Magic Mike XXL

New Magic Mike XXL trailer lays it on very thick

May 06
Man, are they having fun at the WB marketing department with Magic Mike XXL. Judging from this new trailer it seems like they've ditched all semblance of taking this seriously like they tried to with the first one. Instead we... read
Fifty Super Spot

Super Bowl TV spot for Fifty Shades of Grey

Feb 03
In preparation for the Fifty Shades film, which I have no idea which one of us is going to review yet, I started reading the book. Boy, is it far more fan fiction-y than I had realized. It's got some of the worst written sex... read
Fifty Shades

Newest trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey will see you now

Nov 14
So I had to find out about this teaser from my mom. Premiering during last night's Scandal on ABC, my mother felt the need to contact me to ask if I had any more info on it. While I don't want to see my mother that way (as I... read
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me
So, here we are. Although Fifty Shades of Grey will never be the movie you want (but if you wanted straight porn, it's out there already), I can promise this trailer at least captures the tone of your favorite romance/pornog... read feature

A Dame to Kill For

UPDATE: Eva Green's boobiful Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster gets MPAA approved version

Nipples be damned
Jun 09
UPDATE: Page Six has updated their story with the newly, and hilariously, MPAA approved poster. The one difference? Green's nipples are no longer prominent. Hahaha. Check it out in the gallery.  For reasons completely un... read

Paul Verhoeven looking to direct Oh...

Oh... is the title of the movie, wasn't being clever there
May 07
We haven't heard much out of Paul Verhoeven in a long time. The boundary pushing director hasn't made a full film since Black Book in 2006 and his short film Tricked barely got any play outside of his Dutch homeland... read
Part one of Lars von Trier's comedic, pornographic opus
In my mind, Lars von Trier doesn't make comedies. The only other von Trier films I've seen are the first two entries in the Depression Trilogy, Antichrist and Melancholia. I enjoyed them all in their own way, but as... read feature

Trailer: Sex Tape (Red Band)

Spoiler alert: you can kind of see Cameron Diaz's boobs
Apr 02
You know, being one of the youngest guys at my office (at a whopping 27), I encounter a lot of technical questions. I understand 'computer stuff' better than a lot of my older coworkers (many of whom still use Internet Explo... read

NSFW: Red band trailer for Filth sure is filthy

Mar 21
James McAvoy stars in Filth as Scottish Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, a man with a lot of vices who'll do anything to get his way. This red band trailer for Filth is very NSFW, so you can check it out below, along with ... read
Exactly what you expect
I greatly enjoyed Himizu, another 2011 Sion Sono film released last week in NYC theaters, but there was something it lacked that I expected from that sort of film: sex. It had the violence (although it was definitely subdued ... read feature

Trailer for Bad Johnson, a movie about a living... you know

No... really
Mar 14
As this trailer started I was rolling my eyes so hard they got a good look at my brain. I mean the lead characters name is Rich Johnson, two euphemisms for penis? This is not going to go well. Just wait until he starts talki... read
All the shock, none of the value
Wetlands came out of Sundance with plenty of buzz for being shocking for its disturbing sexual content and brazen display of sexual acts. It was that movie every year that someone got up and walked out of because they we... read feature

A safe for work trailer? Glad it's longer than ten seconds
We hadn't been able to cover this on the site before, but Nymphomaniac has had a few trailers release and then quickly disappear from the Internet for very distinct, sexy reasons. Most of the ones that popped up in the past ... read feature

Who bares it all?
Some times the film world likes to take things to the extremes, sometimes they just want to see if they can get a way with it, and sometimes they just don't give a flying poo about what they put in their movies as long as peo... read feature

Florida children exposed to sex instead of Frozen

Everyone beat me to the Tyler Durden joke, but I'm gonna make it anyway
Dec 04
I haven't seen it, but the buzz around Frozen leads me to believe it might just be one of those kids movies; a thematically interesting film that doesn't talk down to children. It sounds like a real crowd pleaser, both kids a... read
Fifty Shades of Delay

First images of the now delayed Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Delay
Nov 14
The satisfyingly long wait for the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation has been marred with quite a few problems. The script was going through some issues, Charlie Hunnam left the picture (the script may or may not have been a pr... read
Fifty Shades of Problems

Fifty Shades of Grey loses Charlie Hunnam, needs rewrites

Hunnam and Fifty Shades weren't drift compatible
Oct 15
Over the weekend, Universal's Fifty Shades of Grey motion picture (out August 2014 as of now) has been going through a few issues. First of all, Universal hired Patrick Marber to do some quick fine tuning of the script. Short... read

Nymphomaniac posters show us their 'oh face'

Oct 10
The promotional stuff for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac has been absolutely stellar. They kicked off with a incredibly awesome, yet simple poster, then went into an interesting series of trailers and now finish off ... read
That's some good jerkin'
Our rabid consumption of media informs our lives and habits as much as our upbringing. For Jon, that media obsession is porn. When he isn't debating what number to rate a girl at the club, he is masturbating three times a day... read feature

Nymphomaniac is reportedly a five hour long comedy

Sep 12
The Norwegian site Montages are dropping some Nymphomaniac bombs today by revealing that the film is basically a five hour long comedy that will be broken up into two parts. No wonder they couldn't get it all done in time for... read
Stay classy, Japan
It's hard to offend me. Really hard. For a while, I thought it might be almost impossible. Not even A Serbian Film offended me (though it greatly disturbed me). At last year's Japan Cuts, I found out I was wrong: I ... read feature

How to piss off Chinese censors in three easy steps
I'm willing to forgive occasional errors in subtitle translations. It's a tedious job and mistakes happen, whatever. I see them, and it makes me sad and takes me out of the experience, but I move on. I'm not going to mention ... read feature

First clip for Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

Jun 28
Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac will be a long tale about sex. It centers around Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who is found by an older man beaten up in an alley and, you know, like you do in those situations, she re... read

Sam Taylor-Johnson directing 50 Shades of Grey

Still unclear if books should even exist
Jun 20
Amidst wild speculation that almost no one in our websites demographic cared about one name has arisen to the top of the pile in the hunt for a director for the 50 Shades of Grey movie. That name is Sam Taylor-Johnson. Y... read
Meet a man with a vagina, a compelling personal story, and a mission
If someone were to tell you that Buck Angel is a porn star, you'd assume he does gay porn. Just look at the picture of him in the header image. He looks like a butch guy, and a name like Buck Angel is a gay porn star name par... read feature

Trailer: The To Do List

Sex and comedy together again
Jun 04
Ahhh, the teenage sex comedy; so easy to get wrong and yet so good when it's right. Kind of like sex. Which I've had. With women. I mean my wife and only my wife. She reads this so lets make that perfectly clear. I should pr... read

Nymphomaniac to have actors's faces on porn star bodies

Lars von Trier will get freaky with computers and body doubles
May 21
Even though many elements of Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac have been closely guarded, a few details have slipped out from producer Louise Vesth. According to Vesth, there will be graphic sex scenes featuring actors Charlotte ... read

Latest Nymphomanic production photo is sexy

"Ayy guuuuhr!"
May 17
Nymphomaniac is shaping up to be one sexy ride (hurr hurr hurr). Following the first still from the film showcasing Charlotte Gainbourg about to ride the trike with her two friends and the film's first promotional p... read

Trailer: Kiss of the Damned

May 03
Kiss of the Damned is yet another sexy vampire movie, who's characters much choose between romantic passion and bloodlust. In Kiss of the Damned, the lovely vampiress Djuna succumbs to the advances of human Paolo and soon he... read
Adult film stars emotionally bare all
Aroused is an odd documentary. It's essentially an advertisement for director Deborah Anderson's art book (which she makes sure to plug in the film), and although at times the entire film seems disingenuous, it's hard to deny... read feature

Nymphomaniac gets one hell of a poster

The sexiest parentheses ever
May 02
Lars Von Triers upcoming Nymphomaniac will most likely set off a lot of talk much like all his controversial films do. Some people are going to love it and others hate it, but when we all look back some time in the ... read
Aubrey and a Popsicle

New The To Do List clip and images have pineapple juice

Plus Aubrey Plaza does stuff with a Popsicle.
Apr 11
In this new clip for The To Do List (formerly, and more awesomely, known as The Hand Job), Aubrey Plaza does stuff to a Popsicle and promises to do other things as long as some gentlemen drink some pineapple juice (for very ... read

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