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Frozen Breaks Records photo
Good. Because Frozen is fantastic.
Ever since I walked out of Frozen (while giving it my highest review score ever) I've been on a constant Frozen hype train much to the dismay of my fellow Flixist editors. The film is the best thing Disney has put out in ages...

Jackie Chan sets two Guinness world records

Dec 05 // Hubert Vigilla
Dragon Lord (1982) [embed]213945:39249:0[/embed]
"Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" and "Most Credits in One Movie"
We're one week away from the overseas release of Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan's 101st movie, and Chan has set two new world records in the process. Guinness World Records officially awarded Chan "Most Stunts Performed by a Liv...


Even though Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master only played in five theaters across the country, it set the box office on fire. The Master now has the highest per-screen average for a film with a traditional release. It made $7...


Avengers makes $18.7 million in midnight screenings

May 04
// Matthew Razak
I don't think this will come as a big surprise to anyone, but The Avengers brought in quite a large chunk of money last night. Looks like plenty of people were willing to stay up until 3 in the morning to be the first to...


Hunger Games breaks midnight screening record

Mar 23
// Matthew Razak
In case you had any doubt that The Hungers Games is a massive phenomenon here's some news to set you straight. The film just broke the world record for ticket sales for a midnight screening that wasn't for a sequel. The film ...

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