Enter to win a The Purge: Anarchy prize pack!

Jul 18 // Liz Rugg
Good afternoon, dear readers! In honor of #CrimeDay, the release day of The Purge: Anarchy, we have an extra special giveaway in store for you! To help you on your crimey-est Crime Day adventures, we're giving away to one luc...

Enter to win Transformers: Age of Extinction toys and hats!

Jun 26 // Liz Rugg
Toy details: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Robots In Disguise One-Step Changers - Kids will have a blast converting characters like OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK, BUMBLEBEE, DRIFT, LOCKDOWN, each with their own unique method of converting inspired by the film—flip it, pop it, pull it and more! More at

Hello dear readers, today we've got a pretty cool contest opportunity for you! To coincide with the film's theatrical release this week, we have some awesome Transformers: Age of Extinction Hasbro toys to give away ...

Enter to win a Veronica Mars DVD and hat!

Mar 13 // Liz Rugg

[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner, smurfee mcgee! Thank you to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for more contests in the near future! -Liz] Attention: Veronica Mars fans! Can't wait to get yo...

Enter to win a Snickers movie prize pack!

Mar 04 // Liz Rugg
[embed]217386:41292:0[/embed] This post created with Snickers Brand permission.
Free candy!
[This contest is now over! Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winner, Travis! Keep an eye out for more contests soon! --Liz] Hello dear readers! You may have seen the new Snickers/Godzilla advertisem...

"Give your little Anchorman the support he deserves"
[This contest is now over! Thank you to every one who entered and congratulations to our winner!! -Liz] I know what you're thinking. "All I got for Christmas was this crappy [gift card] [scarf] [bitcoin]." It's okay, because ...

Enter to win The Conjuring on Blu-Ray!

Oct 23 // Liz Rugg
[embed]216708:40847:0[/embed] [embed]216708:40848:0[/embed] [embed]216708:40849:0[/embed] [embed]216708:40850:0[/embed] [embed]216708:40851:0[/embed]

[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner, keep reading for more contests in the future! --Liz] It's still October and we have another scary movie to giveaway before Halloween! This time we're giving away a Blu...


Just in time for Halloween, we're giving away a Blu-ray copy of the newest Chucky sequel - Curse of Chucky. The movie's trailer seems like a relative return to form for the franchise which has arguably floundered with its few...

Win stuff! photo
It's pretty cool looking
To commemorate the DVD release of the upcoming film Electric Man, we have got a pretty awesome looking special edition poster to give away to our loving readers. The film tells the story of Jazz and Wolf, two guys who run a c...

Enter to win an autographed In A World... poster

Aug 15 // Liz Rugg

[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner! --Liz] Hello dear readers! Today we bring you a contest for In A World... starring writer, director and actress Lake Bell as a woman trying to make it in the cutthroat...


[This contest is now over! Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our winner! Stay tuned for more contests! -- Liz] Elysium, the new science fiction social/political thriller from District 9 director Neill Blomka...


[Reminder! You have until Monday July 1st to get your entries in! Good luck! --Liz] Hey everyone! To celebrate the movie's Blu-ray and DVD release, we at Flixist have two -- yes, two! -- Blu-ray copies of Park Chan-wook's 201...

What the heck is this?

Jun 18 // Matthew Razak
Whatever it is you can win it
So this showed up in the mail yesterday as part of a promotion for an upcoming movie. What is it? It's a rat, I think. Its name is Subway Sammy and it talks when you push its stomach. So what movie is it from? That's where th...

Just can't wait to get my On The Road prizes!
[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner, Devi! Stay tuned for more contests!] Ladies and gents, this time we got a big prize package for you, featuring 2012's Jack Kerouac adaptation, On The Road! The package...


[This contest is now OVER! Congrats to our three winners and thanks to everyone for reading! - Liz] Good evening, fair Flixians! This time we bring you a contest to win a copy of Sleep Tight on Blu-ray for your viewing pleasu...


[This contest is now OVER! Congrats to our winner TehAnt1the1s1s!] Hey ladies and gents! Today we have a special giveaway of a prize-pack for the Saw franchise's blood brother The Collection. All you have to do is retweet thi...

Creepiest prize ever
[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner! Keep an eye out for more contests!] Hello fair citizens of Flixist! Today we bring you a pretty special contest, one in which you need Twitter to enter. Yes, I know, b...


[This contest is now over! Congrats to our winner SirCacophony!] Hey everyone! We have the opportunity for you to enter to win a free copy of Iron Sky -- everyone's favorite Space Nazi movie -- on either DVD or Blu-ray and a ...

Free stuff. No bull terrier.
You know what's awesome? Puppies. You know what else is awesome? Free stuff. I've got this sweet CD full of music from Frankenweenie, including Winona Ryder warbling like a fourteen-year-old girl, and I want to give it to you...


Congratulations to Valerie Minnich! As tends to be the case with Nolan's Batmovies, I've been listening to the soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises a fair amount over the past month and a half. It's pretty awesome pump-m...


[This contest is now closed! Congrats to our winner - G K! Thanks for reading and look out for more contests soon! -Liz Rugg] Hey there! Do you like Space Nazis? 'Course you do! Who doesn't like malicious groups of Nazis who ...

Comment or tweet to win tickets to Miami Connection

Jul 06 // Hubert Vigilla
"Against the Ninja" by Dragon Sound [embed]211221:38526:0[/embed]

[For the month of July, we will be covering the New York Asian Film Festival and the (also New York-based) Japan Cuts Film Festival, which together form one of the largest showcases of Asian cinema in the world. For our NYAFF...


*Congratulations to our winner - Lonemoose!* Stay tuned for more contests soon! Hey there fine readers! This time we're bringing you the opportunity to win a bunch of stuff for Universal's upcoming Savages! If you win, you'll...


Congrats to Austin White and xxtrickyphdxx! I've got the pleasure of living with four other Flixist editors in the hallowed halls of the Flixist LA Love Palace, and we're massive fans of The FP. I think most of us have seen i...

Reminder: Win a MONDO poster for Cabin in the Woods!

Apr 25 // Liz Rugg
THE CABIN IN THE WOODS Poster: Artist: Phantom City Creative Edition of 350 24" x 36" Screenprint Price: $45

[Congratulations to our winner: Ben Murphy! Your prize should be in the mail! This contest is now closed, stay tuned for more soon!] I still can't believe that title is real. Yes, for real, Flixist is giving away a real Mondo...


Safe looks like it's going to be a pretty kickass hard R action movie with the British Captain of Action Kicking, Jason Statham. I remember when this guy was just a Guy Ritchie regular, and he never high kicked a single ...


[REMINDER! The contest ends tomorrow!] We're pretty big fans of Lockout here at Flixist. It's an awesome throwback to the kinds of low maintenance 80s action movies many of us grew up on. Now, we've got an awesome o...


The Raid: Redemption comes out this Friday, and I'm pretty pumped for it. Allistair absolutely raved about it back at Sundance, so it's safe to say if you're an action movie fan, you should be paying attention to The Rai...


The Descendants just landed on DVD a few days ago and to celebrate we have two copies of the film to give away. In case you missed it this is definitely one of the best films of last year and according to our very own awards ...


You've read our Project X review and our roundtable discussion with the cast, you're planning on seeing the movie, and now you're probably in the mood to RAGE. Luckily, Flixist has you covered... somewhat. After attendin...


[Update: The contest is over, but congratulations to @Samwrangle on Twitter for winning the prize!] This Friday, Daniel Radcliffe is set to try and distance himself even further from Harry Potter via a turn for the horri...

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