heard about Get Hard I figured I'd be driving the other way. It looked like a dumb film playing on all the wrong racial stereotypes just pull l...
Get Hard Trailer photo
Get Hard Trailer

Will Ferrell gets hard in the first trailer for Get Hard

Dec 22
// Nick Valdez
So folks still like Kevin Hart? I'm not going to fault him for making money off a bunch of cheap comedies, but there's something particularly troublesome about his latest project with Will Ferrell, Get Hard. This first trail...
Zoolander 2 Mugatwo photo
Zoolander 2 Mugatwo

Will Ferrell says Zoolander 2 is really really good looking

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
Sep 15
// Nick Valdez
I hope I'm not the only person left holding a candlelight vigil every night until Zoolander 2 becomes a thing. News of the struggling production for the sequel a few of us want has been floating around for years. All we've be...

New Flintstones film in the works

Because the others were huge successes..
May 08
// Jonathan Wray
It appears that the Flintstones films are about to get a reboot. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, this new Flintstones reboot will, given the duo's past history, feature inappropriate jokes, awkward situations, and ei...

Anchorman 2 getting R-rated re-release

Reportedly features 763 new jokes
Feb 21
// Matthew Razak
It appears that when we all went out to the theaters to see Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues we weren't getting the legit version of the film. You know the one that was rated R and had all the bad words in it. That movi...
"Give your little Anchorman the support he deserves"
[This contest is now over! Thank you to every one who entered and congratulations to our winner!! -Liz] I know what you're thinking. "All I got for Christmas was this crappy [gift card] [scarf] [bitcoin]." It's okay, because ...

Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Dec 18 // Nick Valdez
[embed]217033:41014:0[/embed] Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesDirector: Adam McKayRated: RRelease Date: December 18, 2013  Reviewing comedies is hard. While part of me wants the majority of the review to read something along the lines of "this joke was funny" or "too many jokes didn't land here," comedy is subjective and my opinion of the jokes told here will be completely different from yours. That's why I like to see comedies in a packed theater. If I find something funny, I try to take notice if others do as well. I don't form my whole opinion on what others think (because that would invalidate this review and turn into into some sort of census), but I do like to gauge the popularity of some gags. If I think something feels off about a particular line or sequence, and seem to be the only person that notices it, then it becomes a matter of delivery than a fundamental issue. To put this all in perspective, the first Anchorman is full of jokes like these.  The first film became such a juggernaut because it's infinitely quotable, but what few seem to mention, are the egregious rough patches in the middle of the film. Unfortunately like its predecessor, Anchorman 2 shares the same problem. It's all in the comedic fundamentals: timing, delivery, and punchline. If a particular joke fails in one of these aspects, the whole thing falls apart. With Anchorman 2, when it's four main actors (Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Steve Carrell) aren't the ones delivering the jokes, stuff falls flat. Mind you, some of these things could be funny (and are when in the capable hands of one of the many, many cameos) but stilted delivery cripples about 2/3s of the film.  In order to fully illustrate the stilted delivery problem (and a few others), I'm going to spoil two cameos (although that's inherently a problem in itself). I'd hate to do this, but I can't jump around the issue. So I'll at least ease up a bit and won't tell when or where they're featured. You see, Anchorman 2 dates itself pretty heavily. The first Anchorman's greatest quality was its timelessness as it's endlessly rewatchable. You could pop the DVD in and still laugh years down the road. But you won't be able to do that with A2. The sequel is obviously trying to craft the same kind of culture bubble the first one did, but the numerous outside pop culture references stick out far too much. You see, Drake and Kanye West are in the film. They have bit parts, but boy are they terrible. Their lines don't land, their delivery needs work, and what they're given just isn't that good. It all cries of that forced "Hey, put me in the movie!" thing behind the scenes. But at least their parts are over quickly. Thankfully, there are numerous cameos from many famous faces and most of them are the greatest thing you'll see all year. There's a big name in the mix that I reeeeeally hope doesn't get spoiled for you before you see it. Luckily, those famous cameos will most likely seem funny even if you see A2 a few times. Replayability plays a key role in how well a comedy can stand the test of time, and Anchorman 2 might be good now...but might not be so later. There are references to CNN, BP Oil, MTV, and plenty of those "ironically name celebrities and make fun of their unfortunate futures" jokes. It just doesn't gel with what Anchorman 2 wants to do. But the weird part of all of this is, when the jokes do hit, they hit hard. And as much as I talked about the film's fundamental issues, the main cast is spectacular. The paper thin personas of the Channel Four News Team have been exaggerated to great effect. Everyone is more racist, more crude (but not in a lewd or disgusting way), and if you've fallen in love with these guys, you'll fall in love with them again. Oh and Steve Carrell as Brick Tamland? Fabulous.  Normally I'd say retreading familiar grounds is a bad thing, but A2 makes it work wonders (Besides, if it didn't reference old faithfuls, I'm sure fans would be disappointed). You can expect some of the old faithful jokes with added flair. And while I don't like a lot of Anchorman 2's stilted delivery (no more child actors please), it's hard to not laugh and how ridiculously cartoonish everything gets. It's one of those things you have to see. There's a wonderful use of a quick cut, a play on the old "Cruise control steers my car" gag, and the finale is definitely going down as something I'll endlessly quote for years to come.  I'm definitely worried about how Anchorman 2 is going to hold up down the line, but I laughed so damn much. Right now it's too early to tell if it'll withstand multiple watches or even if that matters in the grand scheme of things, but you should definitely witness it for yourself.  If you haven't seen the first one, you'll probably be lost as A2 is built as an odd companion piece to the original rather than craft its own identity. BUT if you love the first film (or just want to hear jokes, and don't care about much else), you're going to love Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.  Even after writing this review and going over it dozens of times, I'm still not even sure if it succeeds as a movie. What I do know, however, is I have a huge smile on my face long after I walked out of the theater. And in the end, that's all you really want from a comedy, right? 
Anchorman 2 Review photo
Why have a great sequel when you can have an American one?
There's a lot riding on Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Years of home video releases and endless quoting have transformed the first Anchorman into an unyielding comedic juggernaut. When Anchorman 2 was first announced, I w...

NF: Elf photo
NF: Elf

Nick's Flixmas: Elf

On the eleventh day of Flixmas my true Nick gave to me, Eleven Wills Wailing...
Dec 15
// Nick Valdez
Now it may be to early to call Elf a Christmas classic, but it's still has been ten years. I figure that's a good enough wait period. Elf is one of those films that you have to watch at least once every year like I do. Now it...

Ron Burgundy promotes 'Anchorman 2' by reading real news

You Stay Classy, North Dakota
Dec 03
// Isabelle Magliari
Legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell) took to the newsroom this past Saturday to deliver a 30 minute real newscast on North Dakota'a KX News. Burgundy has not been shy while promoting Anchorman 2: Th...

Anchorman 2 opening two days earlier

Nov 27
// Matthew Razak
Just can't wait to once again see Ron Burgundy's glorious mustached on the big screen? Neither can we, which makes Paramount's announcement that they've bumped the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues up two days...

Paramount interested in a PG Anchorman spin-off

Hey, spoilers for Anchorman 2, apparently.
Nov 15
// Mike Cosimano
I am utterly gobsmacked that someone is planning a family-friendly Anchorman spin-off. No, really! Your calendar isn't wrong! It is not April 1st. It is the middle of November, and yet I can't help but feel someone decided to...

Just received from one Ron Burgundy

Oct 31
// Matthew Razak
OK, it's from a PR firm, but it's still classy as all get out. 
Anchorman 2...2 photo
Anchorman 2...2

Adam McKay wants two Anchorman 2 cuts in theaters

Each comprising of completely different jokes.
Oct 28
// Nick Valdez
When the first Anchorman film released, Adam McKay left a lot of jokes and improv scenes on the cutting room floor that were good enough to keep (some made their way to home video special features while most ended up in Wake ...
Anchorman 2 Trailer photo
Anchorman 2 Trailer

Anchorman 2 trailer has many leather bound books

Oct 23
// Matthew Razak
Back when the original Anchorman came out Paul Rudd wasn't a household name and Steve Carell was still that guy from The Daily Show, but now the cast is basically a line up of comedy legends. It did make one worry that the c...

Ron Burgundy is writing a memoir/autobiography

You stay classy, readers
Aug 13
// Hubert Vigilla
Anchorman: The Legend Continues is set to come out on December 20th, but that's not the only thing Ron Burgundy-related you'll be seeing at the end of the year. On November 19th, you can get a copy of Ron Burgundy's memoir Le...
The Lego Movie Trailer photo
The Lego Movie Trailer

Trailer: The LEGO Movie

Everything has been building up to this.
Jun 19
// Nick Valdez
Morgan Freeman as a Godlike character, Chris Pratt as an everyday hero, Will Arnett as Batman, the Ninja Turtles, NBA All Stars, and Liam Neeson all in the same movie? Yes, the dreams you didn't even knew you had are coming ...
Anchorman 2 Trailer photo
Anchorman 2 Trailer

Trailer: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

After watching this trailer, I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion.
Jun 19
// Nick Valdez
With the first official trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues we finally have a good inkling of what the film will be about. The Channel Four News Team has fallen on hard times in the 80s. They're poised for a big co...
Anchorman 2 Teaser photo
Anchorman 2 Teaser

Teaser Trailer: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

"Happy Easter."
May 20
// Nick Valdez
Although this looks so much like the first teaser that they may have been filmed around the same time, it's hard to deny its hilarity. It's just the Channel 4 News Team walking forward and exchanging one liners once more. Th...

Anchorman 2 to man anchors next December, others dated

Dec 20
// Matthew Razak
We haven't even finished the slate of holiday release this year and we're already learning about next year's. It seems the big comedy to anchor (GET IT!?) next year's holiday movie bonanza will be none other than Anchorman 2:...

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