NYCC: First look at Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil show

Dark is definitely the key word here
Oct 12
With the announcement of Netflix launching five Marvel series all leading to a Defenders show things got pretty exciting for streaming television. At New York Comic Con Marvel debuted the first of this story and we got to che... read

Netflix and Adam Sandler are making movies together

Oct 06
With Netflix's latest announcement of exclusively hosting Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's sequel (and thus making a lot of theater chains so angry they're refusing to show it), and this news, it's safe to say Netflix is gett... read
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Netflix Now: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Gilmore Girls, Team America: World Police, Bad Grandpa and more on Netflix Instant
Oct 03
Well folks, it's October. Which means it's time for bad decisions, sexy costumes (I'm going as a sexy Charlie Brown this Halloween), and loads of diabetes. In case you'd somehow forgotten that it's October, every product ever... read
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Business Deals
UPDATE: According to the good folks at Variety, it looks like Weinstein Company's deal with Netflix has rubbed some theater chains the wrong way. AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Carmike have all refused to show the sequel. Each the... read feature

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Netflix Now: I Stand With Kanye

Silver Linings Playbook, The Sacrament, 3 Days to Kill and more on Netflix Instant
Sep 18
Last Friday during a concert in Sydney, Australia, Kanye West said he wasn't going to perform unless everyone in the audience stood up. Then he sent his bodyguard into the crowd to verify why a certain person was sitting, the... read
Netflix Now (DETENTION!!)

Netflix Now: Joseph Khan's Detention Edition

Sep 03
Here's a partially true fact about me: If someone wants to be my friend, they have to watch Joseph Khan's Detention. If I spend any amount of time with a person and they haven't seen it, I hound them about it until they ... read
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Netflix Now: Third Party Pseudo-Exclusives

You're Next, the Nymphomaniacs, and more
Aug 14
It's Gamescom, which means big game publishers not named Nintendo are all in Germany telling people about big new things that they're doing with their money. The biggest, showiest example of this was the announcement that the... read
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Netflix Now: Pizza Swimsuit Edition

The Birdcage, All Cheerleaders Die, Mad Max and more on Netflix Instant
Aug 07
I've always wanted to talk about Katy Perry here, I just wish it were under better circumstances. See, her newest single "How We Do" is pretty bad (much like the rest of PRISM, sadly) and slightly racist, but that's not what ... read
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Netflix Now: Rock the Casbah

The Master, Hemlock Grove Season 2, I Am Devine and more on Netflix Instant
Jul 17
It's been great watching Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's career skyrocket. He's a true blue "guy everyone wants to be, everyone wants to be with" who can go from children's films to action hero status without missing a beat. And ... read
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Netflix Now: Lind-Sue Lohan Edition

Mean Girls, City of God, Journey to the West and more on Netflix Instant
Jul 03
Apparently to signal the end of her once promising career, Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V for using her likeness without her permission. Technically she's right as GTAV uses everyone's likeness in tha... read
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Netflix Now: War, What is it Good For? Edition

Disney's Tarzan, Spike Lee's Oldboy, WWE stuff and more on Netflix Instant
Jun 26
Over the past few days, North Korea has responded to the first trailer for Seth Rogen and James Franco's new gig, The Interview. Citing it as an "act of war" if the American government allows that film to release. Normal... read
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Netflix Now: The $4,000,000 V-Log

World War Z, Doc of the Dead, and uh, The Smurfs 2 and more on Netflix Instant
Jun 19
One of the most popular Youtubers on Youtube is Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg with 27 million subscribers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the ad revenue from his vids nets him a cool $4 million a year (before ... read
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Netflix Now: EEE 2014 Edition

Orange is the New Black season 2, The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and more on Netflix Instant
Jun 12
It's been a great week. We got a new PSY single featuring Snoop Dogg, lots of videogame announcements were made during the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (check out our sister site, Destructoid, for all of that stuff), an... read
Netflix Now

Netflix Now: Three Kardashians and a Baby Edition

Sherlock season 3, Wayne's World, The Craft and more on Netflix Instant
Jun 05
After all of this time, I'm still keeping up with the Kardashians for some reason. Kim and Kanye (not Kanye and Kim, hilariously enough) or "Kamye/Kimye/Kimchi" had their wedding, and now one of the Kardashians sisters is pre... read
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Netflix Now: Dumb Phones Edition

Machete Kills, Kill la Kill, Escape From Tomorrow and more on Netflix Instant
May 29
Did you know there's a new trend where kids are giving up their smartphones in favor of "dumb" ones? I guess when phones do everything (and inspire terribly premised videogames), and everyone and their grandmother gets a hold... read
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Netflix Now: Edumacated Edition

Star Trek Into Darkness, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, Frozen Ground and more on Netflix Instant
May 22
It's the end of the school season, folks. Lots of bright eyed kids are graduating, joining the real world, and then will wander around for a year before deciding what to do. I miss those days too. I mean, I don't miss not hav... read
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Netflix Now: 100 Problems Edition

Pain and Gain, Much Ado About Nothing, Free Birds and more on Netflix Instant
May 15
If you're having girl problems, I feel bad for you son. Jay Z hilariously now has 100 problems (I must be the first person on the internet to make that joke). Apparently Solange Knowles beat up Jay Z in an elevator for reason... read
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Netflix Now: Lewinsky'd Edition

From Dusk Till Dawn, La Bamba, Return of the Dragon and more on Netflix Instant
May 08
This week, after ten years, Monica Lewinsky has finally broken her silence on her affair will Bill Clinton (whether this is in response to Beyonce's "Partition" single misinformingly popularizing the term "Lewinksy'd" is unkn... read
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Netflix Now: Kareem Abdul-JaBLAMO Editon

Metallica Through the Never, Don Jon, Odd Thomas and more on Netflix Instant
May 01
April has really been a weird month. With its wacky weather, unfortunate deaths, and racism. The whole Donald Sterling thing seemed absurd. A white man says some racist comments in a private conversation, that conversation ge... read
Netflix Now

Netflix Now: Rates Keep On Slippin' Slippin' Edition

Charlie Countryman, The Family (Malavita), bunch of Cartoon Network seasons and more on Netflix Instant
Apr 23
Once again, Netflix is going to increase their rates due to an increased surge in popularity. After Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed their positive quarterly earnings, he stated that new customers should expect to pay one t... read
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Netflix Now: Anyone else watching American Idol? Edition

Short Term 12, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Insidious: Chapter 2 and more on Netflix Instant
Apr 16
I've really been digging this season of American Idol. Despite the ridiculous amount of cuts to Jennifer Lopez during the performances, most of the contestants this year have been great. And the new judging panel isn't too ba... read
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Netflix Now: Whole Buncha Stuff Edition

The Fifth Element, The Grandmaster, Mean Girls and more on Netflix Instant
Apr 03
Usually I like to use this space in Netflix Now to talk about the week's events, but there are far too many Instant additions to waste any time. Since it's the beginning of the month, we're in that flux of losing/gaining a bu... read
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Netflix Now: Hot in Herrrrrrrrrre Edition

Mud, 20 Feet From Stardom, Paranoia and more on Netflix Instant
Mar 26
Before the Malaysian Flight MH370 mystery came to an unfortunate conclusion, radio station Latino Hot 105.7 vowed to play Nelly's "Hot in Herre" until the plane was found. Well they kept that up for about a day, but what's mo... read
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Netflix Now: SXSW Recovery Edition

Turbo, How I Live Now, Archer Season Four and more on Netflix Instant
Mar 19
It's been a week since I've been back from this year's SXSW, and I'm finally recovering from it. My sleep schedule's back on track, my brain seems to be making words good now, and now I can finally start churning out the cove... read
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Netflix Now: Adele Dazeem Edition

Pokemon: Indigo League, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters II and more on Netflix Instant
Mar 05
During the Academy Awards, all I looked forward to was Idina Menzel's performance. I was actually more interested in what would win the Best Original Song Oscar more so than I cared about Best Picture. It was a weird night as... read
Netflix Now

Netflix Now: Manatees Day Edition

House of Cards season two, Passion, Brother Bear and more on Netflix Instant
Feb 14
What's Manatees Day? When I tried typing in "Manantine's Day" in my phone it auto corrected to "Manatees Day" thus making it the best idea ever. I figure I can call what I do every Valentine's Day (eat a bunch of junk food, w... read
Netflix Now

Netflix Now: Deboning the Pink Goo Edition

The Croods, The Usual Suspects, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and more on Netflix Instant
Feb 05
The Super Bowl happened last weekend as I was planning to talk about it here, but it was terribly boring all around. Kudos to the Seahawks, but watching a blowout coupled with a heap of subpar commercials doesn't make a good ... read
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Netflix Now: Vin Diesel is a National Treasure Edition

Man of Tai Chi, Mitt, Argento's Dracula and more on Netflix Instant
Jan 29
A few hours ago I wrote a story about how Vin Diesel said Universal wants another Riddick, what I didn't get into, however, was how he announced it. After a few minutes of dancing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and closing out ... read
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Netflix Now: FOOTBAWWWWWWW Edition

The Act of Killing, Rent, The Square and more on Netflix Instant
Jan 22
I like football probably not as much as the next guy (as I only jump in during playoff season like some cheap bandwagoner), but it's that time of the year where it's all I think about until the Soup Bowl. The NFC and AFC cham... read
Korean movies are still pretty freaking great
Nearly every time I tell people that I'm a fan of Korean films, I point them to the Korean subgenre on Netflix. It's easy, and even though many people won't ever check them out, I'm happy that the option is there. I understan... read feature

Netflix Now

Netflix Now: Texting in Theaters Edition

Attack on Titan...and that's pretty much it on Netflix Instant
Jan 15
On Monday, a man in Florida was shot and killed because he was texting in a theater. While it's easy for most of us to say "Texting in theaters is bad, don't do it" it's another thing for an altercation over it to lead to vio... read
They may not be the best of 2013, but you can watch them now
Netflix is awesome. Streaming movies is great and they've got tons of classics and a decent amount of more recent blockbusters. However, Netflix isn't actually known for being super up to date with the movies on it. While it ... read feature

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