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scary movie


Trailer: Scary Movie 5

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Mar 14
// Matthew Razak
I can't really remember anymore if the original Scary Movie was actually funny or just funny in comparison to its endless sequels, which have now become so terrible that they're practically jokes within themselves. You ...

Trailer: Scary Movie 5

Dec 26
// Nick Valdez
Here you go everyone, the moment almost no one has been waiting for. Ever since it was announced that a fifth Scary Movie was going to be made without Anna Faris, then Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were stunt casted for so...

Nihonjinron: J-Horror

Nov 30
// dj-anon
[Flixist community member dj-anon just keeps churning out these sweet essays about Japanese cinema and culture, if you haven't taken a glance at his look at the Japanese Horror genre, you should!] Part 9: The Art of Fear The...
Creepiest prize ever
[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner! Keep an eye out for more contests!] Hello fair citizens of Flixist! Today we bring you a pretty special contest, one in which you need Twitter to enter. Yes, I know, b...


First image of Scary Movie 5 confirms it will be terrible

Sep 21
// Nick Valdez
You know how every Scary Movie is supposed to have a random celebrity cameo who has no business being in movies? Like how Scary Movie 3 had Pamela Anderson, Scary Movie 4 had Dr. "My PhD is For Realsies" Phil, or th...

Lindsay Lohan signs on for Scary Movie 5, nobody cares

Aug 06
// Sean Walsh
Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was on top of the world. Then, she must've violated a pact with some elder god long forgotten, because she shame spiraled harder than Tom Sizemore. Disappointing endeavors in nude photography w...

Scary Movie guys to parody Hunger Games, nobody shocked

May 10
// Jenika Katz
I love it when a horrible franchise puts very little effort into their movies, makes a ton of money, and continues on forever. Jason Friedburg and Aaron Seltzer, the directors of such timeless films as Scary Movie, Epic Movie...

Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite film for Halloween?

Nov 01
// Tom Fronczak
No, I don't want to know which movie in the Halloween series was your favorite. Instead, what's your favorite film to watch on or around Halloween? It can be a horror film, a zombie movie, a movie of any genre that scares you...

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